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Monday 2nd May

What an energetic month is in store for us! This is an extreme dark of the Moon.  Look to the Taurus Moon to provide a steady footing for a new project to work on for the next four weeks.  Get cracking to finish any projects left undone. 


Tuesday 3rd May

Meanwhile, you may be able to tap into psychic sensitivity, your creative imagination, and visions of the great beyond due to a Sun-Neptune tie.   Healing forces are back on the march as Venus forms a contra-parallel to Chiron. Celestite can assist you in opening to the higher sources of love and compassion and bring these gifts to the fore.


Wednesday 4th May

The Moon enters airy Gemini. However, before this happens, the Sun squares Pallas — a frictional aspect that can equate with challenges concerning problem-solving. Green Tourmaline will help you think outside the box for solutions to those problems. Vesta trines Saturn in air signs while the Sun trines Juno in earth signs — allowing you to focus your attention on striving for harmony and happiness in your primary partnerships.  A Mercury-Chiron contra-parallel helps you tune into advances on the cutting edge of science, alternative medicine and holistic healing.


Thursday 5th May

You read it here, yes a quiet day to catch up and relax. Today is a day to work on the nagging problems that appear to stubbornly hang on.

 Moon in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra while Mars makes an inspirational link to Pallas. Be open to any opportunity that presents itself.  The Moon-Saturn harmonious tie is good for creative artistic enterprises as well as business and professional work.


Friday 6th May

It’s been a while since we have had three relatively quiet days in a row but we are on a lucky roll.  Enjoy the warm, fuzzy feelings making the rounds today! 

Those potentials can blossom into reality — courtesy of a Moon-Jupiter supportive alliance from Gemini to Aries while the Sun makes a similar tie to Ceres. Home and family themes top the charts once the Moon is in Cancer. The Moon-Neptune flowing trine, points you toward contentment.


Saturday 7th May

Make the most of this great weekend!

Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Taurus are in sync and nature calls. Gardening and everything connected to Mother Nature are in synch, kick off the shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet.

With the Moon, Venus and the Sun contacting Chiron, take the time to explore new therapies and techniques on the healing front. Meditate for clarity and peace of mind.

The water calls you today with the Moon in its cardinal sign of Cancer the crab right now.


Sunday 8th May

With the Moon maintaining its energy-field in the water sign of Cancer, irrigating your garden and planting flowers, shrubs and trees receive the thumb’s-up sign. The Sun and Moon is good news for everyone as the two cosmic lights don’t always provide the right kind of illumination on terra firma.

If you feel a sense of rising tension in the psychic atmosphere, chalk it up to the Moon in Cancer making squares to Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, all of which are in Aries. Add on an abrasive front, link from the Sun to the planet of radical-change Uranus and a late-night lunar square to Mars in Aries and there is a sense that challenges have the upper hand today.  Tiger Eye will open you to the resources available inside you and help you develop confidence in your skills.


Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on May 02, 2011
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