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WEEK OF 04/23/14 - 04/29/14 

Wednesday 04/23/14

We have one more Square transit and Opposition to work with before the energy lightens up.  Mars and Pluto are in an intense and important Square. It is so important that Mars actually turned retrograde in order to make this square happen, so it is not something that you want to just get past and put behind you.  Your desire and intention to change something has now become so great that it will be a challenge to control your passion.  Your passion and drive can be so overwhelming that it will consume your best intentions if you don't find a way to slow it down to a manageable and useful tool.  Mars is also opposite Uranus and that will make you impatient, impulsive and overly sensitive.   You want to be independent and you are ready to make your personal mark, but feel as if everyone and everything is against you.  All you see is what is keeping you from getting to where you want to be right now rather than seeing the opportunities .  If you see a blockage, don’t just stomp around in frustration.  Look around and see if there is another way around or better yet, a different path for you to follow.  Uranus needs you to be flexible in order to work with its energy.  If you are stuck on one single idea or goal and there are no other options, then Uranus will not be your ally.  However, if you can be open and flexible then the powerful energy that has been building over the last few days will enable you to make great and lasting change.  The trick is to be able to get out of your own way before you end up losing rather than gaining.  Rainbow Moonstone will relieve stress while you remain productive in moving your desires from conception to fruition.  A combination of Moldavite for awakening and Black Obsidian for grounding will help you to find your best and most positive use for your insights over the last few days.

Number of the day: 7

The number of enlightenment can show you the best way to get what you want...if you let it.  Use 7 and Selenite to discover a different way of doing things. 

Thursday 04/24/14

You have been exposed to an enormous amount of intense energy over the past few days, so take a breath and give yourself a break.  You really deserve one!  Mercury and Jupiter are in a quintile transit that typically would be inconsequential, but given what you have experienced, you will find their energy very helpful right now.  This transit will give you a different and lighter view on the new ideas and plans that may have arisen from the Squares and Oppositions.   You will find that you won't take everything so seriously right now and you can see the humor and joy in things.  Everything has been so heavy the last few days that some light-hearted energy will be just what you need to put things in perspective and move ahead with a positive purpose. Ruby in Zoisite will get you moving and feeling happy.  Rose Quartz will encourage you to live in the joy of this moment.

Number of the day: 8

When you have doubts that you can succeed, look to 8 for reinforcement.  8 and Tree Agate will remind you that just by having a goal, you have begun something.  It will encourage you to keep going and take one step at a time because you will get to where you want to be. 

Friday 04/25/14

Do remember a friendly Trine last week?  It was some really positive energy right before all of the Squares and Oppositions challenged us to find ways to change for the better and now we get another one to wrap things up.  This time it is Venus and Saturn in another Water Trine that will enable you to find some emotional stability.  You will feel positive about the choices that you have made, even if you have not acted on them yet, and confident about your abilities to take care of business.  The Trine aspect always puts a happy spin on everything so that you can start to make advances on those new goals that you have set.  You won't make huge leaps right now, but that is fine because you are feeling sturdy enough to know that there is no rush.  This is an especially good time to renew your dedication, whether it be to yourself, someone else or even a responsibility.  The Sun and Mercury in a conjunct transit will add punch to your actions right now.  Everything makes a difference, so carry Epidote as you take those initial steps and Lapis Lazuli to put you in the best frame of mind.

Number of the day: 9

The energy of 9 will help you tap into your inner wisdom.  You have the answer to every question, so use 9 and Petrified Wood to realize those truths and own them. 

Saturday 04/26/14

Mercury and Neptune are taking us along for a ride as they meet up in a Sextile Transit.  Neptune will encourage you to let your wildest dreams free and allow them to flourish.  Mercury wants to know what you're going to do about those dreams - just let them slip away into the ether or use them as inspiration?  Use this influence to allow your imagination and intuition to meet up and offer you important guidance.  If you are open to them, they could take you on a wonderful adventure.  Petalite is a wonderful crystal to open the doorway of your imagination.  Green Aventurine can help you follow your dreams to a successful conclusion.

Number of the day: 1

Use the positive vibe of 1 to approach everything with a "can do" kind of attitude.  It really does make all the difference.  Spotted Agate turns those positive thoughts into positive realities. 

Sunday 04/27/14

The Sun and Neptune are working hard to give you valuable insights.  Take this opportunity to follow the path that you know is right for you.  You don’t want to let logic keep you from being true to yourself.  Use those heightened instincts to navigate through any challenges that might pop up from a semi-square between Mercury and Venus.  You might experience some defensive behaviors from yourself or others that could make personal and business relationships tense right now.  Taking the time to read the mood of the room will make all the difference and keep you from making choices based on stressful energy.  Fluorite will enhance your healthy perspective.  Smokey Quartz will offer some peace and protection from poor choices.

Number of the day: 2

The energy of 2 is what brings you options and allows you to choose your destiny.  Chrysoprase will help you tap into your instincts and receive guidance to make the choice that is right for you. 

Monday 04/28/14

Whatever oppositions exist within yourself will become evident as Mercury and Mars bring us the “gift” of self-realization.  OK…it may not be that much of a “gift” but you might as well view this influence from a positive frame of mind, because otherwise you will spend the day in a quandary wondering why you just did or said what you just did or said!  This is the kind of atmosphere where everyone is saying (or thinking) one thing and doing another.  It is very likely that unexpected developments will result and things that have been hidden will come out for everyone to see.  If it is going to happen anyway, why not use this transit as a means to stop denying who you are and what you want.  You may be surprised at the reception that your true self receives and you will definitely be happier and more fulfilled in the long run. Leopardskin Jasper gives you the courage to be real and present.  White Agate lets you see the possibilities for freedom.

Number of the day: 3

The value of creativity is taking what you have – the good and not-as-good - and bringing it all together so that it works in your favor.  The energy of 3 with Apatite will let you make the most of what you have. 

Tuesday 04/29/14

It has been an active month in the sky and we still have some interesting transits before we move on to May.  Mercury is working with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter to bring us some really special and wonderful energy.  A Mercury/Pluto Trine is going to provide clarity and comprehension that could bring you some essential and affirmative closure to many of the things that have been stirred up as you made your way through April.  Then Mercury and Uranus will help you to find and work with like-minded people to realize your potential for inspiration and empowerment.  Finally, in what may be one of the most awesome transits, Mercury and Jupiter will fill you with confident thoughts, insights and ideas.  Now is when you want to start expanding your world and, if you have an idea, follow it through.  This is when you can reach the end of that rainbow that you’ve been chasing! Carnelian enhances your determination.  Use Vesuvianite to realize how you have ended up in the perfect situation and got what you really wanted.

Number of the day: 4

We all get knocked around sometimes and when that happens you can depend on the energy of 4 to help you get back up.  Brown Aventurine can offer you something to hold onto during those times of chaos. 


Posted on April 22, 2014
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