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WEEK OF 04/26/17 - 05/02/17

Wednesday 04/26/17

The luxurious New Moon in Taurus will have you eager to start something beautiful and meaningful.  It will take hold and carry you forward.  You are confident in your ability to make good things happen.  You feel solid, secure and know that there is no need to hurry.  You will take the right actions in your own time. While the New Moon is about beginnings Taurus energy does not like change.  It is a whole different story when you are the creator of those changes, so use Aquamarine to be that force that asks for what you want – and gets it!   You will be feeling present and grounded in your current state of being which allows you to really appreciate what you have.  Use that energy to build upon the good stuff and release whatever needs to go.  Blue Apatite can help you change habits and routines that no longer serve you.

Thursday 04/27/17

The Taurus Sun increases your need to be rewarded for your efforts.  You sense your worth and if there are areas where you are receiving less, you are ready to demand what you deserve.  This reaction will be intensified by Mars and Pluto urging you to take extreme measures to satisfy your expectations.  You could find yourself being overly combative and confrontational with an “all or nothing” kind of attitude.  That approach is sure to backfire, so work with Red Tiger Eye to balance that energy and use it as a motivational tool.  You have a ton of power right now to make things happen just the way that you want.  Green Tourmaline helps you recognize what you really want to accomplish and then create a plan to achieve it.

Friday 04/28/17

Your mind is filled with ideas and brilliant concepts with Mercury and Uranus encouraging groundbreaking thoughts.  It could feel overwhelming at times as you have so many good ideas that it seems impossible that you will ever have the time and resources to put them into play.  Use Rainbow Fluorite to gain that balance you need to effectively filter through them all.  Labradorite will help you eliminate or reimagine anything that doesn’t seem quite right.  You are going to be feeling progressive, so use this time to figure out how to implement your greatest goals and go for it!

Saturday 04/29/17

Venus moves into Aries late because of its retrograde that ended earlier this month.  Venus prefers to be mixed with more stable energy than Aries can possibly provide, so it is feeling uncomfortable.  That discomfort will be increased by today’s transit with the Moon and the receptive, intuitive attitude it brings to any cosmic pairing.  You will be feeling impatient and confused when your demands are not swiftly met and your quick pace is not matched with immediate reward. You could feel as if you are working really hard for nothing.  The Moon wants you to understand that if you are not satisfied it is because you are going after the wrong thing.  You don’t want to resist these insights, so use Picture Jasper to acknowledge your truth.  It is the first step towards changing things for the better and this environment is perfect for change.  Blue Goldstone will keep you from feeling rushed to initiate new patterns. Take your time and let things flow naturally for the best result.

Sunday 04/30/17

Saturn & Chiron in a square drive home that it is time to make the tough decisions, initiate healthy changes and do the right thing no matter how difficult that may be.  You will find it easier than usual to be strict and practical when it comes to straightening out any areas of your life that are causing you stress.  Bloodstone will help you recognize where to focus this energy. Whatever is causing unhappiness and distress in your life could begin to be healed now, but it is all up to you. The diligence of Saturn will give you the confidence and determination to start the process.   You don’t want to let this opportunity go to waste.  Use your power to create a life filled with love, joy and peace and use Pink Tourmaline for support.

Monday 05/01/17

Venus in Aries paired with Pluto is an aggressive force that will have you proactively seeking situations that require passion and fervor.  You won’t be interested in anything that feels ordinary during this influence.  It may be tough to stick to schedules and routines, so carry Kyanite to help you pay attention to necessary business.  You will be particularly drawn to learning more about people and circumstances that are vastly different from your own.  There is an amazing opportunity for education, empathy and fellowship during this time and Chalcedony will enhance your experience.

Tuesday 05/02/17

Nothing is good enough with the Sun and Saturn coaxing you into questioning everything.  There is a tendency to seek approval and appreciation from outside sources during this transit.  When it doesn’t come or it is less than expected, you are left with discouragement and disappointment.   You don’t have to let this energy put you in that kind of position.  Use Snowflake Obsidian to let the negative stuff go for now and avoid attention- seeking behaviors.  It is really about personal fulfillment and you will feel much better if you use this time to focus on feeling comfortable with who you are and what you do.  Moss Agate will help you find recognition for the amazing person you are from within.



Posted on April 24, 2017

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