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WEEK OF 04/30/14 - 05/06/14  

Wednesday 04/30/14

Jupiter and Mercury in a sextile are producing an atmosphere where you are eager for new sights and sounds.  The entire month of April has been geared towards encouraging you to do things differently and try something new.  You sense there is more to learn and you are open mentally and physically to expanding yourself and reaching for new experiences. Now you find yourself in a positive place and you are ready to take that journey.  Your judgment is sound and logical, so make a choice and follow it through because you cannot go wrong.  Use Hessonite Garnet for creativity as you grow and Labradorite to find and follow your personal path.

Number of the day: 5

The vivacious energy of 5 will assist you in your quest for adventure.  Life is meant to be a trip, so use Rutilated Quartz to make the most of yours. 

Thursday 05/01/14

There is a mix of energies to work with today and we begin with a Mercury/Chiron Sextile that makes communications easy to grasp.  It isn't even necessarily about the words, but people can read each other's feelings and intentions.  This is a very receptive atmosphere, so it is a good time to get your point across -  particularly if your intent is to heal or resolve an issue.  Later in the day, the Sun and Mars could bring some internal tension that will make it a challenge to find any satisfaction.  If you are feeling crabby and just plain uncomfortable in your own skin, try to work it out with some physical activity.  It will distract you and give the Sun/Mars energy something positive to focus all that energy on rather than letting it make you feel lousy.  Green Tourmaline helps you find a positive outlet for any uneasy energy.  Turquoise will foster clear and honest communications.

Number of the day: 4

We begin a new month by taking a step back to constructive 4.  The energy of 4 and Imperial Topaz will enable you to realize that you truly are the master of your destiny and you will accomplish what you set out to so be proactive. 

Friday 05/02/14

Mercury and Saturn in an Opposition could have you approaching everything from a place of "No" right now.  The inability to have confidence in your choices and the constant second-guessing that you will be doing will impede any attempts at progress. could turn it around and use the energy as a positive means to achieve more.  Take the time to really consider those doubts to determine if they are valid or just a product of a negative atmosphere.  If they are valid, then you can find a way to overcome them by letting them help you to make new choices that will work.  Mookaite Jasper can help you understand your internal objections and Moonstone will help you figure out how to use them to your advantage.

Number of the day: 5

Risk is part of the adventure and, while it can be difficult to let go of what is safe, it is often necessary in order to progress.  Pink Tourmaline will assist when you need assistance with going out on a limb. 

Saturday 05/03/14

The tide completely turns today as the Sun and Pluto in a Trine offer some powerful energy to help you progress.  You will be able to draw from your past (remember yesterday?) and use those experiences and lessons learned to propel yourself forward.  Now is when you see how your efforts and endurance have paid off.  Even if you don't reach that positive conclusion today, you know that it is close and you will get there.  Whatever you have been working towards, it is time to celebrate your accomplishments.  And don't think it is too early because you have achieved much by just staying in the game when others might have withdrawn.  Carry Rhodonite to give yourself the accolades you deserve and use Sunstone to keep a skip in your step as you head towards the finish line.

Number of the day: 6

6 will remind you that the work, the sacrifice and the courage are all worth it in the end because you have achieved something great.  Chrysoprase will help you realize how far you have come and how much you have done because you are amazing! 

Sunday 05/04/14

The Sun has moved on from Pluto to join up with Uranus and surround us in an atmosphere of adaptability.  Now is when you are ready and willing to incorporate the unfamiliar into your life and make it your own.  You are eager to roll along with whatever comes your way and that flexibility could bring some new and interesting energies your way.  This transit is especially helpful at enabling you to establish new and healthier patterns in your life.  Carry Zebra Jasper to embrace the nuances that you encounter. Blue Topaz shows you the lasting benefits of change.

Number of the day: 7

It takes courage to greet evolution with determination rather than trepidation.  Golden Tiger Eye will enhance your courage when you need some help. 

Monday 05/05/14

Mercury and Mars will drive you towards swift and decisive action, but you need to slow down in order to make those actions count.  This is very impulsive energy that will encourage you to attempt to get through the process quickly -  but if you go too fast you will miss important steps and likely make a mess.  You don’t want to have to lose the ground that you gain today but having to clean up and start over tomorrow.  Dumortierite will encourage you to stop, think and take one thing at a time.   Use Green Kyanite to avoid jumping ahead without finishing those necessary earlier steps.

Number of the day: 8

The energy of 8 can help you to make your efforts count.  Use 8 and Pyrite to see how every gain and every loss contributes to your overall growth. 

Tuesday 05/06/14

Conflicting energies could bring you some ups and downs as you progress through the day.  A powerful Sextile between the Sun and Jupiter will have you exuding confidence in yourself.  You know without a doubt your value to the world and you are ready to join in and contribute as much as you can.  You easily see the value that others bring to the party and they are aware of yours.  Overall, this transit breeds enthusiasm and cooperation that makes it easy to work together and even take some risks and try something new.  The influence changes as Mercury and Pluto in a tense transit bring in some elements of doubt.  A lack of trust makes you not so sure about the motives and actions of those other parties involved.  Before you pursue the urge to investigate, be sure that you are ready to deal with what you uncover.  You might just want to focus on the positive aspects of the day and leave the questions for another time and place when the energy is more conducive to resolving issues.  Chrysocolla will help you keep the peace and foster happy communications.  Use Peach Quartz to connect with others and work together for abundant results.

Number of the day: 9

Lately it may have felt as if you are riding a roller coaster of energies, with so many highs and lows, that it is a challenge to find your peace.  The energy of 9 and Brecciated Jasper can offer a time out and some recovery when you need to regain your grounding. 


Posted on April 29, 2014
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