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WEEK OF 05/17/17 - 05/23/17


Wednesday 05/17/17

The Sun and Saturn are determined to slow you down as the day begins.  You will be dwelling on doubts that arise out of the blue.  Your confidence and direction are going to be affected, making it hard to get anything accomplished.  You want to see this energy as the passing phase that it is and not allow it to break your faith and sense of purpose.  Opal keeps you motivated to get right back up if you get knocked down.  Then Jupiter and Neptune join in and add to the general confusion that is consuming your thoughts.  It is hard to face truth during this transit, as you will tend to ignore anything that seems problematic or difficult.  You just don't want to deal with it right now.  Fortunately this is a good time to avoid taking on new challenges.  They will seem overwhelming and you want to wait until you have more clarity before you employ your problem-solving skills.  Orbicular Jasper helps you avoid feeling guilty about not being as proactive as usual.  When you need to make a difference, try to make it a selfless act that benefits others.  You may not be able to help yourself, but you recognize that you have a lot to offer others during this influence.


Thursday 05/18/17

Your spirit returns today with a bold sense of purpose and dynamic ambitions.  The Sun & Chiron are combining their energies to give you what you need to feel well and whole.  You are eager to take on those challenges that have been waiting for your attention.  Your success feels assured as you are excited about doing the necessary work to achieve your goals.  You know there is a lot of experience and knowledge to be gained from going through the process.  Pink Aventurine will enhance your analytical and creative skills so that your actions have the greatest impact.  The Sun remains in Taurus for the next few days, making this the perfect time to use every resource you have and attain numerous advantages. Angelite will remind you to use this opportunity to consider your emotional and spiritual well-being.  Physical comfort and material gain is important but it won't mean anything if you don't feel your best.


Friday 05/19/17

Your day begins with a productive Saturn/Uranus trine.  This cosmic pairing will give you the ability to create and execute the perfect plan for success and the flexibility to work around those plans if necessary.  Saturn insists upon strict adherence to the rules, while Uranus needs to be wild and free.  These are both demanding planets who can create more obstacles than pathways when you are feeling overwhelmed by the intensity.  They are balancing each other nicely right now, so their energy is friendlier and more convenient.  Use Green Aventurine for insight into when to act with reason, when to take a risk or when a little of both is needed for the best result.  We have more balancing energy coming our way from an unlikely source.  An Opposition typically pits planets against each other in an aggressive transit.  It is a threatening force to the core nature of the planets so they feel it necessary to defend themselves.  Fortunately, Venus and Jupiter are so closely aligned that even an Opposition cannot tear them apart!  You will want to be cautious of extravagant urges, overindulges and extreme outbursts.  You won't want anything to stop you from having fun!  Joy, excitement and personal fulfillment are important during this phase and you are going to want more of all of them.  Amethyst Cacoxenite encourages you to create a spark that will flourish.


Saturday 05/20/17

You may become easily annoyed with the Sun and Venus in a semi-square, but you need to focus on what (or who) is really disturbing you.  This energy can be misleading as it seems that outside influences are working against you.  In fact, you might be the one who is creating obstacles and resistance.  Sometimes we put a lot of effort into something that just doesn't feel right.  This is your chance to figure out what is wrong and correct the situation before it goes any further.  Obsidian can let you set aside your dissatisfaction and anger so that you can honestly assess why you are not happy with the results of your efforts.  It is always easier to blame others when you are unhappy.  You have the courage to take ownership of your journey and decide if you are working towards your own well-being.  Prehnite will let you know if your higher self is trying to get your attention.  Listen to yourself and be open to a new and more beneficial way of life.


Sunday 05/21/17

Mars & Mercury will have your mind moving so fast today that it may be a physical impossibility for actions to keep up with it.  Your thoughts will be sudden, demanding and needing an immediate response to feel satisfied. You will know that you are being irrational, but that won’t prevent you from becoming angry when things don’t move quickly enough. You will be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to meet unrealistic expectations.  You are master of your well-being, so keep Manganese w/ Sugilite close as a reminder of your responsibility to yourself. You don’t have to allow things to make you feel bad and act in unproductive ways.  You are going to be operating within a hectic atmosphere throughout the day, so you want to do what you can to remain centered.  Blue Sapphire will help you find a sense of peace and self-control when you need it.


Monday 05/22/17

It is easy to be self-involved during the Sun’s first few transits of the new astrological year.  First you took action and then Taurus encouraged you to explore the multiple rewards of your labor.  Now that you are feeling accomplished and comfortable, you are ready to venture outside of your immediate interests.  The Sun has moved into Gemini and you want to gather more with others to exchange experiences and expertise.  You may have found that you were keeping close to home over the last few weeks, but all of that is about to change.  You need to go farther than your usual activities to feel inspired by new interactions and locations. Use Jade to engage the adventurous side of your nature.  You don’t want to stick to what you know – you want to go and gather more!   Communications are extremely important when working with Air energy.  This is how you nourish and grow your mind and spirit. Kyanite lets you find new opportunities for meaningful and interesting engagements.  There are exciting days ahead – enjoy them!


Tuesday 05/23/17

The Taurus Moon is in its last phase, so you want to finish up any old business before the New Gemini Moon on Thursday.  You will be able to approach difficult situations with emotional stability and a pragmatic attitude that allows you to do what is best for everyone.  This is why you want to deal with that stuff you have been avoiding and get it cleared up for good.  Rhodonite will boost your motivation and courage.  It is almost guaranteed that things won’t be as bad as you are imagining.  The Taurus influence makes you secure in who you are and what is important to you.  Your focus is on doing whatever it takes to maintain and spread that feeling throughout all areas of your life.  This will require change and you may have to fight through the choice to maintain or take a risk.  Smokey Quartz will help you get past any stubborn refusal to see the possibilities that will arise from trying something different.



Posted on May 15, 2017
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