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Communications begin to flow at more relaxed pace as Mercury moves into Taurus.  All of that frantic doing and speaking and moving too quickly comes to a stop and you'll find it much easier to take the time to express yourself with thought and care.   If you really want to get your point across now try hands-on exhibiting instead of barking orders.  Just be cautious of Taurus' stubborn side. You don't want it to keep you from going with the flow.  Unakite will keep your communications relaxed but effective and Azurite will keep you flexible.




It's a magical day as Venus sextile Neptune and you feel completely in sync with the beauty and joy that surrounds us.  This is the kind of influence that helps us to really appreciate all that we are and all that we have - definitely a perfect day to live in the moment.  Be gentle with yourself and with others today and see the results of pure kindness.  Morganite and Rhodochrosite will enhance this glorious energy.


FRIDAY, 5/11


It is a challenge to know what you want today.  The moon in rebellious Aquarius is encouraging us to commit to a cause while Venus in fickle Gemini just cannot choose one thing over another.  These two are in a tense square so you may find yourself pulled in opposing directions.  Try not to make any major decisions.   Carry a Hematite to keep you focused and Ametrine will relieve any stress.




There is no guarantee that it will be easy, but there is a fantastic opportunity for transformation and healing today as Pluto and Chiron are in a sextile position.  Working together they can help you to uncover and heal your deepest wounds.  The challenge is that you have to face the pain before it can be healed.  Remember that you deserve to be free of the past and you have the strength and courage to heal yourself.  Selenite will support your healing process while Larimar will reward your bravery with nurturing and comfort.


SUNDAY, 5/13


Happy Mother's Day!  Joy and prosperity are abundant as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus.  These two powerful planets form an alliance in the sign that rules comfort and pleasure and you can really feel the happy atmosphere.  Be sure to take advantage of this glorious energy.  Remember that Taurus is the sign that never quits so use Emerald to keep the joy rising.


MONDAY, 5/14


Feeling a little out of it?  That's the Moon with Neptune, both in dreamy Pisces, opposing Mars in analytical Virgo.  Clearly these planets and signs have very different agendas and the result is a disturbing influence. You just don't feel right.  Your best defense is to let all of those planets in Taurus guide you.  Be patient and stick with your plan and it will all be OK. Black Tourmaline will chase away any negative vibes and Amber will keep you motivated throughout the day.




Venus turns retrograde today so for the next 43 days you may find relationships from the past showing up in your present.  Maybe that's a good thing - maybe not!  Either way be sure to use the energy for any necessary closure so that you can move forward with Venus when the time comes.  Try to avoid making any new personal commitments until the planet of love starts moving forward again.  Black Kyanite will repair any damaged feelings and Chrysoprase will keep the energy loving and compassionate.




The planetary influences over the last few days have not been conducive towards achievements or making any kind of significant progress.  All of that changes today as Mars trines Pluto.  This is a powerful aspect that gives us the push we need to go after what we want and accomplish our goals with the utmost of confidence and grace.  And they are both in strong earth signs so even if you've just imagined a particular accomplishment you can make it a reality today.   Lapis Lazuli will encourage you to reach for the stars. Malachite will bring your dreams down to earth where you can make anything happen.

Posted on May 08, 2012
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