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WEEK OF 03/19/14-03/25/14 

Wednesday 03/19/14

The last day of Winter has finally arrived!  While you anticipate the new season you may feel some uncertainty as a result of the Sun and Moon illuminating the gap between what you want to do and what you think you should do.  Others' expectations and demands may feel as if they need to take precedence and that can make you unhappy and feeling as if you need to let go of a dream. There is a balance to be found and it may take a little effort, but consider that we are all about to experience a moment of cosmic balance during the Spring Equinox tomorrow.  Use that energy to discover your personal equilibrium and then send that outward to find the balance between your reality and your dreams.  There is room for both to flourish and you can see that with an open mind and heart.  Now is not the time to close yourself off to any of the possibilities when renewal is so close at hand.  Rhyolite will eliminate doubts while Chrysocolla helps you find positive resolutions.

Number of the day: 2

Let the energy of 2 help you to bring your intentions and your resources together for the perfect blend of energy that will lead you towards success.  Ametrine can help you to feel the integration of the mental with the physical.

Thursday 03/20/14

You have a powerful opportunity to use your passion to fuel the new energy present today.  Are you ready?  It is the first day of Spring; the first day of the Sun in forthright Aries; the first day of a new Zodiac cycle, and Venus and Pluto are in an empowering sextile transit.  This is a lot of amazing energy that will encourage you to use your feelings to make some waves.  What do you care about?  What really matters?  Focus your attention on those things and let the other stuff go for now.  It is time to breathe new life into what wants to flourish.  You will discover a new attitude and opportunities that arise from your impassioned efforts to begin your own new cycle.  Clear Quartz  will amplify your intentions and the energy that you send towards them.  Tree Agate will encourage the continued growth of the seeds planted today.

Number of the day: 3

3 will encourage you to join in to the new energies that arise today and make them your own.  Hematite gets you off to a good start. 

Friday 03/21/14

The chance for renewal continues today as Venus and Chiron encourage you to place your attention on relationships…particularly those that need to be healed.  This transit is not necessarily a time to forge new connections as it is a chance to heal current and past relationships.  Even if you believe that something is beyond repair, you want to re-consider because there is peace and harmony to be found if you are willing to put in the effort.   You may want to use this energy to bravely go within and look at the relationship that you have with yourself.  Consider how you can use the energy to heal your self-esteem and build a better self-image that will enable you to move forward with a renewed positive attitude.  Rainbow Moonstone will encourage you to validate your feelings, while Rhodochrosite reminds you to keep Love and Joy as the ultimate outcome of your endeavors.

Number of the day: 4

4 is the perfect energy when decisions need to be made.  It will keep you steady and focused on your goals.  Carnelian will support & enhance the energy. 

Saturday 03/22/14

Had enough action over the past few days?  Mercury and Neptune will give you a physical break and encourage you to indulge in daydreams.  They produce the perfect atmosphere to dream and mentally conjure, but don’t try to take physical action based upon your visualizations just yet.  Reason and logic will be scarce and you need a healthy dose of these to make dreams come true. Enjoy the ethereal energy rather than pursuing actions.  Use your imagination to see the ideal outcome of your efforts for when the time comes to put things into motion.  Fancy Jasper can help you relax and release, while Aqua Aura enhances your visions. 

Number of the day: 5

When the energy of 5 is present it is probable that things won't go as planned....and just as likely that they could end up better than you imagined.  Go along with where the day takes you and carry Heliodor to release anything that is holding you back. 

Sunday 03/23/14

Venus and Jupiter join up today and the atmosphere feels fresh and alive.  You are ready to jump in and discover something new.   Ideas, philosophies, styles….you are intrigued by all of them and eager to learn more.  You may just enjoy them on a visceral level right now without forming an opinion or allegiance and that is fine.  Be open to the innovations that you discover right now and see if anything sticks with you after the energy moves on.  This could just be a springboard for your imagination to build something new for yourself.  Black Obsidian will allow you to let go and move forward in a positive & productive manner.  Green Quartz will show you how great things can be when you follow your heart.

Number of the day: 6

6 encourages you to get out and feel the nurturing effect of nature.  Carry Moss Agate to keep that feeling with you.

Monday 03/24/14

Today brings some good energy for making headway as long as you are patient and follow each step carefully.  Mercury and Mars are in a productive transit, but there is an impulse to rush ahead and cut corners.  Don’t be fooled by taking the “easy” way.  You can accomplish a lot more by taking your time.  That way you avoid unpleasant surprises later that might just take you right back to where you started anyway.  This is a great learning opportunity and it is up to you what the lesson will be about, so aim for patience and you will not go wrong.  Scapolite will enable you to deal with each situation in a calm and measured way without becoming overwhelmed.  Use Jade to build upon your momentum.

Number of the day: 7

The energy of 7 is present when you need to be inventive when it comes to forging your own personal path.  Use Garnet to let your creativity flow throughout your life. 

Tuesday 03/25/14

Mercury & Jupiter are in a fabulous trine early tomorrow.  This is a most favorable transit to set your ideas in motion.  You have positive intentions to make a difference – not only in your life but in others – and that shines through in everything that you do.  It is good time to get recognized for your hard work or for you to recognize the contributions of others.  The atmosphere is cooperative and congenial and we are all working together towards a greater good.   Is there something that you believe in and have been hoping to achieve but were not sure where or how to start?  You could find your resource and benefactor under this influence.  Now is when you could put those ideas from a few days ago into action and see the reality of your dreams.  Use Brecciated Jasper to really feel the vitality in the air and get it working for you.  Chevron Amethyst combines your will with your efforts for amazing results.

Number of the day: 8

Do you need a reminder about how much influence you actually have over your own life?  When you feel as if you have lost control, look to 8 and Black Onyx to regain your authority. 


Posted on March 18, 2014
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