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Thursday 7th April

The more carefree vibration arrives when the Moon leaves its lengthy void status in Taurus by entering airy Gemini. Flexibility and versatility are two useful keywords for this third sign of the zodiac. In addition, it is a good time of any month to read, write, catch up on paperwork, and enjoy your favorite hobbies.  It is time to get creative.  Let Lapis Lazuli bring out the creative streak in you.  Express your opinions but also be an active listener. 

In 48 hours, the Earth, Mercury retrograde, and the Sun will line up in the zodiac forming an Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. On Saturday as well, Pluto officially halts its forward progress in Capricorn, turns motionless, and begins a retrograde cycle that lasts until September 16.

While these two celestial happenings are not precise for a couple of days, sensitive individuals can pick up on the wavelengths ahead of time. If you are one of those persons, work to refine your intuition with Herkimer Diamond to receive high-level guidance that can change your life for the better.


Friday 8th April

Psychic storm warnings are posted today while Pluto officially halts its direct motion tomorrow.

It is possible since the Sun forms a somewhat harmonious contra-parallel to Venus, Mercury makes an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with Pallas to enhance problem-solving skills, the Moon in Gemini connects in a supportive, 60-degree alliance with Jupiter in Aries, and as the Moon and Sun also mingle their energies in a similar aspect. Thus, despite the foreboding presence of underworld Pluto about to take charge over the weekend, gains can be made if you are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right state of awareness.  Moonstone will assist you in taking advantage of any synchronicity. 

As Friday morphs into Saturday, another hefty void lunar time-span can equate with rising uncertainty. Quell the urge to make major decisions overnight.


Saturday 9th April

All Pluto themes – the underworld, mysteries and secrets, extremes, atomic and nuclear energy, phobias and repressed emotions, death-rebirth and regeneration, hypnotism and sleep paralysis, willpower, purpose and laser-like concentration – are energized now and throughout the entire weekend. Stop worrying about things you can’t control; Topaz will re-motivate you in the right direction.

Realize that the Moon in Gemini remains in an uncertain void mode until the lunar orb enters Cancer. Therefore, it is wise to finish old business with a flourish instead of launching bold plans.

A lining up of the Earth, Mercury in reverse, and the Sun in the zodiac gives eager human souls the ability to capture cosmic seed-ideas that can blossom into fantastic earthy achievements in the months ahead.  Healing forces are in control now.


Sunday 10th April

Yesterday’s halt by Pluto and the Earth-Mercury-Sun line up in the zodiac are still influential and causing ramifications in the psychic atmosphere of humanity. And just as Saturday’s major sky patterns remain potent, the upcoming First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase, Mars-Pluto square and Mercury-Jupiter union – all happening on Monday – are really affecting everyone now. Today is also unusual in that the Moon in Cancer becomes part of a Grand Cross in the cardinal signs as the lunar orb squares Mars in Aries, opposes Pluto in Capricorn, squares Saturn in Libra, and also squares Jupiter in Aries. Thus, four key planets – plus the Moon – are forming a tense crucifixion type pattern that can either equate with oppressive feelings or the ability to tackle difficult jobs in a heroic undertaking.

Take advantage of golden opportunities and heart-centered vibrations coming your way since tomorrow morning’s Sun-Moon square and tomorrow afternoon’s Mars-Pluto square can coincide with rising emotional and mental discord.  Rhodonite will give you emotional balance and intuitive guidance for you to lean on.


Monday 11th April

Yesterday’s warnings about this 24-hour time-period turn into today’s reality.  Throwing your weight around in any kind of egocentric, enraged manner is off-limits.  Once again Moonstone steps up to keep you cool and calm around the time of these dicey sky patterns; you will only help yourself, but you may be a pillar of strength for dear ones on the ropes. Legal affairs and key signings receive a knockout punch – requiring a delay. Make it your business to also steer clear of anyone having temper-tantrums.

The Moon brings back some good news, as the lunar orb enters radiant and warmhearted Leo. Shortly thereafter, Mercury unites with Jupiter in Aries– the best alignment of the day. Let the anxieties and fears of the daytime fade away. Evening brings Emerald’s clarity on the communication front while educational and literary endeavors perform brilliantly on center stage.


Tuesday 12th April

The best day of April – so far – is here! To some extent, this is due to the lack of severe, challenging alignments that the cosmos appears to enjoy tossing into the Earth’s direction just to watch mortals squirm.

Venus schmoozing comfortably with Pluto can enhance your romantic and financial affairs.  Aventurine, a stone of both intellect and of the heart will help you balance the need for financial wealth and the emotional desires of the heart.   The Moon in Leo connecting with the red planet Mars in Aries is another impetus to make gains across the board.  Learn lessons from esteemed mentors and teachers this evening.

Take advantage of golden opportunities coming your way since Mars wrangles with Saturn tomorrow morning while another fairly long void lunar cycle holds court for over 10 hours during a later time-span on Wednesday.


Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on April 07, 2011
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