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WEEK OF 03/26/14 - 04/01/14 

Wednesday 03/26/14

You want to trust your instincts right now because they can give you what you need to succeed.  The Sun and Neptune are in a transit that will heighten your awareness and make your inner reactions a valuable tool.  Take a moment to tune in to your inner guide as you pursue your goals and activities, and pay close attention to any mental alerts.  This energy will be especially valuable if your overall intent is to improve, not only your own situation, but also the lives of those around you.  Apatite opens you to the guidance that surrounds you.  Picture Jasper shows you how to expand your intentions globally.

Number of the day: 9

9 inspires us to give what we have for a better world.  It wants to help you help others.  Sodalite will give your intentions direction. 

Thursday 03/27/14

Creativity is high and you could feel a spark that makes you want to try a different path.  Follow that urge because Mercury and Uranus are working hard to help you boost and/or revive your passion and drive.  Sometimes you need to see things in a new way and this transit can help you to do just that.  A new outlook will equate to new results. This is an especially good time to communicate with others, particularly when it comes to electronic means like computers, so consider making connections and checking out online communities.  Tangerine Quartz will fire up your clever and crafty thoughts.  Lapis Lazuli will help you to represent yourself as the powerhouse that you are.

Number of the day: 1

1 will channel your ambitions and let you realize your goals.  Carry Turquoise as a reminder that, once you are determined, nothing can stop you.

Friday 03/28/14

The Sun and Saturn could have you feeling discouraged by the lack of appreciation or reward that you expect from your efforts.  Let that energy pass you right by and focus on long- term success rather than short-term gratification and you will keep a positive outlook.  You do want to tap into the energy that Mercury and Pluto offer since it will encourage patience.  You will be willing to look beneath the surface and uncover all the information before your proceed.  Most importantly, you will realize the value in taking things slow for now.  Use Chalcopyrite to uncover something new.  Pietersite will keep you calm and  focused on the positive.

Number of the day: 2

Working with others can be a challenge when opinions and goals differ.  2 and Ametrine can show you where to find common ground and peace.  

Saturday 03/29/14

The planets are producing some nice energy to help you learn, grow and prosper.  Mercury conjunct Chiron will make you especially sensitive to others' energy.  Use this influence to learn from their experience.  It will open you to looking at things in a new way that will yield better results from future efforts.  Then Mars and Saturn step in to show you the kind of positive results that you can expect.  Seniority is significant under this influence, so seek out those who are where you would like to be and look to them for guidance and inspiration.  Fluorite enhances your efforts to learn more while Green Jade sends a confident message that you are ready for good things to happen.

Number of the day: 3

3 will encourage a happy and positive outlook....especially when things get rough.  Pink Calcite will make your attitude infectious and be an inspiration to others. 

Sunday 03/30/14

It is time to get active and participate because you don’t want to be on the sidelines when you have the energy of Venus and Mars at your disposal.  They were in a trine position yesterday that is carrying over some powerfully pro-active energy.  It is not the time to wait for things to come to you….you want to go after what you want and be creative and charming in your pursuit.  If you are feeling some doubts – as if you want too much and it will be impossible to attain your desires – that is the lingering energy of Venus and Saturn in a square late yesterday.  You may be so sure of rejection or failure that you cannot see the point in asking or trying.  Make it a priority to let this energy pass you by without diminishing your optimism.  Stay focused on your goals and don’t let it drag you down.  Smokey Quartz will help you get past any fears.  Hessonite Garnet can show you how to take positive action to get to where you want to be.

Number of the day: 4

Practical 4 will show you the value of building something at a steady pace.  Even if it is taking longer than you hoped, keep going and you will see solid results.  Bronzite will strengthen your resolve and your foundation. 

Monday 03/31/14

We end the month with Mercury and Mars reminding us that you have got to keep it interesting!  The perfect message for all of us as we close March that starts out in Winter and finishes up in Spring.  It is ok to be comfortable but you never want to be settled.  You always want to be learning and growing and adding new energies into your life.  We each have the same opportunity to make an impact and create an abundant world.  The best way to find your opportunities is to live your life dynamically and be open to all of the exciting possibilities.  And speaking about being open to change - hope you are ready for April because here it comes!  Use Zebra Jasper to see where a change could benefit you and Amber to light up to new energies that are ahead.

Number of the day: 5

We are all curious about what else is out there for us.  5 wants you to indulge that curiosity and reach for new horizons.  Red Selenite will incite your adventurous spirit. 

Tuesday 04/01/14

The Sun and Jupiter are big and bold and battling for your attention – and they are not fooling around despite the date!  This could leave you feeling restless with a desire for expansion that has no substance.  This is unsettling energy that could leave you shaking with the need to do anything to get your way - even though you don’t really know what that is.  Grab the controls and use this powerful transit to fortify your will to find what is best for you.  It could lead you to the discovery of not only what you truly want and need but also towards innovative ways to attain them.  Now is the time to strengthen your determination and intent  - all the rest will follow.  Green Tourmaline will help you to channel this energy and use it for your betterment.  Blue Topaz will offer peaceful insight.

Number of the day: 3

A new month that starts with fun-loving 3 has just got to be filled with great things!  Keep Green Aventurine close by as you enjoy the activities ahead. 


Posted on March 25, 2014
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