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WEEK OF 05/13/15 - 05/19/15


Wednesday 05/13/15

The last quarter in the Moon's cycle is a powerful time for reflection and regeneration.  While it occurred a few days ago, you still have this energy to work with and you want to use it to consider where you are and how you feel about that before you begin a new cycle.  It fell in the sign of Aquarius which will bring out your individuality and inspire you to focus on what you need to be happy and fulfilled.  The Aquarian influence will be especially beneficial if you need to rebel in order to refocus your energies and priorities.  Amethyst will connect you to this lunar cycle.  Use Howlite to break free and boldly pursue the path you know is best for you.

Number of the day: 8

There may be work ahead, but that doesn't mean that it has to be hard.  Let 8 and Red Jasper show you the fun in your labors.

Thursday 05/14/15

Your strong desire and powerful resolve may be more of a hindrance than a help when you attempt to enforce your will right now.  Mars and Saturn will be in an opposition early tomorrow and their energies will be solely focused on their own agendas.  It would be nice if they would instead work together to help you achieve your goals, but that won’t be the case as they stubbornly persist in holding their own ground.  Be prepared for obstacles and blocks that appear insurmountable.  That won’t be the actual case, but until these two powerhouse planets move away from each other, that is how things will seem.  Your best strategy is to relax your drive for the moment and let the energy catch up to you. Carry Stilbite to reduce your frustrations when plans go awry.  More supportive energy is just around the corner, so use Lapis Lazuli to keep a positive mindset instead of wasting time feeling defeated. 

Number of the day: 9

It may seem as if your best course of action is acceptance, but you never need to accept what is hurting you.  Let the energy of 9 and Black Agate put an end to what you need to eliminate from your life.

Friday 05/15/15

You can expect to feel some inner discord arising from the Sun and Moon today, but it is important to realize that this won’t be a sudden issue.  Most of us have to do things that conflict with our personal values on an ongoing basis. It may not always be noticeable. but it comes down to sacrificing what you believe is the right thing for you in favor of what you need to do in order to satisfy an obligation.  These compromises that you make without a second thought will be very evident right now - particularly when it comes to business and personal relationships.   You can use this transit as a motivational tool to simply find a better way to do things.  There is a solution that will allow you to feel personally fulfilled without compromising your relationships.  It will just take a little courage and creativity to try something new and Green Tourmaline can help you with both. Ruby in Zoisite will allow you to be truthful in your interactions without putting anyone on the defensive.

Number of the day: 1

1 reminds you that you are ultimately in charge of yourself and your destiny.  Take the lead and carry Yellow Calcite to make your presence in the world a positive experience for all.

Saturday 05/16/15

Venus and Neptune are in a trine and this will add simply lovely energy to your day and all of its activities.  All you will see is the best in everything that surrounds you.  Your interpersonal encounters will be filled with genuinely kind and loving feelings that will be easily noticeable.   This is an excellent day to express yourself to others, since the atmosphere will only permit the most gentle communications.  So even if you have something unpleasant to deliver it will come across in the most positive manner possible.  You will be especially appreciative of beautiful things and entertaining activities – and remember that these things are very subjective – so be sure to indulge in what brings you the most pleasure.  Pyrite will enhance the delightful atmosphere, while Moonstone adds a magical spark to your social interactions.

Number of the day: 2

2 carries the energy of bringing things together for a greater good.  Unakite will enable you to find the best use of this energy in your own life.

Sunday 05/17/15

As you go about your day, remember that you have the strength to adjust as needed.  Really, it is a good thing to make adjustments in order to keep moving forward because it allows you to flex your skill and aptitude when it comes to getting what you want.  Mars and Uranus could throw some unexpected things at you that will be sudden and definitely throw you off balance.  The good news is that they will also give you the desire to try new things and take a different approach.  Your greatest challenge will be to take things slow and not rush ahead without giving yourself plenty of time and space to consider all the possible outcomes of your break from the schedule, plan or routine.  This is a day to take a new path even if you don’t know where it will lead, but carry Mookaite Jasper as a reminder to be cautious and look before you leap.   Aquamarine will help you adjust with ease.

Number of the day: 3

Use 3 to become inspired to create your own special niche in the world at large.  Picture Jasper will allow you to draw things in and process them for a positive output.

Monday 05/18/15

Jupiter and Chiron will make this a good time to discover what is true for you and what will fulfill your personal beliefs and goals.  You may need to turn your back on convention and possibly disappoint others as you follow your own path.  This transit can help you awaken talents that you may have yet to realize or have been willing to entertain.  It is scary to go your own way – especially when you can never be sure who or what you may need to leave behind.  Have faith though, because people will surprise you and you may find more support than you might have imagined.  No matter what, it’ll be clear that this is your time to be who you are meant to be and find the healing and harmony that comes from living your life by your own terms.  Use Lemurian Quartz to follow your instincts, because you know what is best for you.  Dalmatian Jasper will soften your interactions and build an atmosphere of understanding and compassion.

Number of the day: 4

4 carries the influence of control and order.  Use it and Selenite to help you to make sense and build from wild ideas and desires. 

Tuesday 05/19/15

At one point or another we all have something to “sell” and when you are ready to make your pitch, it’s a real benefit for the Universe to have your back.  Hopefully you’re ready, because today Mercury and Venus are eager to offer their support.  You want to direct this energy directly towards your relationships, educational pursuits, and business enterprises, because it will enhance and enrich the overall benefits they are bringing to everyone.  Communications flow easily under this influence and it is the perfect opportunity to ask for what you want because you are likely to get it - and probably a little bit more!   Iolite will give you pointers as to which areas of your life will benefit the most from this transit. Use Black Obsidian to find resourceful ways to add your personal energy for the greatest outcome.

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 will incite you to seek adventure.  It is around every corner, so use Zebra Jasper to uncover the hidden gems.



Posted on May 12, 2015
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