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WEEK OF 03/18/15 - 03/24/15

Wednesday 03/18/15

Mercury conjunct Neptune is a good time to understand more about yourself.  Often it is even a mystery to us why we think the way that we do and this transit can offer you insight into your mind.   This is really helpful energy that could help you to change any destructive thought patterns and embrace the best of your imagination.  Overall this is a really creative energy that can help you to figure things out that you may have been pondering for a while.  Just remember that Neptune’s presence means that facts will be hard to grasp.  You don’t want to make any hard commitments or choices until the air of unreality is replaced with clear reason that will back up your plans and make them more than just hopeful ideas.  Blue Tourmaline will help to further open your mind and increase your perceptions.  Hematite will be helpful for patience.

Number of the day: 2

You can feel that the energy has been building and it can help you to get exactly what you want.  Be sure you know what that is and you are willing to put in the time and effort.  Tanzanite offers insight and incentive.

Thursday 03/19/15

The Sun and Jupiter are producing restless energy that will result in lots of highs and lows for you as the day progresses. The issue is that you don’t trust yourself to know what you want.  Use the energy to figure out why instead of fighting it to make yourself into something that you are not meant to be.  You want to expand into situations that will bring you happiness, not more stress.  Any discomfort or confusion that you are feeling now could be a sign that you are headed in the wrong direction and you need to make some adjustments.  Now is the time, because the energy is changing tomorrow and you want to start the new season feeling optimistic.  Sugilite can help you find answers, while Rutilated Quartz replaces stress with confidence.

Number of the day: 3

You always want to be focusing on the positive.  Whatever you do today - whether it be work or play - there is sure to be something wonderful to be enjoyed and  Aqua Aura will make it easier to see.

Friday 03/20/15

Do you know how it feels when you have been eagerly awaiting something and then it falls short of your expectations?  It may feel like that today with the highly anticipated arrival of spring early this morning (at 1:23am EST).  We had a Venus/Chiron semi-square late yesterday that is producing inner doubts about whether you are ready for a change.  Have you done anything to deserve it?  Is it even possible that you could change things for the better?  This transit will attempt to block your enjoyment of something new by highlighting your insecurities left over from past experiences.  Remember that Chiron is all about healing, so if these kinds of thoughts pop up then you can use this energy - and the backing of new energies of spring - to face them and eradicate them from your life once and for all.  Carnelian reminds you that you are an infinitely powerful force who can accomplish anything.  It's never too late and positive change is always possible, so carry Tangerine Quartz to feel the energies erasing those doubts.

Number of the day: 4

4 will remind you that everything good takes time, so use each moment.  That is where you can find access to the big picture painted by your dreams.  Aragonite offers stability that will illuminate the journey.

Saturday 03/21/15

Mercury and Jupiter will have you all fired up and ready to go on this first full day of spring, but insecurities will arise from feeling overly ambitious and/or unprepared. You will already be feeling anxious and inhibited from a Venus/Saturn transit that has you seeking the perfect method and circumstances to express your emotions.  It won’t take long to figure out that scenario simply does not exist, but that won’t keep you from feeling sensitive and ineffective.  Hopefully, you have prepared over the long winter months and have some strategies and plans at your disposal.  Stick to them and begin to put things in motion because it will distract you from energy that you cannot control, build your self -confidence and save you from a frustrating day.  Zebra Jasper will bring in happy and proactive energy to your day.  Black Tourmaline will transform the overall mood to a more positive one.

Number of the day: 5

Freedom truly is a state of mind and 5 wants you to eliminate anything that will keep your thoughts from expanding to the limits and beyond.  Let Moonstone show you the endless possibilities of an unfettered imagination.

Sunday 03/22/15

Here we have another day where you’ll feel the need to constantly check your plans and strategies, because Mars and Neptune are in a semi-square and it’s going to be really hard to get anything accomplished.  You will likely feel disorganized and unmotivated as you attempt to get things done and you’ll be working within a careless and lazy atmosphere so you won’t find any help there.  You could struggle through, but there really is nothing to be gained, so leave what you can for another day. Rose Quartz will help you realize it is best to just give in and wait until you are feeling more powerful.  You are going to need something to manage any stress that arises, so try carrying a Labradorite to feel comfortable with the changing energy.

Number of the day: 6

You know what you want, so now trust that you can make it happen for yourself.  That is how you find harmony within yourself.   Let Emerald show you how the Universe will respond to a peaceful and confident you.

Monday 03/23/15

You may still be feeling the effects of that apathetic energy from yesterday, but Mercury will make it easier to accept.  A Mercury/Pluto sextile late yesterday will have you realizing the benefits of patience.  The urge to fight against your laid back attitude will be replaced with the willingness to take the time to do it right, instead of forging blindly ahead.  Mercury has also joined up with Uranus, so while you are giving yourself a break, you could discover insights, resources and a renewed sense of purpose that will have you coming back stronger than ever.  Sandstone will replace lethargy with enthusiasm, allowing you to take your time but still make progress.  Use Serpentine to clear the path for your next maneuver.

Number of the day: 7

7 can help to break challenging patterns.  Maybe there are questions and concerns, but this energy will allow you to find the answers that give you the knowledge to forge ahead.  Charoite will enhance your inner journey.

Tuesday 03/24/15

Venus and Neptune are going to spark your imagination and you’ll be excited about creating something amazing.  Sometimes we feel the need to keep our dreams to ourselves, believing that only we can make them a reality.  Today's' transit will encourage you to seek out friendly interactions where you share your ideas and learn more about others.  It will be easy to see the mutual benefits of joining each other’s dreams and developing joint ventures that give them a greater impact than if you went it alone.  Mercury and Chiron will help by heightening your awareness of opportunities to grow and helping you to recognize and take advantage of them as they arise. Botswana Agate will encourage a flow of positive energies and ideas, while Green Aventurine helps you to create new goals and bring them into the physical world.

Number of the day: 8

Knowledge alone will never make a difference without putting in your own efforts.  Take what you learn and make it work for you.  Amber boosts your will and gives your actions purpose.


Posted on March 17, 2015
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