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WEEK OF 04/27/16 - 05/03/16

Wednesday 04/27/16

It feels as if you've got lots of great energy to work with and you'll be excited, ready to take on the world and willing to do the work.  You've got the powerful force of the Sun and Mars working together but they are producing an atmosphere where the results of your efforts won't meet your expectations.  You want to employ patience and a realistic outlook otherwise you could be left with crushing disappointment and incredible stress.  Nothing is ever wasted, so don't allow this momentary influence to destroy your faith that if you do the right thing then good stuff will follow - because it will.  It may not be today, so use Stilbite to remain calm and cheerful no matter what comes your way.   Leopardskin Jasper will help you use this energy as a reminder that you have all the power when it comes to keeping your spirit strong and positive.

Number of the day: 4

Every challenge has a solution and it is up to you to find it.  Serpentine will help you solve any puzzles and remind you that this journey will leave you better than before.

Thursday 04/28/16

It could seem like a green-light kind of day where nothing can prevent you from getting what you want.  And of course you want it all!  You'll be feeling the combination of Venus and Jupiter in a transit that could drive you to take extreme measures with little-to-no thought of any negative repercussions to yourself or others.  It is imperative that you stop yourself before taking actions.  You need to be able to have enough self-control to think reasonably and squash any impulsive tendencies - which won't be easy under this influence.  You also have a Sun/Chiron square transit that may deflate your confidence, but those doubts that arise could be a valuable tool in your efforts to remain sensible and grounded.  The mixed messages you'll be getting from the various energies of the day may not be easy to manage, so use Malachite for strength and forbearance.  It may not be easily evident but there is much to be gained from this energy and Selenite will enable you to recognize the potential for renewal and growth. 

Number of the day: 5

Remain flexible and available for adventures.  5 wants you to consider every opportunity because you never know where it may lead.  Green Kyanite can show you where growth is possible.

Friday 04/29/16

The Sun and Saturn are bringing a fantastic burst of energy that will breathe new life into you and your goals.  You have a powerful opportunity to combine this energy with your ingenuity and focus it towards re-imagining whatever is stalled or not working in your life.  Have you been considering giving up on something because it is difficult and not going the way that you expected? You will see those situations in an entirely differently light and recognize the benefit of telling your own story and doing things your way.  If that isn’t how you’ve been approaching things, it’s time to start.  If it is and you haven't gotten the results that you wanted, it’s time to try again.  This is what’s necessary to create your personal success and happiness.  Strawberry Quartz will spark your imagination as you consider new approaches to old concerns.  Pink Tourmaline increases your stamina to keep you going strong.

Number of the day: 6

As you explore ways to bring more stability into your life, remember the key ingredient:  trust.  You've got to believe in yourself and your surroundings in order to live in harmony.  Is that a challenge?  It is for most of us, so carry Pink Calcite to embody the peaceful energy of 6.

Saturday 04/30/16

Everyone is feeling a little distant under the influence of a Venus/Saturn transit that will have you questioning how others feel about you.  You’ll be wondering if emotions are sincere or simply a facade used to further an agenda.  It won't only be others’ motives that will be caught in this spotlight, but also your own.  Are we all just telling each other what we want to hear - or is it genuine?  This is not the time to put any relationship to that test because it’s sure to fail.  Angelite will help you avoid rash communications and actions in an effort to uncover the truth.  They will do far more harm than good.  You want to take any doubts or disappointments and use them for contemplation about your role in the situation.  Ruby can help you recognize that is the only thing that you can control.  

Number of the day: 7

 7 wants us to know that now is the time for careful contemplation.  Often a problem can be easily resolved if we take the time to consider our actions.  Scolecite and some quiet time will prove most helpful to making some serious progress.

Sunday 05/01/16

You may have felt consumed by questions yesterday, but it’s a whole different vibe today with the Sun and Neptune in an enlightening sextile transit.  There is no need to look for answers because you just know.  Trust your feelings, instincts and viewpoint because they are absolutely correct and they’re providing the insight you need to be your best self.  You can use all of that knowledge and confidence to not only improve your life, but also those of others.  You are likely to feel guided to share both spiritually and physically and the benefits will be expansive.  Use Phenacite to pay attention to the guidance you receive and Red Tiger Eye to follow-up with positive actions. 

Number of the day: 6

No matter what is going on in your environment you can always maintain your own inner peace.   6 reminds us that our initial emotion should always be based in love in order to replace stress with compassion and empathy.  Rhodonite will keep your heart open and available.

Monday 05/02/16

We are in the midst of a major cosmic slow down with several planets in retrograde phases.  If you’re feeling the change in the energy, don't just push through it because that will defeat the purpose and the only thing you will gain is frustration.  Understand the energy that is being produced and make it work for you!    Mercury in retrograde wants you to allow your mind to relax and process the present and past internally before you move past it. Mars in retrograde encourages you to stop acting on impulse and starting thinking strategically.  This is an amazing opportunity to gain self-control for direct, focused moves that will be far more effective at achieving your goals than randomly scattering your energies.  Saturn is also retrograde, so when you get stopped in your tracks you can use its energy to devise a new plan.  This period enables Saturn's energy to be more adaptable while retaining its purpose.  Pluto is retrograde and this means it’s time to release what is no longer working for you.  That will likely leave a space, but it won't be vacant for long because one major planet will be moving forward very soon.  Jupiter has been retrograde since January, so expansion has been slow and stagnant.  That will begin to change when Jupiter starts moving direct in the next week, so use your energy wisely and prepare to take advantage of all the good that’s ahead.  Ametrine will enable you to see all the positive opportunities that these retrograde periods offer to create more peace and happiness in your life.  Septarian will encourage you to use the energy for increased self-awareness and to take the time to strengthen your greatest asset...You!

Number of the day: 7

We spend so much of our lives on outer pursuits that we forget to take a look within.  7 wants you to make it a priority to find time for contemplation and consideration of your thoughts and actions.  Blue Chalcedony gives you time and space.

Tuesday 05/03/16

The combination of the Sun and Jupiter will always help you recognize your full potential and use it to find opportunities for growth.  They’re in a transit where it won't be enough to just go after more.  You are going to need to see that your actions will make a significant improvement in your life and the lives of others.  So, how will you answer that call?  Fortunately they are producing an atmosphere that commands an enthusiastic response.  Your excitement and optimism will be more than enough to take advantage of this energy and combine it with your own to create a new beginning in one or more areas of your life. You don't want to keep this to yourself, so use Blue Quartz to help you find others who will both benefit from your motivation and support your efforts.  Use Alexandrite to focus your energy for the most positive results.

Number of the day: 8

Choose your actions wisely because supportive 8 can really boost your success.  Make sure you really want something before you go after it and use Abalone Shell to insure that your goals are for the highest good of everyone involved.



Posted on April 25, 2016
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