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March 21st

Today the Sun joins Uranus at the first degree of Aries, the first full day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere – a very rare event.

The exact moment of the Full Moon also began a void lunar twilight zone.  New and ingenious ideas abound. Record them for future reference and implementation – especially as the Sun unites with Uranus. Keep your mind open to new potentials across the board. Realize that there are other dimensions of consciousness beyond even your intuition that offer you occasional glimpses into the unseen universe all around us. If you don’t journal, now is a good time to start. Carnelian is a good crystal to help you get started.  It will open you to new and fresh ideas, new ways to think and the motivation to follow through. On the positive side, Uranus connects us and these new and innovative ideas such as high-technology and computers, advances on the cutting edge of science and medicine, revolutionary changes through inventions and unexpected discoveries, but the darker side of Uranus can cause havoc leaving us with nervous tension, eccentric behavior causing devastation instead of providing useful answers to human problems.

March 22nd

The challenge of the day arrives when Mars makes a contra-parallel to Jupiter. Before the discovery of the outer planets, any Mars-Jupiter challenging aspect required a lot of caution and care – in order to avoid behaving in rash ways that invited instant karma and heavy-duty discord. Sodalite aids you by presenting objectivity and an honest assessment of goals, to attain fulfillment without risk.

March 23rd

Take advantage of some golden opportunities that will arrive today once the Moon gives up its temporary claims to Scorpio territory and explores the Sagittarian Promised Land instead.

Radical change is in the air as the Moon trines Uranus and the Sun in fire signs.

March 24th

A psychic tsunami of confusion and chaos floods humanity’s consciousness. This is also the tip of a huge iceberg since tomorrow brings Mars-Saturn and Venus-Jupiter conflicts while Saturday, Sunday and Monday contain their own ominous celestial signatures.

Every so often, the cosmos likes to create whirlpools of turbulence in a relentless manner for days at a time. A fierce, survival-of-the-fittest, fight or flight environment can turn the usual, moderate ups and downs of daily cosmic activity into a roller coaster ride that seems to never end.  Just such a weekend is in store for us.  Rutilated Quartz will give you the resolve and strength of will to stand strong, remain quietly confident in your present circumstances.

March 25th

An early Moon-Mercury alignment might make you feel that this could be an inspirational Friday when communications are clear and literary insights eagerly jump into your ingenious mind. However, a little less than three hours later, Mars parallels Saturn where both celestial bodies are 4 degrees south of the Celestial Equator.

Fortunately, the Sun makes a highly constructive, contact with Pallas giving you the ability to solve problems and strategize with a trusted friend or adviser.

March 26th

Batten down the hatches! Psychic storm warnings are posted for the entire weekend, and especially for Monday when the Sun squares Pluto, Jupiter opposes Saturn, and the Sun moves into a contra-parallel formation to Saturn. 

March 27th

In addition to the mounting tensions coming from this Monday’s trinity of Sun square Pluto, Jupiter opposite Saturn, and Sun contra-parallel Saturn, Strange forces are indeed on the prowl this morning as Venus parallels Neptune, Mercury forms a contra-parallel to Neptune and the Sun forms a similar aspect to Mars.  It is the Sun contra-parallel to Mars – that carries the greatest potential for volatility and discord.

The Moon in Capricorn suggests that a nature trek could bring you refreshment and solace.


Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on March 21, 2011
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