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WEEK OF 03/25/15 - 03/31/15 

Wednesday 03/25/15

Have you been looking for a sign that it’s time to start making things happen?  That day is here with the Aries Sun in a trine with productive Saturn, giving you lots of motivation to put things into motion.  This is the perfect mix of practical energy and undefeatable willpower.  Use this energy to begin those plans and projects that you have been hatching and you will see some amazing results.  Just remember that growth takes time and you are only at the beginning of something new after a long (very long!) winter.  Enjoy the process and keep your expectations reasonable and you will end the day feeling accomplished and right on target.  Red Jasper will keep your physical energy high, while Sodalite enables you to mentally process everything at a reasonable pace to avoid burnout.

Number of the day: 9

Does it feel as if there is something you have forgotten?  Or, perhaps something important that you missed?  9 challenges you to go back and look again. Use Chalcopyrite to uncover what you need to discover.

Thursday 03/26/15

Venus moved into Taurus a few days ago, making this is a good time to assess your goals.  This influence enables you to see the value in what you have and, most importantly, what it took to get those things.  This kind of awareness can be very valuable as you embark on new ventures as it can help you to answer important questions about your current goals.  Will the end result be worth your efforts?  Are you willing to give what it takes to go after what you want?  How will you feel if things don’t work out as you expect?  You are going to have a new appreciation for the things in life that bring you the most joy, so before you go after more, make sure that it is worthy of you!  Carnelian will amplify your pleasure in the present and remind you that all of the hard work really is worth it. Work with Blue Topaz for insight into what kinds of people and situations will add to your joy so that you know what you want to go after.

Number of the day: 1

This is the perfect day for the number 1 to bring us its energy.  It is the number of ambition and determination and it will put you in the proper mindset to make significant progress.  Use Clear Quartz to see where you are headed. 

Friday 03/27/15

Reason and compromise are in short commodity when Venus and Jupiter meet up in a square transit.  You are going to want a lot and want it now and that desire to just go for it will feel so right…but it is not!  When you feel that urge to rush into something, spend outlandishly or take that beguiling shortcut, you will need to force yourself to stop and think.  You do not want to make any decisions right now because there is a high probability of regret and some things cannot be undone.  There is a flip side to this energy where you just feel lazy and unproductive.  If you find that you are struggling with temptation, then try indulging yourself with some “off” time that won’t cost you anything but work that can get done at another time.  Lepidolite will relax you physically and mentally.  Use Rainbow Moonstone as a reminder that there is no need to rush into anything.  If it’s right it will still be there when you are ready for it.

Number of the day: 2

2 brings energies together to make things better.  Wouldn't you like to always see the best in every situation?  Green Aventurine will align you with this positive energy - all you need to do is take advantage of it. 

Saturday 03/28/15

Take a few moments today to consider your schedule for the next few days.  How does it feel to you?  A Sun/Neptune transit early tomorrow is going to put your instincts on high alert and you want to pay attention to what they have to tell you. Typically we focus so hard on our plans and routines that it is easy to miss important signals.  It will be easier than usual to tune in to your intuition and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to be inspired by your higher self.  Trust what you have to tell yourself and follow the guidance of your instinct.  It may mean a change to your routine is in order or that you will have to forego plans in favor of doing something unexpected.    Yellow Aventurine is helpful when you want to activate your instincts and empowers you to take your day wherever seems best. Use White Jade to let go of preconceived plans and ideas that might block you from following your inner guide.

Number of the day: 3

Sometimes we do not appreciate what we already have on our quest towards the new.  3 will show you the comfort and beauty of the familiar.  Tree Agate helps you feel at home. 

Sunday 03/29/15

It may seem as if there is a lot happening with the energy from a Mercury/Jupiter transit exaggerating the day’s activities and information. Things are probably not as busy and important as they appear, but that won’t matter when it seems that you just cannot keep up with it all, no matter how hard you try.  Remember that we also have a powerful Sun/Neptune transit to work with and you want to use that to slow things down within you.  Your instincts will be your best ally right now because your mind can mislead you into believing that you are missing out on something vital.  Deep down you know that you are not, so trust yourself to know what is and is not important and you will be able to retain some peace and reason even if your mind seems bombarded with too much information.  Use Hematite  for self-control and thus enable you to manage the energy that surrounds you.  Rhodochrosite will lighten up the atmosphere so if it is busy at least it can be enjoyable.

Number of the day: 4

Details can seem so boring but 4 encourages you to look at them in a different way.  Bronzite will help you to see each step towards your goals so that you realize how attainable it is.

Monday 03/30/15

The changing of the month and season may not have seemed to make much of a difference to you so far, but you are sure to notice a drastic difference today.  Venus and Pluto are in an amazing trine that will reignite your passion and energy.  A fresh attitude and renewed perspective can change everything for you and this is the kind of energy that will help you find these.  This is a wonderful time to attract all kinds of good things to you for both business and pleasure.  Mercury and Mars are going to help you find outlets for all of your positive feelings.  They are in a semi-sextile that will keep you mentally alert and ready to take on anything that comes your way in this busy atmosphere.  Today’s energy is the perfect mix of passion, imagination and productivity that will allow you to realize we are in the midst of a wonderful time. Garnet helps you find your place in it, while Smokey Quartz points you towards the best use of the energy at your disposal.

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 enables us to find the excitement in everything.  Even the most mundane routine carries hidden benefits, so use Zebra Jasper to uncover them.

Tuesday 03/31/15

It is natural and healthy to look to others for help, but today’s Jupiter/Chiron quintile will make it very evident that within you lies the power to heal and restore yourself.  It is a true epiphany once you realize that you have the ability to give yourself whatever you need to be whole and happy.  It is important to surround yourself with people and situations that will support you and by understanding that you are self-sufficient you will attract more of these positive influences into your life.  At the same time, you will place and reinforce barriers that will remove harmful entities.  Embrace the spirit of this energy and Rhodonite will help you to take steps to heal yourself.  Aquamarine will allow you to inspire others with your bravery.

Number of the day: 6

6 can help you to figure out what really makes you happy and guide you to your happy place.  Aqua Aura will attract the situations, people and things that will set you on your journey. 


Posted on March 24, 2015
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