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WEEK OF 05/10/17 - 05/16/17

Wednesday 05/10/17

Ideas are like sparks in our imagination that can surprise, challenge and motivate us.  Uranus is the planet that loves to surprise us and today’s transit with communicative Mercury is sure to produce plenty of those ingenious sparks. Your curiosity will be engaged and you will be eager to pursue every potential opportunity that pops into your busy mind.  But, there are going to be so many of them developing and disappearing quickly that you could become easily drained and defeated by the volume of mental activity.  Sodalite will help you to be discerning so you devote your energy to the leads with the most value.  We also have the energy of a Full Moon in Scorpio for the next few days.  Use Topaz To be courageous and focus on whatever you have been avoiding.  This is the time to take it out, dust if off and get it finished once and for all.


Thursday 05/11/17

Your thoughts continue to run rampant but now it is a Mars/Neptune square filling your mind with impetuous, impulsive speculations.  Neptune loves to inspire us with fantasies and this pairing with Mars could make them seem more plausible than usual.  Don’t be fooled into thinking if you fight hard enough and move swiftly that you can turn those wild ideas into facts.  Anything is possible but this energy is best used for inspiration for future endeavors.  Hematite will slow you down so you can carefully consider what you really want to achieve.  If you are looking for action then a Mercury/Saturn trine later in the day will give you just what you need.  They are both in Fire signs making it easy to make definitive decisions, develop a plan and initiate operations that will produce results.  Green Tourmaline enhances your clarity and focus.  You will make something happen today, so make it something positive!


Friday 05/12/17

That desire to proactively create more good stuff in your life grows today with a super powerful trine between Mars and Jupiter.  You are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to do whatever it takes to get what you want.  You know exactly what that is and you are very confident in your ability to achieve it.  Your will is strong and your desire even stronger, making this the perfect day for a fresh start.  There is nothing standing in your way as challenges turn into opportunities to showcase your prowess.  Your excitement and nerves of steel are about to bring an abundance of good fortune your way.  Tiger Eye will offer ideas on how to use all that optimism, while Apatite helps you direct and focus your efforts.  This is a magical and transformational burst of energy – you want to enjoy it and get its full worth!


Saturday 05/13/17

Today’s Mercury/Chiron transit is a bit tricky.  They are in a semi-sextile which typically helps communications to be freer flowing as we are all open to listening to different opinions and options.  Mercury is in Aries so you may discover that you are not as unbiased as you might think.  Aries energy tends to be single focused and self-involved.  It does not create an interest in sharing or learning from others.  This presents a unique opportunity to recognize how you may be blocking yourself from valuable resources.  Celestite will help you take the time to honestly assess why you find it difficult to receive from others. Once you know that and you know how you want to heal yourself, then Selenite will help you use different thought patterns that encourage productive interactions. 


Sunday 05/14/17

You won’t be operating or communicating at your best today and you will know it.  Mercury and Neptune are making it so difficult to think clearly that it is taking a supreme effort to get anything accomplished. If possible, you will want to delay anything that requires focus to detail and/or strong presentation skills.   You can sense that you are not being as effective as you could be, but that may not be enough to stop you from trying.  If you are having a hard time making sense of something, then try Blue Aventurine to regain focus.  Things may seem very direct in your mind but your view is getting lost when you attempt to communicate your ideas.  Seraphinite can help you find the best way to get your message heard and understood.


Monday 05/15/17

Mars and the Moon are increasing your awareness that there are opportunities just waiting for you to reach out and grab them.  You are especially motivated and excited about the work that it will take to reach your goals as it seems less like a job and more like an adventure.  This is an amazing influence that will help you get anything off the ground, so work with Rhodochrosite to keep your energy high as you give it your all.  This is your moment to win and you are eager to accept the challenge.  You are headed towards a personal best, so use Moonstone for self-recognition and to feel pride in your accomplishments.


Tuesday 05/16/17

The message is clear today:  be good to yourself!  The Taurus Sun will make you bold enough to do what you want to do instead of what you think you need to do.   It is working with Uranus to make it abundantly clear where things are stagnant in your life.  Together, they want to help you find ways to make things livelier.  We all get caught in patterns that seem convenient and productive.  But, when those patterns feel like a trap that is preventing you from engaging your creativity and imagination, then it is time for a change.  Citrine gives you the insight to recognize areas in your life where an adjustment would be healthy and productive.  You are the only one who can give yourself the chance to bring positive change into your life.  Combine this energy with Garnet to get things started. Even something small will make a difference and get things moving in a new direction. 



Posted on May 08, 2017
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