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WEEK OF 05/15/13 - 05/21/13 

WEDNESDAY 05/15/13

You are most likely still feeling the incredible emotional energy of Venus and Saturn.  Now the Sun and Chiron step in to show you what you may have missed.  Working together they will enhance your perceptions and give you a fuller awareness of who you could be.  They are going to help you deal with what has been revealed and incorporate these new understandings into your future plans.  This is how you progress and make those necessary changes that will produce positive expansion.  It may not feel like it but the Universe is working in your favor.  Tanzanite will help you find balance amidst all that you now know.  Smoky Quartz allows you to proceed with confidence and faith.

Number of the day: 8

You have the knowledge. You have the support.  You have the resources.  Now all you need is to take the initiative and do the work and you will triumph.  Dioptase energizes your efforts. 

THURSDAY 05/16/13

Do you feel a mental sigh of joy?  That will be Mercury slipping into it's ruling sign Gemini.  Planets and their energies are always stronger when they visit their home sign so expect a boost in your communications and thought patterns.  This can be a very busy time with a lot going on internally and externally.  You are curious about everything and it is as if your mind just cannot stop chattering away.  You are more expressive than usual and eager to share your thoughts and ideas.   The best part is that the increase in activity actually invigorates rather than exhausts.  Ruby in Kyanite will point you in the right direction when seeking outlets for your new ideas.  Blue Topaz will let you slow down long enough to get your point across clearly and completely. 

Number of the day: 9

There is always something new to learn.  Even when we think that we have all the answers and know everything that there is to know.  You are surrounded by teachers so take what they have to offer.  Blue Lace Agate allows you to accept their lessons. 

FRIDAY 05/17/13

Do you feel your back is against the wall regarding a situation that you just cannot handle?  Late yesterday the Sun and Pluto moved into a sesquiquadrate position that could give you the boost you need to come back fighting.  You won't want anyone to tell you what you can or cannot do and you are willing to face the challenge of asserting your position.  Previously you may have felt that you were lacking something that you needed - strength, courage or resources - but now you know that you have all of that and more.  You will win the day!  Carnelian will make you a force to reckon with and Bloodstone will uncover all of your resources. 

Number of the day: 1

Self reliance lies within each of us - even when we do not realize it.  Recognize how strong and accomplished that you are and use Cavansite to uncover your unlimited potential. 

SATURDAY 05/18/13

You know that whenever Mercury and Neptune are together that they can have some interesting effects on our mental abilities.  You may feel incapable of completing a single thought or communication while they remain in a Square position.  There is too much of a foggy atmosphere that leads our wandering minds to question everything.  Use those questions to reconsider plans and actions before finalization.  This can be a really useful transit that will allow you to take a breath before making a leap.  You may find that when the fog clears you have decided to head in a different direction. Aquamarine will reduce any stress caused by inaction and over thinking.  Blue Quartz will show you how to make good use of those second thoughts. 

Number of the day: 2

Do not allow yourself to become frustrated by being stopped in your tracks by outside forces.   Consider the positive aspects of slowing down and finding a new way to accomplish an old task.  Use Yellow Calcite to discover the peace of accepting what is and making it your own.  

SUNDAY 05/19/13

Somewhere in the back of your mind is a thought of anarchy against the usual.  It is the voice that suggests taking a risk and trying a different path.  Mars and Jupiter have come together in a transit that begs you to let that voice be the one of reason today.  Taking even the slightest chance could pay off in a big way and move you along your way towards abundance and success.  Mookaite will add some reason and grounding to make your choices sound.  Jade will surround everything with a successful vibe.

                                                                                                                                 Number of the day: 3

What could be more fun that doing something that you are not supposed to do (of course something safe that harms none!).  It isn't always about work so go out and play and wear a Turquoise to feel the elements as you enjoy your day. 

MONDAY 05/20/13

The Gemini Sun wants to remind you that often it takes two to make something whole.  Gemini is going to encourage you to learn more about yourself through interactions with others.  This is a great time for stimulating communications and collaborative enterprises that yield insights and information.  You can learn a lot about yourself as you recognize how you interact with others and their reactions to you.  Mercury and Pluto might give you a bit of challenge in the beginning since they are bringing up some issues of self-doubt, but Uranus joins in to suggest that you do something unexpected to work around any internal battles.  Be creative,  go with the energy of the moment and you will uncover happy surprises.  Watermelon Tourmaline will help you navigate any ups and downs while Rainbow Obsidian protects and enlightens. 

Number of the day: 4

No matter how crazy and erratic the situation there will be that moment when everything just comes together.  The sense and surety of that moment is the message that 4 has for us.  Stilbite lets you feel the steady calm of knowing that everything will be alright. 

                                                                                                                                     TUESDAY 05/21/13

Uranus square Pluto can be one of the most challenging transits - but it can also be one of your best opportunities to live your life to its fullest potential.  The bottom line is that you feel trapped by internal forces, external forces, emotionally, physically, psychologically - basically that you are imprisoned in every possible way.  That is a horrible feeling even for the calmest and most understanding among us.  And don't think that it is all in your imagination because the purpose of this transit is to show you what needs to change.   Remember that you always have the freedom of choice.  You cannot change this energy - but you can change how you deal with it and how you allow it to affect you.  Use the Gemini energy to understand and find ways around anything that is keeping you from what you really want.  Isn't that what a trap really is?  The Gemini energy can help you to find the resources - both within you and from the outside - that will get you out of your prison once and for all.  Labradorite reminds you of how it feels to be free and Hematite shows you to fight for it.

Number of the day: 5

Have you noticed how the energy of 5 always seems prevalent when Uranus is dominating the sky?  Maybe it's because they both want us to realize how easy it is to maintain our natural right to freedom.  Flexibility is the key to knowing that nothing can hold us in or hold us back.  Let  Green Tourmaline  guide you when you feel lost. 

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Posted on May 13, 2013
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