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WEEK OF 04/13/16 - 04/19/16


Wednesday 04/13/16

The Sun and Mars won't allow you to just sit back and let things happen today.  The drive to act will be too strong to ignore, so you’ll need to take a position and make some moves.  It is important to recognize that the results of your actions will correspond to your method.  You want to use focus and determination to enable you to think before you do anything.  Otherwise, it will be very easy to unconsciously react to your surroundings.  There is an antagonistic element to this energy that will have everyone on edge.  You have the power to use your strengths to take an approach that will balance that energy.  Use Blue Lace Agate to bring those strengths forward and help you get your desired results.   Lithium Quartz will calm the aggressive atmosphere and let you take a reasonable view of each situation. 

Number of the day: 8

Conquering fear takes hard work and discipline.  You have the strength and commitment to overcome any obstacle and succeed!  Lapis Lazuli will enhance your confidence.

Thursday 04/14/16

Mercury and Jupiter are in a trine creating the kind of progressive atmosphere where you can expect to partake in life-altering revelations.  You may receive great news from an outer source or important insights from your higher self.  You will be more concerned with all the good things to come rather than focusing on present details.  Sometimes you just have to go for it and this energy favors that kind of attitude.  You know what is right for you, so just do it!  Venus and Neptune add even more magic to the day when they increase your awareness of the wonders that surround you.  This is an especially good time to appreciate the people in your life and let them know how much they mean to you.  Rainbow Moonstone will encourage you to feel comfortable trusting your instincts right now.  Morganite will enhance your social interactions.

Number of the day: 9

It is important to consider others; but it is just as important to take care of yourself.  It is possible to do what is right for you while still contributing to the lives of those around you.  Emerald can show you how to have it all.

Friday 04/15/16

You may be questioning any decisions that you made over the last few days with the Sun and Neptune in a semi-square.  Your mind will be wandering, making it difficult to keep commitments and maintain a steady focus.  You’re also feeling the effects of a Mercury/Saturn transit where it is almost impossible to retain discipline and procedure.  It may seem as if you’ve forgotten something or you’re missing an important detail.  You may be right, but you won't feel confident enough to find those answers or make any kind of progress for now.  Your efforts will be better spent on keeping a positive mindset than attempting to maintain any kind of control.  Your personal energy could feel diminished by this influence, so use Red Tiger Eye to recognize the strength it takes to work with the energy instead of against it.  Blue Calcite will help you to relax and allow your thoughts to flow peacefully.

Number of the day: 1

Solitary 1 has the strength of thousands and the ability to withstand and triumph through any situation.  Focus this powerful energy on your goals and see how you can triumph.  Sunstone will light everything up.

Saturday 04/16/16

Venus and Jupiter will have you feeling really good today...maybe a little too good!  The combined influence of these planets will make immediate and unqualified gratification your ultimate goal, no matter what the cost.  While you’re in pursuit of the ultimate thrill, it will be very convenient to ignore responsibilities, commitments and material limits.  It is also likely that your expectations will be so high that it will be next to impossible to be satisfied.  Pyrite can assist with finding a happy balance between fun and obligation that will prevent you from ending the day feeling disappointed.  This energy can be really useful by attracting good things, but it works best if you remain grounded, so carry Mahogany Obsidian to maintain a realistic perspective.


Number of the day: 2

Take time to focus on what will truly benefit you.  It is always easier to put in the work when you know how your accomplishments will enhance your life.  Ruby in Kyanite will marry your goals with your drive.


Sunday 04/17/16

A powerful Mercury/Pluto trine is going to illuminate whatever has felt dark or murky in your mind.  Everything is clearer and brighter as you just ‘get’ whatever you have been missing or misunderstanding.  It can be hard to operate without the benefit of mental clarity and it affects all areas of your being.  All change begins in the mind, so the insight and awareness that you achieve from working with this energy will be the start of something new and positive.  Remember that your attention and intentions will carry you forward, so use Clear Quartz to keep them focused in the best direction.  Fluorite will enable you to use the insights you receive to your greatest advantage.

Number of the day: 3

Enjoy the ride and find the fun in everything that you do.  If you take everything too seriously you can easily forget that life is meant to be joyful.  Pink Aventurine reminds you that laughter is an essential tool for release.


Monday 04/18/16

You could begin your day wondering if you have enough.  The Sun and Jupiter are producing an atmosphere where it feels somehow wrong to be content with your current situation.  Jupiter's role is to help us constantly strive towards growth, but sometimes it can be a little pushy in its approach.  This will be one of those days, so don't let it drive you towards taking big risks and making unnecessary changes.  If you do need to make some advancements, wait until later in the day when Venus and Saturn join up in a productive trine.  This transit offers the chance to reinforce and improve professional and personal relationships and situations.  This energy is a wonderful mix of thoughtful attention and practical actions that will enable you to develop at a constructive pace.  Sunstone will help you to control the energy of the day and use it mindfully.  Red Jasper will allow you to recognize the value in your present and use that as a foundation for future growth.

Number of the day: 4

It’s all in the details, so take this opportunity to consider every nook and cranny.  Your grasp of the whole picture will enable you to move forward with a steady resolve, heart and hand.  Smokey Quartz offers support and stability - no matter how stormy the climate.


Tuesday 04/19/16

Venus and Pluto are in a square transit producing a fear of loss that is so great that it could blind you to everything else.  Fear is a forceful emotion that will initiate change whether it is in your outer circumstances or inner emotions.   While the end result may prove in your best interest, the process of anything driven by fear is counteractive to your overall well-being.  As soon as you sense those worries and doubts, you want to take control and exert your personal power.  You always have the ability to use any energy constructively as long as you can retain a positive, reasonable and determined demeanor.  Dalmatian Jasper will enable you to maintain balance so that you don't allow this passing transit to completely disrupt your life.  Everyone is feeling this energy and it is not easy to manage.  If you are the recipient of someone else's negative behaviors, then Smokey Quartz will help you neutralize the situation and avoid destructive reactions.

Number of the day: 5

It may be a challenge to keep your inner voice quiet when it has so much to tell you.  Your innovative ideas are anxious to get your attention - so let them!  Aquamarine will help you to be discerning without becoming overwhelmed.



Posted on April 11, 2016
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