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WEEK OF 04/22/15 - 04/28/15 

Wednesday 04/22/15

It’s a busy day with several planets in beneficial transits.  Mercury and Pluto will increase your overall understanding of just about everything.  One of the loveliest elements of this transit is the increased awareness that there is more than just the physical.  It will be evident that what you can see and touch is only a fragment of your environment.  That spiritual energy vibrates throughout the day as a Venus/Jupiter sextile helps you connect with energies of abundance, peace and beauty.  These elements will be particularly noticeable in your interactions as you can see how others make a vital difference in your life - and you do the same for them.  Things become more materialistic once Mercury and Mars dominate the skies later in the day.  These two energetic planets will flip the switch and change the atmosphere from spiritual to excitable.  It will be easy to react out of impatience and irritability, so hold on to some of that peaceful energy from earlier in the day.  The combination of Mercury and Mars will be a powerful ally that can enable you to be more decisive, efficient and direct.  You will need to tame their aggressive nature for the best use of this energy, so carry Bloodstone to release the negative vibes and hold on to the positive.   Angelite will enhance your connection to the spiritual aspects.

Number of the day: 7

7 lets you know that you have the answers to all of your questions and quandaries.  Red Jasper can help you uncover that knowledge and give you the courage to act.

Thursday 04/23/15

It’s a good idea to do something different with Mercury and Uranus in a semi-sextile.  There will be all kinds of advantages to be realized from operating outside of your usual routine, with the opportunity for new insights among the most important.  It is so easy to feel comfortable within our daily schedules that we can become complacent and close ourselves off to new experiences, ideas and encounters.  The role of Uranus is to set us free from that complacency and, working with communicative Mercury, encourage us to venture outward and meet new people, try new things and see the world in a whole new light.  This is the kind of energy where everything can change in a moment because you were willing to change yourself.  The Sun and Saturn may slow you down later in the day with a transit that will challenge your self-confidence.  Use Uranus’ influence to avoid falling prey to any of your usual doubts or feelings of unworthiness.  Use Tiger Iron to take a different path and have faith in yourself because you can do anything.  Howlite will show you the importance of trying new things.

Number of the day: 8

Everything balances and, at one time or another, we all experience the same situations.  There is fluidity to your existence and Lepidolite can help you to understand and manage the flow.

Friday 04/24/15

It is time to make something happen.  That is the message that will come through loud and clear when Mars and Uranus encourage you to take action and do whatever is needed to make a change.  It is likely that it will require some level of risk, but you are ready and willing to accept that challenge.  Your greatest obstacle may be deciding what needs a transformation and what is working for you just as it is.  Uranus can get us so excited about the prospect of a metamorphosis that we believe everything needs an adjustment and we scatter our energies rather than focusing on one key area.  The aggressive nature of Mars won’t help when you need to use reason and calm, but Mercury and Chiron step up to help you out.  A Mercury/Chiron sextile will heighten your intuition and your ability to communicate intently and thoughtfully.  Be open to this energy and it will offer vital guidance.   Mookaite Jasper will help you to pinpoint where an adjustment would be to your benefit.  Use Fluorite to maintain a level of comfort when you are ready to take a chance.

Number of the day: 9

9 brings closure and the potential to learn something new and valuable. Give yourself time for contemplation that will offer understanding. White Aventurine can give you clarity.

Saturday 04/25/15

First comes decisive action and determined resolution, and then comes doubt and fear.  That is a very typical reaction to any period of adjustment, whether you have initiated it or it has been thrust upon you.  Once the excitement of change wears off, then the reality sets in and you see the potential gains and losses.  Venus and Pluto in a transit late yesterday will take your mind to a negative place where the losses seem far more pronounced than what you stand to achieve.  Your confidence may take another hit from a Sun/Chiron semi-square transit, but the good news is that this energy will also encourage growth and expansion.  You are going to need to hold firm and assertively look for the benefits that will come from your choices. You want to be prepared for all consequences but you don’t want to cloud your judgment with fear.  Garnet lets you adapt if it is necessary without compromising your decision. Scheelite will let you recognize and get rid of any negativity.

Number of the day: 1

1 brings out your personal creativity.  Use that energy to create the life that will make you happy. Don't worry about being selfish, because ultimately it benefits everyone.  Orange Calcite fuels your imagination.

Sunday 04/26/15

Venus and Uranus are in a much friendlier state today and you will welcome the change in the atmosphere.  The excitement that you felt a few days ago will return along with your confidence and curiosity.  This is the perfect influence to use for exploration and indulgence, so you want to break free of your normal routine and definitely see what else is out there.  This is an especially good day for business enterprises, social encounters and creative endeavors.  Go have some fun, learn something new and join up with others who share your interests.  Play can easily lead to work under this influence, so carry Serpentine to attract opportunities for expansion and enterprise.  Rutilated Quartz will enhance the overall happy quality of the day.

Number of the day: 2

Playing well with others is vital to your relationships, but you don't want to lose yourself in the process.  Wear Apatite to express your true self and let everyone know - and love - the real you.

Monday 04/27/15

The urge to reminisce will be strong today as the Moon and Mercury are encouraging you to revisit the past.  Your history is a valuable resource that can provide very personal insight and guidance.  Your memory will be especially sharp as you recall events from your past that have a direct connection to your present.  If there is something that you need right now or it seems as if you are missing something, then this influence will be most beneficial.  You may find that you already have what you seek - you just need some direction to show you where to look.   Blue Sapphire can serve as a mental compass, while Pink Aventurine stirs your imagination and lets you find the good things.

Number of the day: 3

3 will bring more into your life, but don't mistake abundance for quantity. Sometimes less is more and Hessonite Garnet gives you confidence to enjoy what is yours and to leave the rest.

Tuesday 04/28/15

Mars and Chiron will encourage you to protect and uphold a cause, whether it is your own or important to someone else.  Mars will always challenge you to take the lead and this drive combined with Chiron’s influence will be focused on healing and improvement.  You are going to want to do good and all of your thoughts and deeds will be filled with that purpose.  Typically, Mars loves a good fight but this time you won't be looking for one as much as you will seek opportunities to fix situations that are causing harm.  If challenges should arise, you will be more than ready to eradicate them with courage and efficiency.  Use Clear Quartz to discover and/or reinforce a personal mission.   Rhyolite will help you find and join with others who share your passion.

Number of the day: 4

4 will always set you towards a task that may come easy, but you will always need to put in some effort.  You have the ability to work your way through anything, so stay positive and keep Green Chlorite for reinforcement. 


Posted on April 21, 2015
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