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Crystal Astrology Report




It may be a little rough today with a New Moon joined up with Mercury and Uranus in Aries.  Unlike most New Moons this is not your best time to begin anything new.  Instead, use this energy to uncover what is keeping you from your next adventure and start figuring out how to overcome those limitations.  Then you'll be ready to go by next month.  Be cautious of being drawn towards reckless behavior and becoming involved with both internal and external conflict.   Lapis Lazuli will support your plans and Kunzite will help you to avoid damaging behaviors.





Feeling distracted?  You're not alone since Mercury retrogrades back into Pisces today causing everyone to feel a little out of step with the general flow.  On the positive side, your perceptive skills will be heightened and this is an excellent time to take a look back at any past actions you may regret.  If you want another chance at something - this influence can help. Rutilated Quartz will keep you focused when needed (like when you're driving!) and Apophyllite will offer insight into the past and support for the future.




You already know this is not a good time to start anything new but today's Taurus Moon will be a real boost of energy for any project you've got under construction.  This is a very beneficial aspect and the next few days can be very productive.  Don't waste this glorious opportunity to make some real progress towards any goals. Yellow Jasper will keep you grounded and moving in a productive direction.




The influence of Mercury inconjunct Saturn dares us to dream big and take positive steps to manifest our dreams into reality.  You could feel overwhelmed by goals that seem too big to be possible.  They are possible though and Saturn can help you to break things down into smaller, more attainable steps that will take you as far as you want to go.  And remember that Mercury is retrograde so if there is somewhere that you've overstepped, now is the time for correction and re-direction.  Tanzanite will help you to connect with your fantasies and give you the strength to pursue them.




There is a lot of positive energy today as the Sun sextile Mars influence gives us a boost of confidences that eases stress and increases optimism.  This is a good time to be assertive, take initiative and be guided by your judgment.  You know who you are and what you can do so use that to your advantage! Sunstone will increase your vitality and Topaz will assist with uncovering creative ways to utilize your strengths.




It won't be easy to accomplish much today with the Moon in a square with Neptune and Mars.  A Gemini Moon will help you to remain adaptable but it's not your friend if there are decisions to be made.  The Neptune influence makes it difficult to stay grounded and focus on the realities of the present moment while Mars makes us too impulsive and overly emotional.  It is a good time to consider all of the possibilities while we are dreaming of the future make plans based on a broader scope.  Gemini is wonderful for seeing all sides of a situation so keep an Ametrine around to focus on the whole picture and Howlite to relieve any stress.




You may feel the urge to make adjustments - particularly when it comes to a relationship or your home - under the influence of the Moon and Pluto in quincunx position.  Be cautious though because you may tend to go towards the dark side while attempting to be emotionally honest with yourself.  This transit could help you to uncover and deal with anything that is wrong.  If there isn't something wrong, it is too easy to make yourself believe that something is and act out of emotion instead of fact.  Don't make any hasty decisions you may regret tomorrow!  Pyrite will shield you from any negativity while Lepidolite will offer clarity and gentle guidance.




Today will bring a short period of productivity as the Moon squares Mercury.  If you've got stuff that has to get done, do it early in the day because later, the Moon moves into a trine position with Neptune.  While not the best transit for accomplishing tasks, this is a very charming influence causing us to feel a little more vulnerable and empathetic.   You'll want a break from your routine so use Malachite to complete any tasks and Celestite to relax and enjoy a peaceful feeling later in the day.

Posted on March 22, 2012
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