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 Tomorrow brings the Mercury station and retrograde cycle in Aries into manifestation.

 Here is what you can look forward to during this morning, afternoon and evening. Venus unites with Ceres in Pisces, followed by Venus uniting with Chiron in Pisces, and topped off by a Moon-Venus parallel. The Moon in Aquarius chimes in by forming a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Jupiter in Aries, while the Moon parallels Neptune.

What this really means is that all three celestial bodies are converging in early Pisces, and the result is that increased productivity is merging with a highly favorable focus on increasing love and healing vibrations.  What a wonderful time to carry that piece of Rose Quartz with you!

Ceres and Chiron combine productivity across the board with vast potentials in holistic healing and alternative medicine.

With Mercury in reverse, you want to review, reflect and re-evaluate everything you have been working on recently connected to the themes of this planet. Mercury remains retrograde until the day after Earth Day.  This is a good time to think, be and do what we can to participate in Earth Day related Events.  Moss Agate and Green Tourmaline can connect us with the Earth, that we may experience the earths nurturing energy.

Jupiter makes an abrasive, 45-degree tie to Neptune opening the door to widespread options for growth, evolution and fulfillment thanks to the Moon, Ceres and Chiron in a three-way convergence.

March 2011 ends with more than a whimper than usual.  Following all of the excitement of the last week, the Moon in Pisces unites with lovely Venus. This is the best alignment of the day and it can ignite strong love vibrations that can lead to passionate and sensual experiences.

There are definitely strange forces on the prowl as the powerful first 24 hours of April (Fools’ Day to many) coming into manifestation during an all-day void Pisces Moon.  Apophyllite and Golden Topaz will assist you in maintaining your footing in this trying period. Uncertainty can pop up in concert with a Moon-Uranus parallel. A few hours later, giant Jupiter and maverick Chiron hook up in a contra-parallel formation – a key alignment that prods you to learn more about holistic healing techniques and advances on the cutting edge of alternative medicine.

Getting traction today across the board is easier said than done. The investment field looks appealing – due to the Sun making an inspirational, 72-degree link to Vesta and while Mars connects with Vesta via a 60-degree supportive tie. Nevertheless, under a Pisces Moon void twilight zone and with Mars at the end of Pisces for much of this day, it is wise to be extra careful and cautious regarding large sums of money and overall business matters.

The actual moment of tonight’s shift by Mars into Aries can feel empowering – physically and emotionally – but pushing your personal agenda is a no-no. Keep overnight decision-making in mothballs at least until the Moon enters Aries on Saturday.

The first two weeks of this month, by and large, are downright crazy, silly and funny as a whole because the cosmos is in a provocative, take-no-prisoners mood.  Balance is the key word and Amber, Amethyst, Celestite and Lapis Lazuli all help you create balance. 

The Moon in Pisces finally leaving the long limbo cycle of voidness this morning (by entering fiery Aries) is certainly a dynamic step in the right direction. Add on physical and emotional empowerment coming from the monthly Moon-Mars union – now in Aries – and it appears that you can really grab hold of the work-business-career brass ring and bring home the bacon.

More support comes from the asteroid Vesta entering service-oriented and group-focused Aquarius until December 20, 2011. Therefore, investments and safety-security concerns should be attuned to your intuition as well as your intellect and instincts.

In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt that Venus forms a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Pluto while the Moon unites with revelation-bringer Uranus and the Moon parallels benevolent Jupiter. Inspirations are running wild, the creative arts can be your playground, and antique hunters are in their glory. Chrysoprase is a stone of creativity and new ideas, drawing out unknown talents and gifts.  Healing forces remain potent – thanks to a Sun-Chiron contra-parallel, an aspect that mimics the same connection between Jupiter and Chiron on Friday.

More good vibrations are on tap tonight as the Sun forms a parallel with Jupiter – a terrific boost for self-confidence and goal-achievement that anticipates the Sun-Jupiter union in the zodiac coming up during the morning of Wednesday 6th April.

Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on March 29, 2011
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