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Monday 9th May

What a day to make some excellent advances.  The Monday blues could turn into Monday gold if you keep your head during these challenging alignments.  Once the Moon enters fiery Leo today, you have an excellent chance to make some great leaps forward.

Tuesday 10th May

Tensions are beginning to build up in the psychic atmosphere since the First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase of Taurus and Leo coincides precisely with a Moon-Mars parallel. It is pretty rare for two sky patterns to occur at the same time. Mars is stirring the emotional pot and tempers could boil over. Take some time to be alone and catch your balance. Chalcedony and Pink Kunzite will give you that much need balance to make it through the day.

Wednesday 11th May

The Moon parallels Jupiter — an alignment that usually offers good fortune and opportunities knocking. However, just four minutes later, Mars enters Taurus until June 20th.   Mars rules fiery Aries and watery Scorpio but its presence in earthy Taurus can be a little dicey. Being too pushy and self-centered is a no-no. Watch out for a rising tide of obstinacy to send you off-course. Rose Quartz will guide you to recognize the higher emotions that unconditional love has to offer. Once the Moon enters Virgo, being more organized and efficient is a number-one concern over the next two days. The big news is that Venus unites with Jupiter in Aries while Mercury and Jupiter merge as well, in the same sign, just 5 hours later. Both are highly favorable alignments taking place at 25 degrees of Aries. Volunteer in your community; show your leadership skills to their best advantage. 

Thursday 12th May

 You can still tap into yesterday’s great vibrations today. In addition, the red planet Mars forms a supportive, alliance with Neptune, Venus contacts Vesta via an inspirational  rapport, the Moon makes its monthly union with Juno in Virgo, Mercury also contacts Vesta via a 72-degree tie, Venus parallels Jupiter, and the Moon makes a supportive link to the Sun. This anything goes vibration can be energizing.

 Friday 13th May

Friday the 13th, and the cosmos is cooperating with you and good fortune is in the palm of your hand, not!!!  It’s easy to fall into a black hole of self-doubt and worry as the Sun forms a frictional tie to distant Pluto. Smoky Quartz will ground any negative energy that comes your way.  Healing forces are energized, courtesy of a Moon-Chiron parallel. Between this morning’s Sun-Pluto encounter and this evening’s Mars-Neptune contra-parallel, psychic storm clouds may be gathering.  

Saturday 14th May

Moon unites with the Celestial Lord of the Rings Saturn while Juno forms an off-kilter tie to Vesta, the Moon parallels Neptune and is contra-parallel to Mars, all topped off by a Sun-Pluto contra-parallel.  Whereas the Sun is the giver of life, light, love and invigorating radiance to every entity and creature in our galactic neighborhood, Pluto tests us to see how pure-in-motive we are and whether we are living up to our highest capabilities of tapping into spiritual willpower used only for good purposes.

Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on May 09, 2011
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