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WEEK OF 03/16/16 - 03/22/16

Wednesday 03/16/16

It's always a good day to try something new when Uranus is showing us the rewards to be gained from taking a chance.  Mercury will add a special brand of charm and make this a positive time for meetings, communications and group activities.  Trust your instincts because they will be loud and strong and speaking the truth.  Don't feel as if you need to start something new in order to take full advantage of this energy.  Using it to revisit something that needs a resurgence or just hasn't been going the way that you want it to will also prove advantageous.  You are already going to be feeling excited and ambitious with a Jupiter/Pluto trine, leading you towards some kind of victory.  If you have a problem that needs to be fixed or a barrier standing between you and your dreams, now is the time to address it.  Use Imperial Topaz for expansive insights and Pyrite to use them to go and get what you deserve.    

Number of the day: 1

Open your mind and your heart to the season of change.  Green Aventurine is perfect for opening doors and welcoming in new energies.

Thursday 03/17/16

Mercury & Chiron will produce an atmosphere where we’re highly conscious of what is going on around us and how it affects our personal emotions and ideas.  The Pisces energy will add an extra level of sensitivity that could make this a volatile time if you don't make it a priority to instill some logic within your thoughts.  This is a very influential energy that will change your perspective and drive you to reach for new levels - both spiritually and in the physical world.  When you see an opportunity for growth, you want to grab it and take yourself on a new journey.  Use Obsidian to avoid hesitation out of fear or doubt.  Zebra Jasper will give you enough grounding to be able to feel and work with this energy without feeling defensive.

Number of the day: 2

2 wants to help us find the people, situations and even things that are going to complement our goals and energies.  Now is the time to seek out new allies and resources.  Honey Calcite will let you attract the best ones for you.

Friday 03/18/16

Uranus's job is to disturb the status quo and it typically offers helpful and necessary guidance.  That may not be the case today since it is working with contentious Mars and their combined energy could drive you to take things way too far.  You will be yearning for change, but your actions will be so thoughtless and aimless that they end up causing unnecessary disruptions rather than productive transformation.  If you can control your impulse and think things through carefully, you may realize some benefits.  You still need to be prepared for unforeseen results, so carry Ruby to maintain balance and trust that whatever happens is in your best interest.  Use Amber to find the time and space you need to think.   

Number of the day: 3

Life is too short to not be having fun.  Lighten up and let the power of 3 and Rose Quartz show you how.

Saturday 03/19/16

The last day of winter brings a stimulating transit between the Sun and Pluto that will have you feeling spirited and ready for the excitement and surprise that comes with a new season.  You will be more expressive than usual and quite eager to show the world what you've got!  You're up for any challenge that comes your way and ready to create some new energies in your life.  Combine your determination with this energy and you will produce a powerful momentum that will carry you forward into all kinds of new beginnings.  You'll be seeing so many amazing opportunities that it will be hard to decide where to focus your energy, so use Rhyolite to help you make the best choice.  If that just seems impossible, then carry Sunstone for added vitality. 

Number of the day: 4

Even the slightest effort will take you so far.  And once you get going there will be no stopping you.  Optical Calcite will encourage that first step.

Sunday 03/20/16

Spring has arrived and when you see Venus and Neptune in a conjunct transit, you know it is time for a fresh start in an important area of our life.  Take a moment to consider what isn't working, why it doesn't feel right to you, and what you can do to change it.  You may have attempted this exercise before, only to be left feeling as if you had no good options, but that won't be the case today.  This energy will feed your imagination with insight, creativity and self-empowerment that will allow you to effectively transform your life into the one of your dreams.  There is a lot of magic at your disposal right now, so be open to it and work with Seraphinite to see how you can use it for your gain.  Whenever we dream there is the potential to get sidetracked by illusion, so keep Smokey Quartz close to recognize what it will take to make your dreams a reality - and know that you can do it!

Number of the day: 5

The most mundane of chores can be an adventure if you approach it with the right mindset.  Snowflake Obsidian will let you get past any negative ideas.

Monday 03/21/16

A Mercury/Pluto quintile gives you a refined appreciation for how others express themselves. You will find it easy to immerse yourself in someone else's creation and/or pursuit of a dream right now and you’ll be able to use that as a means of inspiration for yourself.  This dramatic climate is also a good time to work on your creative skills and focus on projects close to your heart.  Rainbow Aura Quartz will add fuel to your inspirations and Moonstone can give you direction when it's time to apply your renewed focus.

Number of the day: 6

It is almost like the Universe is giving you a big hug and letting you know that you are not alone.  Own up to what you want out of life and carry Prasiolite to feel the Universe’s support.

Tuesday 03/22/16

If, over the next few days, you feel the urge to just chuck it all and start over - don't!  We live in a disposable society where it seems easier to just cut ties and end something rather than do the work to fix it and make it work for you. Rework, revise and restructure are the goals that you want to focus on during a Jupiter/Saturn square.  Saturn will curb Jupiter's urge to go big or go home, while Jupiter encourages Saturn to use its gifts to help you work towards something truly valuable.  You have a lot of opportunity for growth and positive change under this influence, but you must not allow yourself to be limited by only thinking of the future.  You need to take a look at what is right in front of you and what you think you have left behind. Use this energy to give those situations a second chance.  Iolite will enhance your ability to view everything in a new light.  Aquamarine will offer the necessary patience to take your time and do it right

Number of the day: 7

You already know how to fix things and live your life on your terms.  You just have to make it happen and 7 and Red Jasper can give you the courage to act.


Posted on March 14, 2016
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