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WEEK OF 04/05/17 - 04/11/17

Wednesday 04/05/17

Pluto’s energy is often misunderstood as being dark and destructive.  In fact it is about the natural evolution of everything and that includes beginnings and endings.  It is working with Mars today to help you achieve closure on goals and projects.  You will be able to act objectively and decisively to reach a successful conclusion.  That may mean you need to scrap what you have done and begin again.  If so, you will be able to do that with a positive attitude that enables you to use what you have learned to improve your renewed effort.  You will be enticed by barriers you encounter because you are excited at the prospect of taking on hurdles.  You know you have what it takes to succeed and the more you overcome, the stronger you will become.  Amazonite will reinforce your confidence.  Snowflake Obsidian encourages you to employ your imagination as you seek new ways to achieve your goals. 


Thursday 04/06/17

You are going to feel the urge to go it alone with the Sun and Moon in a transit that encourages self-reliance.  You won’t feel much like working with a team or seeking/accepting help from others.  It won’t be because you believe you are the only capable party.  It is more about a desire to test your strengths and abilities.  You sense that there is more to be learned from doing than there is from directing and cajoling others.  It can be healthy to do your own thing and recognize how masterful you are at running your life.  You want to make sure it doesn’t cause stress, so Chalcopyrite will help you find and employ the best resources if you need them.  This influence can make it easy to know what you want, but hard to express it in your thoughts, communications or actions. Use Leopardskin Jasper to perform with intent and the confidence that you will flourish.


Friday 04/07/17

You just don’t want to do what you are supposed to do.  You are not confused or misleading yourself into thinking you can get something for nothing.  The Sun is opposite Jupiter and you want to get what you want without having to take the necessary steps.  You are happy to make an effort and do some work as long as it is big, bold and unconventional.  This transit is great if you need to make a change in your usual operations.  You are feeling ambitious, creative and curious, so you naturally want to try different methods to achieve your goals.  Things can become unsettled if you don’t retain a level of reason and moderation.  Those ambitions could be so high that you feel out of control and make poor choices.  Use Lapis Lazuli to keep a level head that will make this a progressive and successful time for you.  Petrified Wood will keep possible frustrations from holding you back.    


Saturday 04/08/17

A Venus/Saturn Square encourages you to fight for all the good things and situations that you deserve.  The challenge is doing it with a healthy and happy attitude.  You may be so focused on what you don't have that it consumes you with sadness and results in poor self-esteem.  This attitude will breed nothing but disappointment, no matter how well-intentioned your efforts.  You are projecting fears that the dedication, love and devotion you are giving is not being returned.  Whether it is work or relationships that are concerning you, it will appear pointless to do anything as the results you generate will only meet your expectations of defeat.  Use your incredible will to see how this is a momentary influence that you can change by adjusting your mood and actions.  Sunstone can help you break that disillusioned feeling and direct your focus towards things that make you feel more secure and happy.  If you aren't feeling appreciated you may need a temporary break, but don't take drastic measures or snap decisions when it comes to partnerships and money.  Kyanite will enable you to give those worries rational contemplation that you can work on when the energy is more suitable.   You want to trust your feelings - but use them to find a reasonable solution to move forward.


Sunday 04/09/17

You will have little patience for rules and procedures that are slowing you down.  The Sun and Pluto are in a Square, driving your determination to make things happen at any cost.  You will approach everything with an aggressive attitude that does not invite collaboration or support of any kind.  You mean to go it alone and prove to yourself and the world that you are a powerful force.  This could be very positive, but the nature of this energy won’t encourage that kind of healthy self-realization.  You are so focused on your goal that you won’t recognize the other benefits to be gained unless you make yourself slow down.  Being able to trust yourself and others will work to your advantage, so carry Rose Quartz to avoid isolating yourself.  You can fight to get your way, but you may not win and there is the potential to lose if you are not careful.  Optical Calcite will help you recognize when to back down and retain your resources for another day. 


Monday 04/10/17

You may feel slightly unstable over the next few weeks as Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus.  Taurus is a practical and resourceful force that focuses our attention to material matters like employment, dwellings and finances.  Taurus energy drives home the importance of being comfortable and feeling amply rewarded for our efforts.  This Mercury retrograde will make you very aware of any areas where you feel that you are not getting what you deserve.  This could be uncomfortable as you are challenged to either change these situations or continue to accept less than you know you are worth.  You will find the inner courage and motivation to do something about all those insights you receive and Scolecite helps you relax and consider your best plan for success.  Mookaite Jasper encourages flexibility and keeps you open to accepting advice from fellow people, higher sources and your intuition.  It will be easy to be stubborn during this influence and discourage help from outside sources.  You don’t want to limit yourself by sticking to a sole ideal.


Tuesday 04/11/17

A Full Moon in Libra is creating a pleasant atmosphere over the next few days.  You will be feeling really good within this realm of diplomacy, generosity and harmony.  You will quickly recognize the power of this energy and how you can employ it to complete projects and/or end anything whose time is over for you.  Sometimes we hold off on difficult decisions because we can’t find a positive way to approach it.  This influence can make that process easier as it points you in the direction of an agreeable resolution that satisfies everyone.  Ruby in Feldspar helps you ensure you aren’t focusing all of your energy on making others happy and sacrificing your own needs.  Try not to spend too much time getting caught up in your thoughts instead of taking action.  You may need to force yourself to get moving, but once you do you will see how the timing made a huge difference.  Malachite will encourage you to be proactive and enjoy the process.



Posted on April 03, 2017
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