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Monday, 16th May

Helping you open the gates of higher knowledge and wisdom are Mercury uniting with Venus in Taurus, Mercury making a supportive alliance with mystical Neptune, Venus making a similar alliance with Neptune, and Mercury forming a parallel to mind-expanding Jupiter. This is a fabulous morning and afternoon to complete everything on your to do list. Use Clear Quartz will give you the guidance to use the knowledge wisely.

Tuesday, 17th May

Spiritual vibrations are about to inundate the Earth at this Wesak Festival or Buddha Full Moon.  The legend behind this Full Moon is that the Buddha was born at the Full Moon of May.  Meditating this morning in individual and groups is advised.  Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to loved ones, friends, associates, humanity, and the earthly community of life.  Rose Quartz will help to raise your consciousness to flow with today’s energy.

Wednesday, 18th May

Helping you stay on your lofty perch are a Mars-Chiron supportive, and subtle, and yet still nurturing, ties from Mercury and Venus to Uranus. Under these auspicious alignments, there is no reason today can’t be a good time-period to make enormous progress across the board. Keep an open mind concerning advances on the cutting edge of alternative medicine and holistic healing.

Thursday, 19th May

Tap into your spiritual willpower and mental concentration as the Moon makes its monthly union with distant Pluto.  Guard your dreams tonight as this can cause repressed emotions to bubble to the surface bringing nightmares and uneasiness. Amethyst will prevent the nightmares to bring you a restful sleep.

Friday, 20th May

It’s a whole new ballgame when the Sun leaves earthy Taurus for airy Gemini. Over the next thirty days, give a renewed emphasis to pursuing your favorite arts, crafts, hobbies and literary interests.  The Moon enters service-oriented Aquarius and, shortly thereafter, the lunar orb forms a flowing trine to the Sun in Gemini. Let Celestite guide you on the path of service to humanity with its higher vibration of spiritual love.

Saturday, 21st May

There may be more tests of your faith and stamina later on today as the Moon in Aquarius squares Venus, Mars, and Mercury — all of which are in Taurus.  A Double Terminated Quartz crystal will help you maintain your faith and balance during trying times.

Sunday, 22nd May

Today provides a trio of favorable sky patterns as the Moon unites with Pallas in Aquarius while Venus unites with Mars at Taurus, and the Moon moves on to conjunct Vesta in Aquarius.  A flowering of exultant possibilities bloom, as Venus unites with Mars, and the Moon combines forces with two goddess asteroids.  The planets of love (Venus) and passion (Mars) come together about every two years.  It is absolutely essential that you take advantage of this rare occurrence and reinforce your romantic and creative bonds. It is also very helpful to balance your feminine and masculine sides.


Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on May 16, 2011
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