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WEEK OF 03/22/17 - 03/28/17


Wednesday 03/22/17

The Moon's influence will be powerful over the next several days as it joins Mercury and the Sun in several transits.  Focus on your internal guidance systems as your thoughts and feelings react to this energy.  It may not always be noticeable but your feelings naturally change about people and situations in your life as time goes on.  Mercury and the Moon are going to make you aware of this process and its results.  Sometimes this growth can be harsh as it is triggered by misunderstandings and challenges.  Those challenges in particular may come to light as you realize that many of them are created by your personal adjustment in values and fear of change. Are you preventing yourself from new opportunities by holding on to ones that it is time to leave behind?  You may find that answer along with many others.  Add Amethyst to this awareness and you will recognize your power to make this a proactive and positive experience.   When the Sun joins the Moon you may find you are expressing yourself differently than normal.  You will be confused by any discrepancies you notice between how you feel and what appears reasonable.  Which do you trust? You may feel as if you need to make different choices than you have in the past.  You can never go wrong by trusting yourself.  It is that simple, so if you find this a challenge right now, you need to know why.  Yellow Aventurine will assist as you pursue a deeper understanding of yourself and your motivations.  Once you are comfortable with who you are and what matters most to you, then the rest becomes easier. 


Thursday 03/23/17

A Mercury/Pluto square is an opportune time to convey anything important and meaningful.  While there is an antagonistic element to this energy, we are better prepared for the give and take necessary for impactful communications.   It is a particularly good atmosphere to express anything that has been held back out of fear of the repercussions.   You are able to be factual, direct and clear in your meaning and intent.  You are equally able to accept what others need for you to know.  It is imperative that you retain an open mind and strive to create a balance in your expression and reaction.  It will be easy to give in to the negativity that is inherent in the mood of the day, so you need to mindfully look for the positive elements.  You will find what you seek, so use Carnelian to approach everything with a constructive outlook that identifies the benefits of new awareness.  If you find yourself obsessing over something during this influence, then it is time to do something about it.  Let it out, let it go or transform it into what you need it to be.  The only thing you don't want to do is continue to ignore it, so work with Labradorite for support as you take action to free your mind of worries.   


Friday 03/24/17

Mercury and Jupiter in an opposition are creating a longing for more substance in your thoughts and actions.  If you feel that is lacking, it will be easy to overcompensate by imagining grand schemes and expressing exaggerated scenarios that have little or no basis in reality.  Hopes and dreams are meant to be limitless, but if you want to turn them into facts then you need to approach them with sense and reason.  That will be hard to come by today while all you can see is the fantasy.  You have the ability and support to make things happen, but you will need to focus on the necessary steps and details.  Blue Sapphire can help you align your thoughts towards practical and reachable endeavors.  You could overextend your energy and intentions during this influence, so work with Hematite to keep from making promises you can’t keep to yourself or others.


Saturday 03/25/17

The Sun and Venus in retrograde are in a transit that has you pursuing a course that you believe will make things better in your relationships.  Your intent is honorable as you seek to make things right, but you need to be cautious of Venus’s altered energy.  Retrograde energy is centered internally.  You may be acting out of a desire to make yourself feel better.  How your actions will affect others is a secondary concern and that means you may not achieve your highest goal.  If you truly want to strengthen your partnerships, make amends and/or rebuild bridges. You must make an extra effort to understand their viewpoint of the situation. Celestite can keep the lines of communication open and clear them of preconceived notions that will get in the way of the good you are attempting to accomplish. Really listen and strive to understand what others need you to know.  You will naturally be drawn to directing your efforts towards past relationships. You know that the past cannot be changed, so use Pink Tourmaline to recognize how to focus your efforts on healing and transformation that will improve present and future connections for everyone.


Sunday 03/26/17

Mercury moves in and joins Venus to create an overall pleasant day. Normally this transit makes communications easier and more congenial and you can expect the same - but with an interesting twist. Venus’ current retrograde state encourages you to bring up those deep feelings and ideals that you might have previously been unable to express. The purpose is to let all that stuff out so it can gain ground and create some good for yourself and others.  Now you can let others know how you really feel without fear of being misunderstood or creating unhelpful conflict.  The easygoing atmosphere gives us the ability to express and accept serious and/or difficult matters with a lighter attitude.  Serpentine will increase your ability to approach things with an open mind and heart that creates opportunities instead of problems.  Herkimer Diamond will provide clarity and a positive delivery that makes your good intentions well received and able to work towards a common good.


Monday 03/27/17

The Aries New Moon is a results-driven force that will urge you to start something important.  Mars may appear to be blocking you from achieving your goals.  It is in a sextile with Neptune that is sending your focus inward in search of inspiration and a more peaceful approach.  This could feel like a misdirection of your energy and uncomfortable when you are driven by the Aries influence.  It could be just what you need, so work with Blue Lace Agate to realize moving mindfully with purpose will be more beneficial than erratic action.   When Mars moves into a transit with Saturn, you may sense resistance and obstacles are attempting to prevent you from realizing your goal.  Use Lepidolite for patience since it will be your greatest resource for now.  You want to keep going and know that you are headed towards success – it might just take a little longer than you expect.


Tuesday 03/28/17

You have the opportunity to finish this day feeling lighter as you experience several transits that are meant to alleviate personal frustrations and disappointments.  Mercury and Chiron want to set you on path that will enable you to improve the life of others.  You will be able to communicate in ways that will be enlightening if you are willing to offer your own experiences and life lessons as examples.  The selfless act of giving part of yourself away to benefit another will create a cycle that will come back to you.  Ruby empowers you to be open and giving.  A Venus/Moon transit wants to help you understand why you continue to feel unsatisfied even after you achieve your goal.  Perhaps you got what you asked and/or worked for, but that wasn’t what you really wanted!  Here is your chance to learn more about yourself and your needs.  Not the obvious ones on the surface, but those sensitive ones that you dismiss out of fear, doubt or a belief that you don’t need or deserve that kind of fulfillment.  You have the courage to acknowledge what is really most important to you and know that you can make it happen.  Moonstone will help you enact the changes in your life that will answer all of your needs.



Posted on March 20, 2017

    (Submitted by: Ser_Al on March 22, 2017)

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