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WEEK OF 05/18/16 - 05/24/16


Wednesday 05/18/16

A Venus/Uranus transit will beg you to step outside of your comfy routine.  Distractions will be coming at you from all sides and you could dodge past them and keep on schedule.  Why expend so much effort working against the natural energy of the day?  Even if your normal routine runs like clockwork, you won't feel as satisfied as if you allowed yourself to be pulled into a different direction.  Bedlam cannot only be fun, but it is often a necessary step to get you where you need to be.  If you need some help getting messy, use Fuchsite to let go of order and work with the energy at hand.  Larimar will help you see the value in allowing yourself to be sidetracked for the moment.

Number of the day: 5

True freedom lies with each of us....and we are the only ones who can threaten it.  Other people and situations can never cage your spirit as long as you do not permit it.  Amethyst will shield and empower you. 


Thursday 05/19/16

Now it is Neptune working with Venus in a planetary combination that calls to the inner artist that lies within each of us.  This energy will encourage you to let your creativity and unique talents communicate for you rather than your usual words and actions.  You want to allow others to see the world as you do and be open to seeing things through their eyes.  Peach Quartz will inspire you to share your gifts, while you also appreciate the designs produced by fellow creators and nature.  The atmosphere will be sensitive, so do your best to shield yourself from situations that may feel harsh or unpleasant.  If you cannot avoid them, carry Pink Tourmaline to lighten the environment and keep your mood pleasant and upbeat despite your surroundings.   

Number of the day: 6

You know what you want so now trust that you can make it happen for yourself.  That is how you find harmony within yourself.   Let Emerald show you how the Universe will respond to a peaceful and confident you.


Friday 05/20/16

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is presenting us with yet another opportunity to be guided by its powerful energy.  Today it joins Chiron to gift us with the power to heal by recognizing the value and worth in all things.  This energy is particularly focused on present and past relationships that have resulted in issues such as pain, disappointment and abandonment.  It will be easier to deal with these situations now as you’re able to face the truth, release the harm and see the benefit.   One of the most powerful uses of this transit is the ability to recognize that no one is perfect, including yourself, and being okay with that!  Do that and you will take a vital step towards re-building trust in yourself and with others.  Rainbow Obsidian will increase your clarity as you realize it is never too late to feel better and you have the power to make that happen for everyone.  Sometimes the only way to get better is for things to feel worse.  If this is one of those times, then Stilbite can ease the strain.     

Number of the day: 7

7 breaks the pattern of the last week and sets us you up for adventures of the mind.  Maybe there are questions and concerns, but this energy will allow you to find the answers that give you the knowledge to forge ahead.  Charoite will enhance your inner journey.


Saturday 05/21/16

You want to bring significant change into your life and you are willing to do what it takes.  But somehow your efforts are not enough to get you where you want to be.  A Mars/Pluto semi-square will amplify your frustrations and anxiety as it feels as if everything is working against you.  Remember that Mars is retrograde, so your normal reaction to fight your way through is going to be internalized.  Instead of blaming others, you will blame yourself for what appears to be your failure to progress.  It is vital that you maintain your confidence and recognize that those perceived "failures" are actually the opportunities for growth that you are seeking.  Your journey may not be moving at the speed and direction that you anticipated, but it is moving as it should be for your best interest.  Fluorite will help you to recognize that and avoid needless worry.  Use Tangerine Quartz to remain proactive by working with what you have from where you are and trusting that you are always headed in the best direction.

Number of the day: 8

It may seem as if there is too much work ahead and it will just be easier to leave things as they are now.  Do not be ruled by these doubts!  You will get what you want and you can make anything happen.  Ruby gives you heart and courage.


Sunday 05/22/16

An intense Sun/Mars opposition will force you to wonder what it is that you really want. That answer won't come easily under this influence.  What will be easy is to see where your outer actions and inner convictions are not in alignment with your values and desires.  While you will attain the insight to understand where you are not being true to yourself, you’ll find it difficult to know why or how to fix it.  The endless questions running through your mind and the drive to do something to satisfy them could consume all of your energy.  You will need to resist the urge to act because you will not see positive results.  Mookaite Jasper will help you make peace with yourself by understanding the nature of this energy and working with it.  It cannot help you make positive moves now, but it is a valuable tool for future planning. We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius that will help you put an end to those inner conflicts by bringing in a powerful dose of optimism, so use Rose Quartz to amplify that energy.  When the time is right you will be better prepared to understand what you want and get it.

Number of the day: 9

There is always something new to learn.  Even when we think that we have all the answers and know everything that there is to know.  You are surrounded by teachers, so take what they have to offer.  Blue Lace Agate allows you to accept their lessons.


Monday 05/23/16

The retrograde period for Mercury has come to an end and so you want to start thinking about how it can now help you to progress.  Its energy will take a little while to get up to full speed, so don't expect immediate change.  The slower pace works because Mercury remains in Taurus for the next few weeks and Taurus likes to take its time to work its magic.  Taurus will help you to understand what is most important to you and commit to retaining those values in your life.  You need to be flexible in order to grow, but your values can and should remain steady.  That is how you can use this energy to lay down mental roots and make a promise to yourself that you can keep.  Use Red Jasper to set the intention to manifest the situations that will satisfy your personal code.   You don't want a rigid stance to get in the way of accepting opportunities when they arise, so work with Shungite to eliminate anything that is blocking your willing attitude.

Number of the day: 1

Rest, recover and reflect as you take some much needed time off from the expansive energy of the last few days.  You have learned much and you are ready to take off - but it will be there tomorrow and you need the break.  Lithium Quartz will help you relax.


Tuesday 05/24/16

Spontaneous Mars will try to upset the stability that Venus works so hard to create and maintain among the things that we treasure.  They are in an opposition and you may be wondering where the fun is, if everything always stays the same.  Mars will cause an initial reaction where you may seek to cause trouble just for the thrill.  Obviously that is not a productive use of this valuable energy.  Everything in our life is in a constant state of flux that normally we don't recognize.  That's why, what appear to be sudden changes to important areas of our lives like relationships and finances, feel so harsh and punishing.  This energy can help you create beneficial excitement in your life by working with the changing energy instead of blocking those opportunities for expansion. That is the lesson of an opposition transit.  It will teach you to take different approaches, bring them together and make them work for you.  Labradorite will help you to be comfortable working with changes by directing the energy where it will bring you the most benefit.  Use Ruby in Zoisite to retain your self-control when dealing with tempestuous energies.

Number of the day: 2

You've played and you want to get out there and get something started.  All of the energy is geared towards you getting exactly what you want.  Be sure you know what that is and you are willing to put in the time and effort.  Tanzanite offers insight and incentive.




Posted on May 16, 2016
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