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WEEK OF 04/06/16 - 04/12/16


Wednesday 04/06/16

Mercury and Venus begin the day in a peaceful transit where associations are friendly and negotiations can be exceedingly beneficial.  Don't limit yourself to only working with others.  You can effectively use this energy to make agreements with yourself that will result in positive change and self-empowerment.  You’ll need to slow things down once Mercury moves into a sesquiquadrate position with Saturn.  While you may experience operational challenges, it will motivate you to focus, work consistently and develop problem solving skills.  Later in the day the Sun and Pluto move into a square and you may find that motivation is not enough to get you past any doubts and distrust you may be feeling.  This energy brings up trust issues with authority.  You’ll be questioning rules and whether playing be them - or not - is working in your favor.   Most especially you’ll wonder how much power you really have and if you’re using it to its full potential.    Don't let these questions stop you in your tracks.  Instead use them to push forward and unleash your potential to be your most powerful self.  Picture Jasper will exchange fear for confidence, while Honey Calcite encourages you to step forward to take charge of yourself and your actions.

Number of the day: 1

You are the center of wherever you are and your energy will make an impact.  Make your presence known and let Clear Quartz amplify your inner light.


Thursday 04/07/16

You will have no interest or patience in tradition and order today with a Mercury/Mars transit that ignites your desire for alternative methods.  It doesn't matter what you’re doing - you just want to try a different way of doing it.  You’ll feel limited by restrictions under this influence, whether they are real or imaginary.  You want to contribute, but it needs to be organic and creative for you to feel accomplished and happy.  If you are in a situation that does not allow for that kind of talent to flourish, then it is time for a change.  If you’re feeling any tension, then Serpentine will help you turn it around and use it as inspiration.  Use Yellow Jasper to take a different path, whether it is within something familiar or if you need to progress to an entirely different circumstance.  

Number of the day: 2

Revel in the warmth and harmony of all that you have attracted to you.  Watermelon Tourmaline can help you see that everything has its purpose and will leave you better than before.  


Friday 04/08/16

Mercury and the Moon are creating a perplexing atmosphere that will affect your state of mind.   What you want may not correspond with what the world has to offer you right now.  Do you take what you can get or hold out for more?  You may think these are your only options because your mind is pushing for a logical decision.  Instead, you can work with this energy to draw upon past experience and your own sense of who you are and what will truly make you happy.  You want to trust not only your mind, but also your feelings and instincts.  Allowing them to work together will eliminate the limitations of choice and help you to attract and create other options and opportunities.  Use Pietersite to recognize what is best for you. Labradorite will enable you to think carefully before you accept any situation that could interfere with your best interests.    

Number of the day: 3

It doesn't always have to have a purpose.  Let your sense of humor come through and see how much easier and fun things will be.  Orange Calcite will bring smiles.


Saturday 04/09/16

If you aren't on an adventure yet then you’re sure to be on your way to one soon with a Sun/Uranus transit leading the way.  This is bold, opportunistic energy that will replace any fatigue or boredom with a renewed excitement for everything that is possible.  Restrictions will fall away and you will feel free to just go and be who you want to be and do what you want to do.  Doesn't that sound awesome?  The energy is there for you, but you will need to work to get the advantages.  Now is the time to be courageous, creative and willing to change things.  Take that attitude and add Morganite to attract positive opportunities.   Mexican Fire Opal will add a spark to your mood and encourage you to go with whatever unexpectedly comes your way.

Number of the day: 4

Do not let your ideas and convictions limit you from realizing your potential.  Be open and carry Scolecite to remind you how much you can learn from your outer surroundings.


Sunday 04/10/16

Chiron offers chances for deep healing.  It is in a semi-square with Mercury today and you will unconsciously seek those kinds of opportunities amidst all of your communications with others.  One of the first steps to healing is awareness and that can be very stressful if you have been avoiding dealing with present or past situations.  If you feel prepared to face those issues, then you will find this energy very helpful.  Otherwise, you may feel so driven to heal something that you create new problems in an effort to divert your attention and the energy.  The overall atmosphere will be tense as misunderstandings and unintentional slights will be abundant.  Further complications may arise once Mercury joins Mars in a transit where all meanings and intentions easily get lost in the translation.  If you feel ready to deal with a problem, then work with Green Tourmaline to use this energy to your advantage.  You need to be especially cautious because you won't be able to foresee the outcome of your efforts under these conditions and it is very likely that things will not turn out as you expect.  Lepidolite will relieve any stress and enable you to be patient if you decide to wait for a better time.

Number of the day: 5

Even the most challenging energies will respond positively when you approach them with a flexible attitude.  Stay light on your feet, adapt as necessary and let Abalone Shell show you how to keep everything in motion.


Monday 04/11/16

Mercury and Saturn want to help you take in your surroundings and utilize them in a very personal way.  Saturn produces direct and practical energy that is combined with expressive Mercury to provide you with the ability to make a transformative impression.  This transit offers many benefits as it encourages you to identify, process and produce everything using your individual viewpoint and strengths.  If there are areas of your life where you feel conformity is a necessity for your success, then use this energy to change that perspective.  It is time to feel comfortable and confident doing things your way and let others realize your irreplaceable value.  Carnelian will encourage creativity in your thoughts and actions.  Use Turquoise if you need a boost of courage to let everyone know what you can do when you are free to be yourself.

Number of the day: 6

There is peace in stability, but without essential change you can be left with uncomfortable stagnancy.  Mahogany Obsidian gives you the courage to trust in evolution.


Tuesday 04/12/16

Mercury and Neptune are in a sextile that is producing a wonderful atmosphere where it is easy to be guided by your inner self and higher sources.  You are open and eager for inspiration that will engage your imagination and enable you to discover and use your personal gifts.  The Sun and Chiron help you to take this energy to the next level and use it to find situations that will not only satisfy your physical being, but also feed your soul.  All this amazing energy will have you feeling happy and confident and you won’t want to keep it all to yourself.  A Venus/Mars trine will add extra incentive to get out and about.  All you need to do is be yourself and let others in to attract even more opportunities for joy.    Amethyst will raise your intuitive senses so that you can make the most of what you learn about yourself during this influence.  Citrine encourages you to avoid overthinking and just follow your instincts to have a fabulous and productive day.

Number of the day: 7

You may be surprised by the intensity of a thought or a feeling.  It is meant to help you to find the best use of your energies. Don't ignore it and let Chevron Amethyst guide you.



Posted on April 04, 2016
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