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WEEK OF 04/20/16 - 04/26/16


Wednesday 04/20/16

Saturn is in a tense transit with the Sun that will be telling you "No" when all you want is a "Yes" or at the very least, a "Maybe"!  It will be very easy to let this energy drag you down so you're going to need to employ your most positive and confident self to keep your day on the brighter side.  You don't want to waste your time and energy on buying into any distractions and let downs when it will all change before you know it.  Stay strong and happy and keep Rutilated Quartz close to maintain your well-being.  You want to avoid seeking attention and appreciation from outer sources, so use Garnet for self-confidence.

Number of the day: 6

There is peace in stability, but without essential change you can be left with uncomfortable stagnancy.  Mahogany Obsidian gives you the courage to trust in evolution.


Thursday 04/21/16

This is good time to try a different approach when projecting your energy out into the world.  We all fall into patterns and even the best and most successful of them can limit us.  Uranus' role is to help us explore all the possibilities by breaking those patterns.  Today it works with Mercury to encourage us to try out different methods of self-expression. You’re going to feel that drive to vary something in your life and you want to have some fun with it. It could be trying a different means to communicate verbally and non-verbally or expressing yourself more creatively through visual or performing arts.  Mercury is in an introspective phase, so this is an especially good opportunity to look beyond the physical reality.  Your attempts to reach out spiritually through meditation, affirmations and requests will successfully result in peace, insight and inspiration.  Blue Topaz will open your mind and heart to all the sources you have for meaningful exchanges.  Use Turquoise to enjoy the freedom and fun of taking a different path.

Number of the day: 7

The vibration of 7 can help you to see the amazing wonder of the simplest thoughts and gestures.  Sodalite will allow you to appreciate things that you might otherwise dismiss.


Friday 04/22/16

You may have already begun to change things up by working with yesterday's energy. That theme continues with a Venus/Uranus transit that will make anything new and unusual much more attractive than the old and established.  You’re sick of holding on to the past and living in a present that feels somehow less than it could be.  Remember, you’re dealing with Uranus who demands change at any cost and Venus that guides us though relationships and finance.  You don't necessarily need to be cautious, because risk is required for reward, but you do want to retain a sense of balance.  Recklessness will not bring you the same kind of positive changes that you will achieve from a thoughtful approach to this energy.  You’re going to have a very helpful Full Moon in Scorpio that will bring whatever is hidden out into the light.  You will uncover truths that may be painful at first, but they will set you free.  That is what you need for a fresh start, so use Moonstone to help you realize the potential benefits of any revelations.   Botswana Agate will incite your courage and get you out of your comfort zone. 

Number of the day: 8

Take charge and lead the way.  Now is not the time to sit back and just let things happen.  The successful vibe of Citrine will be perfect for your ambitious actions.


Saturday 04/23/16

A Mercury/Venus semi-sextile will be a welcome relief from the intensity of the past few days.  This is light and friendly energy that makes it easy and fun to connect with others.  Your business and social situations will benefit from this transit, so be sure to make the most of it.  This is especially good energy to launch yourself, your ideas and your talents into new situations.  It is equally favorable for commitments and partnerships.  Rhodochrosite will increase your enjoyment of the positive vibes, while Serpentine gives you ideas on how to use the energy to your advantage.  

Number of the day: 9

Before you move forward take the time to review what you have learned from the past.  Every second is an opportunity to learn more and be better prepared for the next step.  Carry Blue Tiger’s Eye for higher learning.


Sunday 04/24/16

Hopefully you enjoyed yesterday because tension reappears as Venus moves into a strained transit with Mars.  The need to win overrides any desire for peace and well-being under this kind of influence.  Sometimes you need to be assertive to make things happen but you don't want to become careless and hurtful.  That kind of energy will not further your cause.  Once Venus moves on to join Chiron, the atmosphere changes to one where healing and trust are the predominant force driving your thoughts and actions.  Sugilite will remind you to factor kindness into your actions.  Amazonite will guide you towards relationships and situations that will benefit from a healing touch.

Number of the day: 1

Simply be true to yourself and do what you know is right.  Good things will always follow these basic steps.  Fire Agate will cut through second guesses.


Monday 04/25/16

The energy produced by the Sun and Moon in a sesquiquadrate may not feel that great at first, but once you realize the potential benefits, it will all change for the better.  You will be questioning if your goals, actions and current situations are in alignment with your feelings and beliefs.  Of course, your immediate response will be inner turmoil as you feel the need to choose one over the other.  In fact the real power of this transit is the opportunity it offers to bring these opposing elements of your outer and inner selves together.  Once you recognize the power of this energy, you can use it to effectively make changes and create a more harmonious life for yourself.  Rose Quartz will keep your attitude positive as you face any concerns that arise, while Labradorite helps you turn it all around and use the transit to motivate rather than restrain your advancement.

Number of the day: 2

If there is something that is holding you back, then find a way to use it to propel you forward.  You have that ability and Rhodonite will show you how.


Tuesday 04/26/16

You’re going to see only the best and brightest in everything today with Venus and Neptune in a semi-square that is masking the truth.  It is great to have that kind of happy, idealistic perception as long as you don't use it to make definitive decisions, take reckless actions, or enter into unbreakable commitments.  You will not be operating with all of the facts under this influence and it will be far too easy to believe that the perfect image you see is what you will get.  It is not and you won't want to deal with the consequences of choices made without the complete facts.  Carry Chrysocolla as a reminder to wait before you invest yourself in whatever it is that seems so perfect.  If it is, then it will still be there when you can see and accept any flaws.  Black Obsidian will enable you to remain optimistic while retaining important grounding.

Number of the day: 3

There is nothing as powerful as the energy of loving and happy surroundings.  Find your happy place and go there - even if it is a "mental" visit and bring Rose Quartz along for the ride.




Posted on April 18, 2016
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