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WEEK OF 04/09/14 - 04/15/14 

Wednesday 04/09/14

You are caught in a battle of extremes caused by Venus and Mars.  Are you interested or obsessed?  Are you in love or in lust?  Do you want or do you need?  The answer is Yes to all of it, therein causing the tension that you feel as you make your way through the day.  And Mars in retrograde will turn this stressful energy inward affecting your emotions and reactions. Don't waste your energy attempting neutrality because it will be nearly impossible.  You want to avoid decisions, actions or acquisitions because they are sure to go over the top.  You do want to reflect upon your thoughts and desires because they will help you at another time.  You will find a purpose for what you can learn about yourself today and make it work for you when balance is more attainable.  Since that is not this day, use Sodalite to gain some insight and Lithium Quartz as a calming influence.

Number of the day: 2

2 will help when you want to conjoin opposites to make a greater whole.  Banded Agate will show you how to take what you have and create something special.

Thursday 04/10/14

The atmosphere is much friendlier today with Mercury and Venus infusing everyone with the desire to come together.  You will be charming and effortlessly draw others to you for pleasant interactions.  This is the perfect time to join with others who have a common interest, whether it be for work or play.   You can make important connections right now.  If you have had concerns about making a personal commitment, then this energy will help you to choose once and for all. You do not want to waste this energy, so wear a Rose Quartz to show your best as you are out and about.   Chrysocolla will help you to communicate from the heart and make your voice count.

Number of the day: 3

3 has an optimistic vibration that will remind you to go and have some fun because that is what it is all about.  Let Mookaite be your wake-up call to smile when you are feeling too somber.

Friday 04/11/14

Mercury is the messenger and today's announcement is that we should learn and grow from each other.  First a transit with Neptune will have you feeling inspired from those around you.  You, in turn, will be an inspiration to others as you go about your daily activities.  This is a good time to realize the impact that you make and discover the qualities that others possess that you want to emulate.  Later Mercury moves on to a sesquiquadrate with Saturn that could result in slow-downs and delays.  Something may need a re-do or will take longer to complete than expected.  That's ok because you want to get it right (remember, everyone is watching!) and you will achieve more through the process than the result under this influence.  There could be many opportunities for breakthroughs, so use Aqua Aura for enlightenment.  Charoite will relieve any stress and let you see the bright side of each situation.

Number of the day: 4

4 will show you how to take a difficult task and make it work in your favor.  Use Coral Calcite to remember that you can achieve anything.

Saturday 04/12/14

Focus and determination may be a challenge with the Sun and Neptune in a semi-square.  It will be difficult to focus on the simplest of goals and your plans will likely go awry.  Details will get lost in this kind of atmosphere, so you don't want to begin anything or attempt any important actions if they can be avoided.  Instead, take advantage of Venus and Neptune invigorating your imagination.  You can create a beautiful world - exactly as you want it to be - in your mind right now.  It may seem as if you are romanticizing things. So what?  Don't worry about reality right now and enjoy the illusion.  Just keep it in your head for now and when the time comes to make it real, you'll figure it out.  Anything is possible so dream big and use Iolite for powerful visions.  If it is possible to reschedule activities then great - if not, Fluorite can help you to concentrate and get those necessary things done.

Number of the day: 5

5 will help you to realize the power of choice.  When it feels like you are trapped by circumstance, use the energy of 5 and Smokey Quartz to choose a different outlook or path or outcome or whatever!  Then you will see how you have the power to change everything.

Sunday 04/13/14

Whenever Mercury & Jupiter get together there is always so much going on - usually too much!  While in a square transit, everything really is too big and unrealistic -  including your wants, your needs, your emotions and your actions.  Your expectations are so high that there is a better chance of feeling let down.  Even if you get what you want, it seems as if it just wasn't enough.    This is not the best atmosphere for goals since you are so focused on the grandiose picture you will miss the details.  You could experience delays and jams that will make progress difficult.  The best use of this energy is to consider those big ideas and figure out how to break them down into manageable portions that you can conquer on another day.  Tourmalated Quartz will keep you grounded while staying optimistic.  Carry Onyx to keep moving with a positive outlook.

Number of the day: 6

6 will keep things flowing when all you can see are blockages.  Malachite will show you the way around things in your path.

Monday 04/14/14

You may be deluged with more ideas than you can handle, but there is some valuable material here.  Mercury and Uranus are helping you to produce some innovative and imaginative thoughts that you need to pay attention to because they will make a difference.  This is the kind of atmosphere where the next great invention could be discovered but dismissed because there is so much going on in your mind.  That "invention" may not be global, but something simple & personal - like how to find more time for something that you love - so you don't want to lose it in the flood.  Blue Lace Agate will help you to slow down and hold on to those lightning bolts.  Sugilite can help you to relax and enjoy your bright ideas.

Number of the day: 7

7 carries the energy of alchemy.  It and Black Tourmaline will inspire you to take what you have and bring out its greatest value.

Tuesday 04/15/14

Pluto's goal is to enable you to delve deeper for fuller and complete understanding.  Knowledge is power and this is a powerful transit with Mercury and Pluto - but you  need to use caution because it has a negative slant.  Curiosities turn into suspicions, questions turn into get the picture.  You could gain seriously valuable information - particularly through communications with others - but you need to work at keeping things positive and congenial.  The Sun and Venus add to the sensitive atmosphere, so use Yellow Calcite to push back the negative energy and keep things happy.  Sunstone will surround your day and interactions with light and warmth.

Number of the day: 8

We never stop learning, growing, changing and evolving throughout our journey. Of course you are going to get tired!  Look to 8, the number of rebirth and Pink Spinel when you need to be reinvigorated. 


Posted on April 08, 2014
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