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WEEK OF 03/30/16 - 04/05/16


Wednesday 03/30/16

Today's overall energy will be advantageous when it comes to healing and strengthening your relationships.  Venus and Chiron will open the door by making everyone more receptive and willing to find ways to fortify and build something special with each other.  That means that intense issues will need to be faced and dealt with, but the process will bring everyone together instead of tearing them apart.  The Sun and Neptune want to help by enhancing your instincts and encouraging a comprehensive view of each situation that takes everyone's needs into account.  You are going to really want to mend things no matter what the potential outcome.  A Mercury/Pluto square could bring a measure of troubled thoughts and miscommunications into the picture.  You will need to fight the urge to dominate the situation and force your ideas of what is right on everyone else.  If you truly want to find peace there is plenty of opportunity today, so use Sugilite to uncover and work with it.  Kyanite will help you achieve a balanced approach to each situation that enables everyone to contribute and be pleased with the outcome.

Number of the day: 6

The attainment of a goal...even a small one...will give you a wonderful sense of peace.  Rest easy at the end of the day and recognize what you have accomplished.  6 and Aqua Aura will help you enjoy your success.

Thursday 03/31/16

Uranus can be a friend or foe depending upon how you work with its energy.  Today it’s in a transit with Mercury that could make it very easy to create innovative ideas and understand complex situations, or completely overwhelm you with confusion.  You may be wondering if you - or anyone - are capable of controlling unruly Uranus.   While you cannot change unpredictable Uranus, you do have complete and total control over yourself and how you manage the energy.  That is what will make all the difference.  You want to make an effort to retain your self-control and, if you feel mental exhaustion taking over, then distract yourself and relax.  You want to work with a calm and patient mind to produce some ground-breaking stuff during this transit.  Larimar will help you find it when you need it.  Your intuition will be strong under this influence, so use Blue Topaz to listen and learn. 

Number of the day: 7

7 wants you to know that there is always guidance available when earthly situations become a challenge.  Quiet your mind, ask for assistance and let the answers come to you.  Celestite will open the lines of communication.

Friday 04/01/16

There is a lot of wisdom to be gained and shared today with Mercury in two helpful transits.  It begins the day working with Chiron to effectively open the lines of communication in a manner that will produce clarity and cohesion.  Everyone will be able to understand and accept each other on a deeper level that will encourage healing and harmony.  This energy can also help you find peaceful resolutions to any problems.   Then Mercury joins Jupiter to expand your mind by introducing new ideas, creations, customs and patterns.  The output from this energy may seem exhausting but it will be presented in a manner that makes it more interesting and inspiring.  Pink Calcite will enable you to create meaningful interactions using this influence.  Use Fluorite to keep your mind open and eager for new input. 

Number of the day: 5

Often we stick with what we know out of worry that we will not be able to adapt to new circumstances.   Let 5 expose your adventurous spirit and use Aragonite as a reminder that you have the courage to improve your life.

Saturday 04/02/16

Mercury is infused with the industrious temperament of Mars today and we will all feel a difference in how we think and act.  You can use this energy to get a lot done, but you need to balance the urge to move at a breakneck speed.  These two planets will breed an atmosphere of impulse that is filled with reckless action and leaves little room for thought and reason.  It will be a challenge to take the time to stop and think, but it will make an important difference in what you are able to achieve.  Blue Apatite will help you make that effort, while Snowflake Obsidian will enable you to know when you need to slow down.

Number of the day: 6

The power of 6 will remind you how important it is to take care of yourself and others.  Take a moment right now and do something for yourself.  Now take the next moment and give to another.  Banded Agate will offer encouragement.

Sunday 04/03/16

You want to take things even slower today than you did yesterday because now Mercury has moved into a semi-square with Neptune.   Your thoughts will be driven by dreams and fantasies, making it almost impossible to successfully operate in the realm of reality.  You do not want to attempt anything that requires mental aptitude or is too challenging until this influence has passed.  You also want to avoid making requests or agreements because they won't receive the sufficient attention for them to be successful.  It is a great day to relax and daydream or enjoy activities that don't require heavy thinking.  If you absolutely need to concentrate, then Lapis Lazuli will help you find sufficient focus to get the job done.  Otherwise work with Indigo Aura Quartz to see what your imagination can produce when it is allowed to roam. 

Number of the day: 7

Sometimes the most difficult part of doing something is having faith that you can do it.  The positive energy of 7 will flow into positive thoughts and if you believe you can do it...then you can!  Carry Heliodor for inspiration.

Monday 04/04/16

It will be easy to feel the need for more in your life with the Sun and Jupiter in a quincunx transit.  The challenge will be to uncover options that will satisfy that desire.  This energy can feel troubling because it is producing a want without a clear picture of what that is or how to get it.  It will feel much better if you focus less on tangible things and more on feelings and experiences.  You want to use this energy to create space for yourself to grow rather than limit yourself to specific goals.  Labradorite will help you use this transit to look at your present situation and see what needs to change to make room for new energies.  When you feel anxious, use Black Tourmaline as a reminder that you are always in control of your life and where you take it. 

Number of the day: 8

The number of success will not let you sit on the sidelines today.  8 will encourage you to make yourself known in the most positive of ways, so use this energy for good and carry Turquoise for the best results.

Tuesday 04/05/16

The Sun and Saturn will make this a very comfortable and productive day as long as you are willing to play by the rules and stick to your plan.  They are in a friendly transit that will produce a practical and responsible atmosphere. The real benefit to you is that you will know, without a doubt, that everything is possible as long as you put in the work. That may not be easy once Mercury and Jupiter try to inundate you with other things that could drive you off course later in the day.  You don't want to let their energy distract you because there is much to be gained if you maintain your target and focus.   Leopardskin Jasper will help you to retain a steady pace.  This transit won't produce immediate results, so use Dumortierite for patience.

Number of the day: 9

Every passing second is an opportunity to gain some deeper knowledge about ourselves and our existence.  This energy wants to help you to learn the things that you need to in order to have a fuller life experience.  You just have to give yourself the time and space and let the energy do the restClear Quartz will clear your schedule and open your mind.


Posted on March 28, 2016
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