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Crystal Astrology Report

SUNDAY, 4/15


Nobody likes to be reigned in but Saturn opposes the Aries Sun today reminding us that we need boundaries and limitations.  Aries does not understand or appreciate rules so it can be a challenge to control yourself while the Sun is in this sign.  Use Saturn's energy to practice impulse control and use Honey Calcite to keep those boundaries strong.  Blue Calcite will ease any stress you may feel from conflicting desires of wanting to do one thing but knowing you should do the other.


MONDAY, 4/16


Mercury moves back into Aries for the first time since its retrograde period.  Here is your opportunity to repair any damage done during that time.  Said something you wish you hadn't?  The energy of Mercury moving forward in Aries will help you to correct those misspoken words with sincerity and keep the recipient open minded and willing to forgive.  Spinel will offer you the strength to admit you've made a mistake and Star Sapphire will help you to correct it.




Try to leave as much of the daily grind, practical matters and weekly chores for later in the week.  Instead be spontaneous, be creative and let you imagination be your guide as the Moon and Venus provide a wonderful time for creative endeavors.   This is also wonderful energy for meditation. Charoite will ignite your creativity while mediation with Hackmanite will strengthen your mental state.




Aries is the vibrant sign that kicks off Spring and begins the new astrological year.  Even though we are in its last day there is still ample energy for new beginnings.  Don't let the influence pass without taking advantage and use Axinite to provide insight and Fire Agate to ignite your personal fresh start for the New Year.




The Sun moves into Taurus today and it's time to focus on and nurture all that we began during Aries' reign in the sky.  If Aries is a "doer" then Taurus is the "thinker" who can make anything take off and thrive. This ushers in a time of practical creativity where you have the inclination to grow and enhance what you have already started.  Carnelian enhances your imagination and Jade will support growth and prosperity.


FRIDAY, 4/20


Try not to waste energy chasing your own tail today.  Mercury in Aries conjuncts Mars inciting you to exceed your grasp and potentially create situations that you really don't want.  This challenging energy also tends to make us doubt ourselves and trust others who may not have our best interest at heart.  Use Lapis Lazuli for confidence and to trust your own instincts.  Danburite encourages you to place more value on your personal ideals over others.




Creativity continues to abound this week as the Taurus new moon encourages us to be creative and productive and to surround ourselves with beautiful things.  Venus rules Taurus and wants us to enjoy the finer things in life, but often we can feel as if those things are out of our reach.  Now is a time when you can find a way to have everything that you want without sacrifice or compromise.  You will have to work for it, but you will enjoy the time spent making it happen. Pink Calcite (Manganocalcite) will be supportive and also infinitely beautiful to gaze upon during this journey.


SUNDAY, 4/22


Today your intuition is high and it helps keep you on the right track.  You will be in the right place at the right time, and you have all of the answers!  Mercury and Uranus have joined up in Aries to give you the perfect day for imaginative endeavors.  Just be careful that this high energy doesn't overload your circuits.  If you are prone to headaches you should be especially cautious today.  You will be fine as long as you remember to relax and listen to your body. Topaz will enhance the energy while Amethyst will keep your mind flexible and relaxed.

Posted on April 14, 2012
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