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WEEK OF 04/01/15 - 04/07/15 

Wednesday 04/01/15

Mercury and Venus in a semi-square will make it difficult to focus and very easy to unconsciously let things slip out that you would prefer to keep hidden.  Timing and discipline can help you to avoid any communication mishaps, so you’re going to want to take extra steps to remain in control throughout your day.  You will want to be especially sensitive during your interactions with others since it will be easy for innocent words to be misconstrued.  At the same time, take precautions to guard yourself from the overly sensitive atmosphere to avoid being hurt from unintentional comments.  Hemimorphite will lighten the atmosphere and relax the tension, while Green Kyanite gives you time to think before you communicate through words and/or actions.

Number of the day: 4

Self-confidence and reliance are consistently within you and are key elements of 4 energy.  Use it to tap into these strengths and build upon your master plan.  Black Jasper will allow you to go far while remaining steady.

Thursday 04/02/15

Mercury and Saturn are in a trine, bringing us very supportive energy for all kinds of manifestations.  If you see it and you are willing to work for it, then achievement is almost guaranteed right now.  Thoughts are clear and plans are well-conceived and you will definitely make some important strides towards your goals. Be sure to take your time and manage each detail for the best use of this energy.  Shortcuts won’t bring you success, but effort will and you will be satisfied with the results.  The Sun and Jupiter are also in a trine and that will amplify the enthusiastic and optimistic spirit of the day.  You may find yourself with an unexpected opportunity and you will be very willing to take a risk.  It is important to employ your imagination and let it show you the potential of how things could change for you.   You may attract something substantial, but most likely it will be the attainment of personal growth, increased confidence and new expertise that will peak your excitement.  You won’t crash, so be fearless and take that extra step into the unknown - it will bring a new beginning and boundless rewards.  Citrine will assist you as you see and feel the amazing possibilities ahead.  Black Obsidian will help you to draw from the positive energy that surrounds you and use it to attain your goals.

Number of the day: 5

There are so many ideas and all of that abundant energy.  These can be put to excellent use on a 5 day when you are looking to take a chance that will pay off well.  Blue Aventurine can help you figure out how to turn ideas into actions.

Friday 04/03/15

We never like to be faced with unpleasant circumstances, but it will be particularly challenging today with Venus and Neptune in a quintile transit.  You may find yourself feeling abnormally uncomfortable in certain places or situations, or perhaps something doesn’t seem as visually appealing as usual.  This transit will make you extremely sensitive to your surroundings and you’re going to want them to be beautiful and special.  If they don’t meet your standards you’ll experience some discomfort.  The good news is that this transit will also awaken your sense of artistry and that will encourage you to use your imagination and talents to create the world that you wish to live in. Carry Picture Jasper with you as a source of stress relief and a reminder that there is beauty hidden within each thing.   Use Ametrine to use your personal skills to uncover it.

Number of the day: 6

Find who it is that brings you peace and show them the love. The energy of 6 wants us to feel harmonious and happy, so take the time to really feel it. Serpentine will attract a comfortable vibe.

Saturday 04/04/15

Mercury and Neptune are bringing us a wonderful opportunity to listen to others and really hear what they have to say objectively without imposing our own agendas on their communications.  No matter how receptive you are to someone else, it can be a challenge to put aside your own ideas and criticisms.  Our ever-present ego has a tendency to unconsciously dominate our interactions.  Today’s energy will make all of us less biased and more open to learning from (and being inspired by) each other.  It is very likely that you will discover something new about yourself or someone else – or perhaps both!  Lapis Lazuli always fosters positive communications that benefit all parties.  Chevron Amethyst will enhance your receptivity and understanding of what you learn.

Number of the day: 7

You really never know what will happen until it is done.  7 reminds us that that is where faith comes into play.  Believe in the outcome you are working towards and let Pyrite amplify your intentions.

Sunday 04/05/15

The Sun and Pluto are a driving force today and you are ready to take control no matter what the cost.   You want to get to the bottom of things and you will happily take matters into your own hands.  While this transit will help you to realize your personal power, it also has a tendency to lead you towards the abuse of that power.   In this atmosphere your urgency and persistence will appear manipulative and dictating and it will work against you.  You’ll want to temper this energy with patience, trust and cooperation, which won’t be easy, but it is achievable. Use Rutilated Quartz to allow your true self to come through before you come on too strong.  Mars and Chiron in a semi-square will add a touch of irritability to the day, so carry Black Tourmaline to avoid feeling offended and to find healthy, non-defensive ways to express yourself.  

Number of the day: 8

Good things don't just suddenly happen - even if it may seem that way.  They are always a culmination of positive feats that we consistently perform each and every moment.  8 and Red Jasper encourages you to keep up the good work.

Monday 04/06/15

When Mercury & Jupiter join up in a trine, your thoughts turn towards grander affairs that lie far beyond your normal routine.  You may feel called to act on a whim and follow your instinct rather than take the logical path that employs strategy and reason to see if something is plausible. Everything and anything seems possible right now and it is!  And as long as you retain that belief, then you will attract opportunities that will satisfy your certainty that there is more out there for you.  The Sun and Uranus add their unique combination of energies to make you feel more independent and ready for change. Sugilite will enable you to release boundaries and obligations to make it easier for you to be able to take advantage of whatever comes your way.  You should expect some flashes of indecision and moments of second guesses with Mars and Saturn also having a presence today.  Chrysoprase will make sure that you don’t let those stop you from taking those actions that you know will be right for you and yours.

Number of the day: 9

Take the best and leave the rest.  We are always left with something valuable, whether it is a lesson, a memory or something more.  9 wants you to uncover those things that will help you to move forward...and forget about the rest of it!  It isn't easy, so use Hematite to release any limitations.

Tuesday 04/07/15

The pursuit of hidden agendas and backhanded threats could take up the majority of your day with Mercury and Pluto in a square transit.  Every communication given and received seems as if there is a veiled negativity that will put everyone on edge.  Of course you know that if you go looking for the negative you are sure to uncover something!  It could be the real thing or just as easily a false reaction to the atmosphere, so use care before going on the defense.  Either way, you’re going to want to deal with it in the most positive manner possible and Aragonite will help you with that.  There is actually a lot of potential for good to come from this transit, where differences can be aired and agreements reached.  An open mind and a positive attitude are absolute requirements if you want to avoid creating a difficult situation for yourself and others, so carry Danburite to connect with the best of this energy.

Number of the day: 1

"Where shall I go this time?"  That is the question that 1 encourages you to constantly ask yourself.  Just by asking the question you will be self-empowered and begin every journey with positive energy.  Clear Quartz will show you the way.



Posted on March 31, 2015
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