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WEEK OF 05/03/17 - 05/09/17


Wednesday 05/03/17

It's time to add elements of order and cohesion to your dreams and ambitions with Jupiter and Saturn offering their support.  This is the perfect mix of practicality and imagination that clearly illustrates how efficiency will yield rapid results.  Whatever you are (or are not) doing will benefit from this energy.  It can give you the kick you need to get started.  It can help you recognize where and how a rearrangement of goals, efforts, or approach will take you further on the path to success.  Saturn is grounding Jupiter's need for expansion while Jupiter gives Saturn a purpose.  You can benefit from this combination by using Mahogany Obsidian to recognize where you need to change your objective or strategy.  Star Sapphire will help you organize your plans and ideas with a focus on productivity.  


Thursday 05/04/17

Mercury and Mars are in a semi-square that makes you quick to conceive solutions and new ideas but just as quick to judge and create unnecessary conflict.  How will you use this dynamic energy?  You will feel a strong push to do something, so you want to decide how and where to direct your aim.  You could focus on existing situations that require resolution that you could effectively discover under this influence.  You do want to be cautious that you are not allowing the combative elements of this transit to drive your intentions.  Finding a balanced solution won't be easy since you are more interested in a quick fix than a lasting compromise.  Charoite will help you find the self-control that encourages you to listen and consider all interests instead of simply focusing on your own.  The atmosphere of the day will be fast paced and potentially frantic, so you want to carry a good grounding crystal like Black Onyx.   A lot can be accomplished if you are mindful and direct.    


Friday 05/05/17

The Sun awakens our sense of self and today's transit with Jupiter is going to give it a brisk shake!  Don't be surprised to find yourself wondering who you are and what you want.  Don't worry if it seems these thoughts are threatening your stability and security.  They are actually meant to help you build upon your current state and take you to the next level in a healthy, productive manner.  It means you are ready for something new.  You may recognize some areas that need clearing.  Black Kyanite will help you identify and transform outdated ideas and routines.  Once you feel lighter and free from what no longer serves you, then your curiosity will be open to exploration.   Use Malachite to align yourself with new situations and adventures that satisfy your need for more.


Saturday 05/06/17

Uranus is daring Mars to take a chance and you are going to need to answer that call.   Mars doesn't need much encouragement to go out on a limb given its volatile nature, but it is usually driven by passion and defense.  This transit could feel very different because it is more proactive than reactive.  Mars is used to helping you fight for your best interests, but not in such a contemplative manner.  While these two planets are not known for being reasonable they are actually creating that kind of atmosphere by using you as a grounding force.  The combination of Uranus and Mars will enable you to produce thoughts and ideas on how to initiate or change things for the better.   Blue Tiger Eye lets you take the best of these ideas and use them as motivation to enforce positive change in your life.  These are action-oriented planets, so you won't be able to keep things in the thinking stage for long.  You don't want to be pushed into moving so quickly that you are unprepared for the ramifications. Chrysocolla will slow things down so you can comfortably take the time to consider your impulses before you act on them.    It will make a huge difference in your results.


Sunday 05/07/17

Mercury recently came out of its retrograde stage and is on the way to being back up to full speed.  You are going to see a huge improvement in the progression of your ambitions and activities.  Anything that has been stopped or stalled will start moving forward and you want to be prepared to pick up that momentum and run with it.  Carnelian will help you adapt to a busier and more productive climate.  Mercury remains in Aries which is great for quick thinking and speedy delivery.  Just be careful that you don’t communicate so swiftly that it appears thoughtless or incoherent.   Fuchsite encourages mindfulness that lets you use this energy for fresh takes on existing situations and new ideas on how to improve them. 


Monday 05/08/17

If you have been struggling to adhere to convention, fit into someone else’s plan and/or imitate others, then get ready for a positive change in your life.  Venus and the Moon are producing energy that can help you set yourself free from following a path that does not feel true to you.   You will be able to let go of situations that are not working for you because you see the benefit to all parties. Release is never easy, so work with Kunzite to realize the good that will come once you deliberately stop expending time and energy on the wrong things. One of the best elements of this transit is that it gets you excited about discovering a new purpose for your efforts. Eliminating what doesn’t work is healthy, but there is nothing more powerful than creating opportunities to uncover what will let you live your happiest life.  Use Lapis Lazuli to unleash your personality and creativity so you can make the life that is wholly yours!


Tuesday 05/09/17

The Sun and Pluto in a trine is the perfect energy to focus on the achievement of your goals and if they are worthy of you.  We all have intentions that we are working towards, but we don’t often take the time to consider if we are aiming high enough.  Issues of self-worth, concerns about resources and underestimating your abilities are a few of the factors that can contribute to creating ambitions that are less than you deserve.  Use this energy to imagine how it will feel when you reach your current goal.  If it doesn’t feel as satisfying as you may have expected, then it is time to dream bigger.  Sunstone will help you use this energy to redesign your present ambitions so they are aligned with getting what you really want – and deserve!  This is also an opportune time to remove any internal worries that are in your way.  Moonstone will fill your imagination with possibilities so you can find solutions to the real obstacles you will overcome.



Posted on May 01, 2017
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