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WEEK OF 05/14/14 - 05/20/14 

Wednesday 05/14/14

On the surface everything seems fine and dandy today, but you’ve got this nagging sensation that you are missing something.  That will be Venus, Mercury & Pluto breeding doubt and contention.  You do want to use this energy to investigate and uncover the source of any discontent.  You don’t want to let this energy drive you towards bouts of jealousy and mistrust.  Control how you let this energy affect you and it could be a valuable tool by allowing you to separate facts from suspicions.  It is always better to act from a place of reason rather than react from a place of fear.  Unakite will keep you calm and allow you to see what  has been hidden.  Chalcopyrite will help you to find what you need to regain your comfort level.

Number of the day: 8

You are always in control, even when those inevitable changes come along.  8 will help you to design your own personal agenda for change.  Pietersite lets you gain through understanding.

Thursday 05/15/14

You have a most pleasant day for all kinds of social, business and even internal interactions.  Mercury is transiting from a sextile with Venus to a sextile with Uranus and you are going to want to be with others and find cool and entertaining things to do together.  Connections are easy and mutually beneficial.  Your intuition will be extremely vocal (hopefully internally, but you never know what might pop out of your mouth!) so pay close attention and trust your instincts.  A Venus/Uranus conjunction later in the day could bring a touch of the unexpected, so be prepared for any surprises that come your way.  Iolite will stir your imagination.  Leopardskin Jasper will encourage you to indulge in your need to play.

Number of the day: 9

While you don't always want to hold on to it, you do want to use everything from the past as a valuable learning experience.  Aqua Aura offers insight to use the past as a building block to your future.

Friday 05/16/14

The sky is quiet today, but a Mercury/Chiron square early tomorrow could begin your day where you are feeling and acting grouchy.  You’ve got all these great ideas, but when you try to express them to others the value gets lost in translation and you could feel underappreciated and misunderstood.  You can make things happen, but it may require a  lack of compassion and empathy that could make you appear cold and uncaring.  Don’t let the unusual energy throw you off balance.  There is always something that needs focus and objective decisions and actions, so use the energy to deal with those and you cannot go wrong.  Amber will help you to keep a positive frame of mind and encourage positive actions, while Howlite keeps you steady and on course.

Number of the day: 1

There are abundant and never-ending opportunities for beginnings.  You don't have to look very hard for them, but you do have to take the initiative when they appear.  Fire Opal lets you take charge.

Saturday 05/17/14

Once you get past that pesky Mercury/Chiron square you will have a lot of positive energy at your disposal.  Mercury and Jupiter have you feeling philosophical and optimistic about the future.  This is the perfect energy to kick start any plans and designs that you may want to develop for new ventures.  When Venus and Chiron join in, you are open to healing past issues and building (or re-building) trust – particularly in yourself.  You can easily see how you can use the lessons that you have learned along the way to build a bright future for yourself.  Cavanasite will show you the myriad of possibilities, while Petrified Wood shows you the past in a whole new light.

Number of the day: 2

Focus on finding balance.  It does not need to be perfect in order to make a significance difference in your thoughts and actions.  Carry Watermelon Tourmaline to discover your equilibrium.

Sunday 05/18/14

Why work for it when you can just sit back and let it all come to you?  Beware of a Venus/Jupiter square where overconfidence and over-inflated views of what you “deserve” could take you down an unhappy path.  Of course you deserve it all, but there does need to be some effort -  some give and take -  but this transit has you so focused on indulgence that you may not be able to see your own lazy selfishness.  Truthfully this is not a bad day to relax and spoil yourself a bit because Mercury and Saturn are going to hinder any enterprising activities, so a break may be in order.  Nevertheless, you don’t want to completely give in to your urges because you run the risk  of being let down by expecting too much and hurting others by giving too little.  Brecciated Jasper will allow you to feel the pleasures of the moment while keeping at least one foot in reality.  Peridot will remind you to consider others in your schemes.  The energy will move on, but your actions will linger and you don’t want them to be unflattering.

Number of the day: 3

Go have some fun and give yourself permission to be happy. Say it out loud and carry Pink Aventurine to maintain your new conviction.

Monday 05/19/14

You will meet interferences along the way and you are going to want to barrel right through them; but that may lead to a conflict.  Are you ready for that?  If you think you aren’t, then the Sun and Pluto are going to challenge you to think again.  Keep going despite setbacks and you could find some unexpected and previously unrealized resources that will come from out of the blue to save the day.  You are up for any challenge, be it physical or mental, and ready to deal with any surprises that come your way.  You will be driven to get in the game for the love of it rather than the prize at the end.  Could it be that your will to succeed is greater than any obstacle?  You know the answer already and Vesuvianite will help you to see it.  Green Aventurine keeps you rolling through the day.

Number of the day: 4

We all need a dose of reality sometimes to get our heads out of the clouds and back here on earth.  4 will be a welcome reminder that being practical is often the best course of action.  Avoid regrets and use Mahogany Obsidian to curb outlandish impulses.

Tuesday 05/20/14

Quintile transits are often minor but anytime you’ve got the Sun and Chiron involved you should expect a serious impact and today is no exception.  The power in this transit is in discovering the effectiveness of your perceptions and using them as an asset.  What has been elusive is suddenly evident and you can reach all new levels of clarity.  Unleash your creative skills to make the most of this energy because you can easily realize a new gift.  Use Angelite to reach your highest source.  Herkimer Diamond will help you process and use what you learn on your journey.

Number of the day: 5

Unburden yourself from the past.  You cannot change it and it will not turn out any differently.  Feel the freedom of release and let Pink Sapphire open your heart to a brighter future. 


Posted on May 13, 2014
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