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WEEK OF 03/29/17 - 04/04/17


Wednesday 03/29/17

As your day begins, you may be thinking that you simply don't have the right attitude to deal with anything important.  Your head is not in a place that allows you to pay attention to details and stick to your objectives.  Mercury & Neptune are making it a challenge to concentrate when all you want to do is daydream.   Green Aventurine will help you give yourself permission to put tasks aside and give in to the energy.  That energy shifts dramatically when Mercury moves into a trine with Saturn.  Now your time and interest is centered solely on facts and practical pursuits.  You have a ton of clarity and you are able to pursue your goals with an organized, expert approach.  You can make a lot happen during this influence physically, mentally and even emotionally.  Obviously, you want to work towards physical achievements, but you also want to direct your attention towards manifesting future successes and discovering ways to indulge your inner self.  What you put out is what will come back to you, so work with Clear Quartz to make sure that it is all about your overall happiness and well-being.


Thursday 03/30/17

Jupiter and Pluto are in a square that is pushing you to go big or go home.  You are more than willing to give it your all as you envision your greatest success and grandest achievement.  You can almost feel the envy you will stir in others as you rise in power and importance.  You will be so consumed by the win that you may not recognize that the prize isn't something that you really want or need.  You could be driven to wear yourself out in pursuit of things with no meaning or value to you.  It may not come easily, but if you can redirect your efforts and focus them on slowing down and setting a realistic pace, then you will find this transit rewarding. Hematite will help you find a healthy level of moderation.  There is no denying the power of this energy, but when it is misplaced or misused, it is nothing but a waste of your time, energy and passion.  Use Tiger Eye to be mindful about your efforts and be sure you are working towards something that is really important to you.  Taking a moment to consider why you are doing something before you just act will help you avoid disappointment and meaningless success.  


Friday 03/31/17

Differences seem insignificant amidst the truth that we all share the same human experience.  Venus and Pluto will make you think about those universal themes that connect us as you seek to understand more about extreme elements like joy & sorrow; loss & triumph; and life & death.   Chalcedony will help you realize just how much there is to be gained just be recognizing that all living beings want the same things and share the same challenges in our Universe.   Feeling a connection will change everything and make this a more meaningful experience.  You may find yourself drawn to creations that focus on these themes as you appreciate the passion that inspires others to bring light to the dark.  While this energy covers deep subjects it is a subtle and gentle influence.  Lapis Lazuli enhances the gradual and long lasting enlightenment it has to offer. 


Saturday 04/01/17

It may be April Fool’s Day, but Venus actually has a treat coming up for us tomorrow when it retrogrades back into Pisces.  Before it offers us more easygoing energy, it will challenge us to rise to the occasion when it joins Mars in a semi-square.  Your attempts to satisfy your needs and wants when it comes to relationships, professional endeavors and physical comforts may feel harder than usual.  This could be a frustrating experience or an empowering one – that is all up to you.  There is a competitive vibe that can push you to greater achievement if you apply it mindfully.  Green Tourmaline reminds you that you don’t know what you are capable of until you are driven to exceed even your own expectations.  Venus then moves into a transit with Mercury that highlights your desire for nice things and experiences.  There is the possibility of disillusionment if you allow yourself to focus on what you don’t have yet.  Instead, use this influence to create an action plan that will get you what you deserve.  You are eager to do what it takes to get what you want and Imperial Topaz will help you move in the best direction.


Sunday 04/02/17

Today is about making your dreams come true.  How do you feel when you consider your dreams and goals?  If your mind is filled with personal doubts and worldly obstacles, then this is your chance to change all of that.  The Sun and Neptune offer guidance, support and insight that enables you to realize that everything is possible.  It is all up to you how you will use this information.  You are going to feel the need to step up and take some kind of action and that means you have choices to make.  Apophyllite can aide in your vision of how your thoughts will affect your present and future.  Use Sugilite to modify any pessimism that is preventing you from living your best and happiest life.  You have the power to make anything happen.  This transit reminds you to use that power wisely!


Monday 04/03/17

Yesterday you recognized your personal authority over your happiness and well-being. Today you find encouragement from your environment.  Mercury and the Moon are creating a glorious atmosphere that brings messages that benefit your purpose and feed your soul.  You can sense the opportunity for fulfillment on deeper levels.  You probably don't realize how much constant support you gain from your surroundings and all the beings in it.  That connection will be more obvious during this influence.  If there is something that you want to ask for, then go for it because your confidence will be rewarded.  Use Amethyst to focus on the insights that you gain through your usual interactions and activities throughout the day.  You will be left with a feeling of comfort at how much help you have available to you.  You want to be a part of the affirmative spirit of the day and Orange Calcite will remind you to give and receive openly.


Tuesday 04/04/17

You want to take it easy despite the pressure you are feeling to do something right now!  Mars and Jupiter are pushing you too hard, making it almost impossible to act with much purpose and clarity.  Your instincts feel off and it seems as if you are out of step with your usual pattern.  Sometimes that can be helpful, but within this influence it will work against you.  Even daily tasks that you perform automatically will be challenging because it seems that existing conditions are not good enough.  If you give in to the drive to improve things - especially ones that are fine as they are - you could end up working really hard to make things worse instead of better.  Use Rose Quartz to think and act with care.  You want to relax and release those unreasonable expectations that will lead to poor choices.  It will feel vital that you act now, but really consider the urgency of the situations.  You may find that if it is truly important it can wait until the timing is better. Lithium Quartz will help to alleviate the stress you are feeling. 



Posted on March 27, 2017

    (Submitted by: Ser_Al on March 28, 2017)

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