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Crystal Astrology Report




You may be counting the days until Mercury moves forward later this week but don't lose this opportunity to let your intuition be your guide.  While the flow of any communications - both internal and external - are still at a crawl, your intuitive side is more alert than usual from the Piscean influence.  We often know when something isn't right but let our logical mind tell us a different story.  Use this retrograde period to it's full advantage and let your instinct tell you if something needs to change, be revised or be fixed.  Charoite will provide valuable insight and Black Tourmaline will give you the courage to recognize the truth.




You want to stand out today and let others see you as a unique individual - but may go about it in the wrong way.  Uranus wants you to be independent but it's in a position with Mars that may lead to impulsive and reckless behavior.  This can be a frustrating transit where it's too easy to make poor choices when looking for ways to assert yourself.  Black Onyx will help you to find a more positive way to be the real you and Blue Lace Agate will lessen any frustrations.




Try not to become too anxious today about your relationships and interactions with others.  Venus and Saturn may make you a little overly sensitive and a little hesitant in how you communicate.  Wear a Ruby to combat the sensitivity and things will look much brighter tomorrow.




The Sun in Aries is in a trine position with the Moon in Leo and everyone will feel this harmonious aspect.  The Sun and the Moon represent our outer and inner selves and both will be in sync today promoting health, success and self worth. Hematite and Pink Kunzite are both joyful and balancing.  They will help you make the most of this phenomenal energy.




Venus moves into Gemini today ushering in a flirtatious time of fun and frivolity.  There is always a lot of duality with Gemini so you will find yourself dividing your time among different relationships and/or interests with no desire for a commitment to any one thing.  Enjoy, have fun and use a Watermelon Tourmaline to align your male and female side with this atmosphere.  Emerald will promote abundance and enhance this glorious energy.




This week just keeps getting better as Mercury starts moving forward in Pisces today.  Now is the time to move ahead on any projects but go slowly as the energy continues to change over the next few days.  Lithium Quartz will help you to get anything put on hold moving again and use Tanzanite to utilize the instinctual aspect that Pisces can offer.




A little caution is advised today when it comes to love and money.  If it looks to good to be true - it probably is!  That's Venus and Neptune in a square position making everything look like a thrilling, out-of-this-world opportunity.  You don't want to be disappointed tomorrow when the rose-colored glasses come off and you see the truth of the situation.  Malachite will keep you grounded and Rhodonite will ward off regret.




It is fitting that a week filled with so much positive energy ends with a Full Moon - in Libra no less!  The Moon is at its most powerful and will offer the perfect opportunity for awareness and completions in all matters.  The Libra energy will act as a wonderful balancing agent, in particular when it comes to the levels of power between yourself and others. Clear Quartz will harness the powerful energy of the moon and Iolite will promote balance and harmony in your thoughts and actions.

Posted on March 29, 2012
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