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WEEK OF 04/16/14 - 04/22/14 

Wednesday 04/16/14

As you navigate through the mix of energies with Mercury, Mars and Chiron, remember to do no harm. Whenever Chiron is involved everything is very personal and its transit with Mars could have you doubting yourself.  Perhaps you feel as if others have what you want (and got too easily) or that you just don't have what it takes to make your dreams come true.  That feeling that you've been cheated by life and circumstances could come out as attacks against others.  Communications are very clear right now, so you must be cautious. What you say will reflect your true feelings and there will be no hiding their true meaning.  You feel further empowered and righteous by a Mercury/Mars opposition, so it is imperative that you think before you speak or hit that "send" button on the computer, because once it is out there you cannot take it back.  If you turn all this clarity inward there is a powerful opportunity for self-realization that will enable you to feel your strengths and get past this moment.  Because that it all it is - a moment of doubt - so don't turn it into something more.  Blue Quartz will remind you to think twice and be kind as you interact with others.  Leopardskin Jasper allows you to feel comfortable and confident with your personal power.

Number of the day: 9

9 will enable you to bring something to a conclusion, so use that energy to destroy at least one of your self-doubts. Then use Botswana Agate to begin the construction of a new positive vision of yourself.

Thursday 04/17/14

This is a day to just feel good!  A gentle trine with Venus and Jupiter, both in emotional water signs, will have you seeing the pretty and feeling the happy in everything.  Too often we let stuff from the past and future keep us from being completely happy in the present.  Let go of all of that and give in to this energy and you will be super optimistic.  You will know that there are many more of these kind of wonderful days ahead.  This is an especially good atmosphere to trust and be trusted.  Personal connections take on great significance and you can see the amazing things that they will do for you.  Abalone Shell will open you to the flow of positive energy.  Rhodonite encourages you to have fun while you grow and nurture yourself and your relationships.

Number of the day: 1

Use the number of creation to create your happiest self.  The energy of 1 and confidence will attract all the things that you want straight to you.  Axinite will let you be your most positive self.

Friday 04/18/14

You are so ready to get out in the world and let everyone know just how much that you have to give!  Venus is working with Uranus and Pluto to give you the confidence to be your true self and the faith to know that you will be loved and accepted just as you are.  This is no small thing and you want to take full advantage of the potential that this transit offers.  It is not often that those doubts and fears that we all experience about being liked and understood disappear so completely.  It is time to take that risk that you’ve been considering because it is not going to seem all that risky.  You can make impactful strides towards personal and financial success under this transit by just being yourself.  You won’t really need it, but it is always nice to have Carnelian around for a confidence boost.  Kyanite will help to align your best intentions with your words and actions.

Number of the day: 2

Trust is what enables us to reach out to others and what will draw them to you.  It is the essential element at the base of all important relationships.  Use the energy of 2 and Pietersite to trust and be trusted.

Saturday 04/19/14

Communications and progress will be impeded today by Mercury, bringing us challenges with focus and clarity.  A transit between Mercury & Saturn will have everyone taking things the wrong way.  Even the friendliest of overtures will feel like criticism by both parties.  Neptune further complicates matters with its hazy demeanor and you would much rather daydream than do anything productive.  Not that it really matters because your attempts at making things happen will be riddled with overlooked details.  Overall this is a day where everything and everyone just feels out of sync and the potential for misunderstandings and mistakes is so great that you are much better off taking it easy and leaving important things for another day.  Blue Tiger's Eye will be valuable as it will enhance your ability to read the signals and know when to stop whatever you are doing or saying before it turns for the worse.  Bloodstone will bring some crucial balance and grounding to each situation that you encounter.

Number of the day: 3

It is our nature to look ahead and that is the beginnings of how we define our future.  Use 3 and Moonstone to envision your most positive future.

Sunday 04/20/14

The next few days will bring some rare and powerful energy our way as we begin to feel what is known as a Cardinal Grand Cross.  Jupiter in a square with Uranus starts things off by pushing you to change something - anything - in order to find the freedom to live the life of your dreams.  This is a time to discover a new way of thinking rather than making any actual drastic changes.  It can be very easy to "free" yourself of important things that seem like too much of a burden and/or change something that is really beneficial and vital to your goals.  Freedom is a state of mind and, by looking at things in a different way, you could be able to "free" yourself of misconceptions that are blinding you to the positives in situations.  Jupiter is also opposite Pluto, so there is a "do or die" mentality making everything seem vitally important.  You could go too far and push too hard, only to end up right back where you started from - or worse.  It is important to be ambitious and to reach for the stars, but you have to keep your feet - and your head- on the ground to make a true difference.  All of the elements to improve something are here - you just need to be practical and realistic to take advantage of the potential.  Bastnaesite will offer mental and physical stability that can help you to use this risky energy to your advantage.  Malachite is going to show you how to let go of any negative beliefs/feelings so that you can clearly see and realize the positives in your present situation.

Number of the day: 4

It is hard work to take what you have and improve it rather than just walk away and start over.  Before you abandon something, use the energy of 4 and Charoite to determine if transformation is better than release.

Monday 04/21/14

Today we face our second square in the cross and this time it is Uranus and Pluto making us feel restless.  That restlessness could lead you anywhere from subtle protest to outright anarchy. There are things in your way that are preventing you from getting what you want.  You are prepared to go to any lengths to eradicate these things from your life and it doesn't matter if these are global forces (like a government) or personal ones (like family obligations).  And I really do mean "any lengths" and that is the challenge with this transit.  You have two planets with extremist energy, both in Cardinal signs, that act in a fast and furious manner, in a square that revs up the already extreme energy.  This is over the top, high voltage energy that can be very useful or very damaging depending upon how you use it.  The thrill of outright revolution is so tempting that it will be almost impossible to see the actual consequences.  You need to keep a cool head to avoid over-reactions and to employ a calming influence so that you can clearly see and make those changes that really are necessary.  And you want to ensure that you use the best methods to initiate those changes.  A light touch might not be as exciting, but it could be much more effective and get you the results that you really want.  Hematite will slow things down and allow you to focus.  Blue Calcite will enhance your vision and facilitate calm but powerful actions.

Number of the day: 5

5 is the number of freedom and you can use that power that determine your actions.  True freedom means that you are in complete control of yourself and are not enslaved by anything - including the energies that surround you.  Citrine will help you find and maintain your center of control.

Tuesday 04/22/14

Mars and Jupiter are in the third square in as many days and it is stimulating that sense of urgency that you have been feeling all week.  The tension is rising!  It seems as if opportunities are passing you by and you are driven to jump into anything without considering the consequences.  A combination of dynamic energy with a lack of patience will make you willing to take risks without having an exit plan should it be needed.  And it is very likely that it will be needed. It is essential that you find a positive outlet for all of this pent-up energy before your impatience makes you do something that you will regret.  Mars is a great motivator for physical exercise, so use this energy to do something fitness oriented.  Jupiter always seeks expansion so maybe visit a new gym or try a new class.  Even taking a walk in a park that you have never visited will make a difference.  Just be sure not to commit to anything until this energy passes, but healthy experimentation will benefit from this transit.  Green Tourmaline will encourage a healthy outlet while Dalmatian Jasper calms the urge to leap without looking.

Number of the day: 6

6 has a very honest vibe that will help you to be true to yourself.  Use the energy of 6 and Turquoise to avoid temptations that you know are not in line with your personal code.



Posted on April 15, 2014
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