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WEEK OF 04/12/17 - 04/18/17


Wednesday 04/12/17

You are excited and prepared to explore and adapt new strategies with Mars and Jupiter supporting your enthusiasm.  We all get comfortable with our routines and following the usual methods to accomplish something. Jupiter is about taking the next step and if you want to change your results, then you need to change your strategy.  Mars will light that fire that gets you motivated.  One of the best elements of this transit is that you won’t be focused on the end game as much as how you are going to get there.  You will be creating new plans and procedures naturally within this atmosphere, so work with Strawberry Quartz for an extra spark of creativity.  Moss Agate shows you how you are growing and your life is expanding just by engaging in the process.


Thursday 04/13/17

Mars helped you make progress yesterday, but today it could be sending you a step or two backwards.  It is getting thrown off its game during a transit with Uranus and taking you along for the ride. Things won’t proceed as you expect and you may find yourself greeting these delays with annoyance and impatience. Mars has so much aggressive energy that you could become easily enraged over minor inconveniences.  You don’t want to waste your time and energy on these negative emotions, so carry Lepidolite for personal peace when you need it.  If you need to let something go for the moment, know that it will be okay to slow down and/or step back to bring a whole new perspective to the game.  If you want to keep going and work the unforeseen elements presented, then White Jade will help you be flexible and develop new strategies that take them into account. 


Friday 04/14/17

Uranus might have thrown you off balance yesterday, but now it joins with the Sun to give you the spark to begin a new day with a new attitude.  It all seems possible as you recognize that everything is an opportunity to create something better for yourself.  You are more welcoming of changes - whether they are sudden or a long time coming.  Your initial reaction may be doubt and fear as it seems you are being presented with challenges.  Those feelings swiftly evolve into a sense of excitement because now you know it is time for something new – and it is going to be amazing!  You are going to recognize your power to take what you have and make it work in your favor, so use Green Aventurine to visualize the products of your imagination.  You also know that you have what it takes to bring your ideas to life.  Mahogany Obsidian gives you the moxie to create some positive changes of your own.  Watch out world, because here you come!


Saturday 04/15/17

You continue to be unstoppable with the Sun and Mars in a semi-sextile that is infusing your determination with incredible power.  You have the strength and conscious presence to overcome anything that gets in your way.  You may even persuade it to join your cause because Mars becomes more diplomatic during this influence and that makes a notable difference in its effect on you.  You want to set your focus on things that are very important to you.  Otherwise, you could squander your efforts and this empowering energy on inconsequential situations that could be left for another time.  Smokey Quartz will help you recognize when something will take care of itself in time.  Red Jasper supports your well-placed drive and ambition to do what you need to get done to feel fulfilled.


Sunday 04/16/17

Your aim is to make your mark on your surroundings and it needs to be significant.  The Sun and Venus are encouraging you to spend your day on improvements and additions to the places you dwell and the environments you create.  We don’t often realize it, but our presence alone makes an impact and changes the environment.  This transit makes you think about the kind of impact you want to have and how you can make it the best for yourself and everyone else.  Since Venus is playing a role, there will be an emphasis on material things, so use Ruby to find ways to add special elements without feeling the need to exhaust your resources.  You don’t have to spend a lot. Citrine will show you how a happy attitude and demeanor will brighten everything around you.


Monday 04/17/17

The Sun and Saturn are in a trine as the day begins and you are ready to make some progress. You are operating from a state of security and stability, making it easy to hone in on specific tasks and perfect them.  This isn't quick acting energy, but it is steady and reliable.  You are very comfortable working within the present.  You won’t feel held back about what came before or concerned about what happens next.  It's a good time to recognize what is yours and own it.  Pyrite shows you how to use that recognition of responsibility for yourself to your advantage.  Your attention will waver from task-oriented labor as the Sun and Neptune lure you into more creative thoughts.  You may feel caught between continuing with your focus or letting it go and enjoy the freedom of your imagination.  You don’t have to feel as if your willpower is being tested.  The best things happen when we use a mix of practical work and creative thinking.  Here is your opportunity to generate results using everything you’ve got.  Moonstone will match your ideas to your undertakings so your business continues to progress.


Tuesday 04/18/17

A Mercury/Moon trine gives you the ability to be honest with yourself and others.  Honesty sometimes comes with a price if you aren’t prepared to deal with all facets of the truth.  During this transit you are eager to understand the good and the bad and open to finding the most positive way to use everything you’ve got.  You will be able to create new and strengthen current relationships.  You will be able to recognize personal talents and strengths and find new ways to use them.  You will be able to realize flaws and turn them into assets.  You are in a positive, proactive mindset where you can improve every situation in your external life, so work with Fuchsite to enhance your optimistic outlook.  You want to follow your ideals with actions.  At the same time you are fortifying your willpower and self-confidence, so keep Tanzanite close by to project your personal power.



Posted on April 10, 2017
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