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WEEK OF 03/15/17 - 03/21/17


Wednesday 03/15/07

Typically, digging a little deeper is a powerful activity that offers numerous mental and spiritual rewards.  Mercury and the Moon are in a transit that will inspire your detecting skills, but you may find yourself with more questions than answers.  There is a general air of confusion with this energy that makes it imperative that you pay strict attention to what is right in front of you before you go looking for more.  That won't be easy with your imagination encouraging you to look until you find what you want.  It won't matter if it means ignoring the obvious. Black Kyanite can keep your mind focused and grounded when you need a reality check.   You don't want to totally ignore that call to seek more because that is how you find those things that mean so much.  This is an especially good time to discover more about yourself.  Ametrine will help make this a valuable and practical experience. 


Thursday 03/16/17

Mercury and Mars are working together to make you eager for new learning experiences.  You want to broaden your intellect but you do have very specific requirements.  It has got to be personal, interesting and immediately applicable or you will be off in search of something else to engage your curious mind.  If you are not instantly satisfied with your learning experience, you won't have the patience to stick around and see if things change.  You need to slow yourself down, so carry Violet Sapphire to give everything a chance.  Otherwise you could miss out on a valuable opportunity.  While you are learning, try not to get frustrated if you don't immediately understand something.  Your first thought will be that you don't have the ability to learn whatever isn't coming easily.  That is the urgency of this transit pushing you to give up and move on.  Instead, use Prehnite to give your mind the time it needs to learn and remind you that things of value take time.


Friday 03/17/17

The Sun and Saturn are setting a serious tone to the day, but you don’t have to let it ruin your festive attitude.  You are going to be very aware of the reality of your situations.  That usually means you are focused on the difficulties you have to face - but that doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.  Accepting challenges makes you stronger and becoming stronger increases your talents and self-confidence.  This is a positive atmosphere to operate within as long as you see the potential for growth and increased happiness and abundance.  You create your reality and that includes those challenges that you are preparing to overcome.  Use Sodalite as a reminder that you have all the control.  Now that you have taken charge, bring Moss Agate along to recognize the tools you have and uncover the ones you still need.  Be prepared for success!


Saturday 03/18/17

While the atmosphere is much lighter, your thoughts will still be on business matters.  They won’t be as important or dominant as yesterday, since now you are more concerned with socializing, creating ease in relationships, and enjoying the pleasantries that make life so amazing.  As you engage with others you may notice an underlying motivation to create opportunities that contain more than just personal benefits.  It is great to mix business with pleasure and Watermelon Tourmaline helps you use this energy to do just that.  This is also the perfect time to revisit past relationships because you will see them in a more understanding light.  While you can’t change the past, you can change how you feel about it, so use Pink Calcite for healing and happy vibes.  You could find yourself in a more joyful state that you can carry forward.


Sunday 03/19/17

This is your last day to dwell in the imaginative world of Pisces before Aries rushes in (bringing spring with it!) and gets you on the move.  Besides the Piscean Sun you also have Mercury and Neptune moving into a position that will offer an extra blast of this mentally charged energy.  You will feel inspired and enlightened by engaging in the activities that you love.  Don’t worry if you have a schedule of tasks to maintain because there are many personal messages and insights to be found among your usual surroundings.  You will gain some kind of special enlightenment no matter where you are or what you are doing.  It may not be immediately evident, so use Selenite to open the cosmic lines of communication for positive sending and receiving.  It is important to be proactive in your attitude during this experience.  Celestite will help you to feel excited about your day and your life in general.  Nothing is lifeless if you make a point to make it lively - remember that you are in control of your happiness! 


Monday 03/20/17

Spring arrives with the Sun in Aries and the general pace and demeanor of the atmosphere changes dramatically.  You've had enough of waiting, watching and contemplating and you are ready to make things happen.  Aries energy is swift-moving and carries an inherent urgency that could feel intimidating and overwhelming.  You will enjoy and employ the benefits of this energy more when you use it to find what works for you!  Aqua Aura will help you to set your own pace and feel comfortable answering only your personal demands.  You know what is attainable for you, so focus on those things and let the rest go.  Use the mindfulness you have gained over the past few months to control the impatient, insistent drive of Aries and the abundance of Fire energy currently at your disposal.  Carnelian will help you use it responsibly.  You want to increase the advantages while minimizing the potential of getting worn out.  Adventure and excitement await and you want to enjoy the journey ahead.  Happy spring!


Tuesday 03/21/17

The Sun and Pluto are in a transit meant to entice you to find the beauty and symmetry of the deeper issues that play a role in our existence.  Most of us consider upsetting events and disturbing feelings to be subjects that are best avoided, ignored and moved past as quickly as possible.  In truth there is value to be found in these moments that matches the times of happiness and light.  You will have to look a bit deeper to find them, so work with Amethyst to enhance your investigative skills.   Artistry and other expressive mediums that portray the humor and beauty hidden within the darkness will be inspirational and enlightening.  Pietersite will help you use that inspiration to find your personal balance and peace.  This energy reminds us the light is always there and you will find it as long as you keep looking.



Posted on March 13, 2017
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