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WEEK OF 03/12/14 – 03/18/14 

Wednesday 03/12/14

Venus and Neptune will present us with the opportunity for productive and very positive interactions.  We intuitively know how to approach others to get what we need and make them understand what we have to offer.  If there is something unpleasant that you need to convey, this is the time to do it.  Just be sure that your intentions are for the highest good of everyone involved and you are focused on making something better.  If you expect a positive outcome and/or change from what you express, then you can get it with this energy as your ally.  Amazonite will enhance your personal power.  Chrysocolla reminds you to act from the heart.

Number of the day: 4

Use the energy of 4 to be fully prepared before you present your ideas.  Blue Aventurine will help you bring order to your thoughts for the most impressive presentation. 

Thursday 03/13/14

We begin today with a cavalcade of information being thrust at us….way too much to be able to manage.  Try to focus on what is most important and let the other stuff slip on by…if it is important it will come back at a better time.  It is easy to embellish what you send out into the world rather than just presenting the facts, so be sure you don’t encourage false expectations.  The Sun and Saturn in a trine will help you find a much needed reality check.  This is positive, proactive energy that can help you make steady progress towards a goal.  Remember that Saturn is retrograde so the most productive use of the energy will be to take a look back at previous methods you have used and consider an upgrade. Use Blue Tiger Eye to find peace amidst the chaos and develop improved systems.  Aragonite boosts your productivity. 

Number of the day: 5

5 will help you to let go of expectations – both real and perceived - and roll with the energy of the day.  Snowflake Obsidian enhances your ability to adapt. 

Friday 03/14/14

Mercury offers a few interesting transits today.  First a semi-square with Uranus can offer new insights, but you may have a challenge trying to understand what they mean or finding a use for them in the context of your current life.  This could lead to frustration that could come out in the worst way at the worst time.  The Universe is trying to send you a message and you just don’t get it, so you are understandably annoyed!  Write it down for review later and let it go for now to obtain some peace of mind.  You may not have much time for contemplation right now anyway since Mercury then moves into a trine with Mars.  That can help you be direct and to the point in your actions and communications.  It is hard to take the time for kindness, so be prepared and rise above the crowd.  Make the effort to show you care now and someone will remember your efforts later.  Mars is retrograde so productivity might be diminished but you can still accomplish a lot.  Seraphinite can help you to make sense of what you can and hold on to the rest for later.  Use Amber to keep a sunny disposition that brightens everyone’s day.

Number of the day: 6

When you feel like you are out there on your own look to the energy of 6 for protection & support.  Carry Yellow Calcite to know that the Universe has your back and you are protected and loved no matter what. 

Saturday 03/15/14

Your drive to be creative is strong today courtesy of the Sun and Pluto.  Use it to make adjustments in unexpected areas of your life.  You will see everything in a different way so don’t be afraid to take the initiative to step up and stand out.  You can use that creative drive to make a significant impact.  You will get noticed, so be ready to show them your best.  Orange Calcite lets you make the most of the energy.  Use Pietersite to release any doubts that may try to hold you back.

Number of the day: 7

7 has a vibrant energy that will uncover your inventive side.  Hold Pink Aventurine in your left hand and think of a situation that needs a resolution and you may find what you need. 

Sunday 03/16/14

We have some slightly stressful energy to work with from Mercury, Pluto, the Sun and Mars.  Mercury and Pluto will produce an atmosphere that is more inquisitive in nature.  You may not be able to accept anything at face value since you feel there is something missing.  You are determined to find out what it is and this is the perfect transit to uncover new information.  Just be prepared to deal with what you uncover.  Any difference between your expended effort and the results of those efforts will be made evident by the Sun and Mars.  If you have not achieved what you want (and what you deserve) quickly enough, then you could feel angered and ready to attack.  Take it easy and focus on what has happened rather than be overcome by what has not.  Everything will play out in time and you will get what you have worked so hard to achieve.  Tanzanite will remind you to have faith in yourself and your abilities.  Tourmalated Quartz shows you how to use what you have learned for the best outcome.

Number of the day: 8

8 will help you to bring your ambitions to fruition.   Lepidolite will ease frustrations when things are not moving at the pace you had envisioned.  

Monday 03/17/14

The theme of wanting it all and wanting it now is further emphasized today by Venus and Jupiter.  You have very high expectations and when the results fall short, you could easily become disillusioned with things that once had your complete passion and focus.  Relationships and work are particularly at risk during this transit, so do not make any sudden decisions.  It can be difficult to act responsibly so thinking before you act is absolutely crucial.  The energy of St. Patrick’s Day will add to the energy making you believe that your best course is to let go and have fun.  Nothing wrong with that, but you want to make sure that you have something to come back to once the energy passes and reality sets in. Petrified Wood will provide reason when you need it and Serpentine lets you enjoy some harmless fun.

Number of the day: 9

Idealistic 9 wants us to know that everything works out for the best.  Sunstone will show you the positive energy when it is difficult to find. 

Tuesday 03/18/14

Venus and Uranus are producing a powerful influence of tolerance.  You may find yourself curious about things that you previously judged or just didn’t get.  You are more accepting of everyone and everything even if it does not agree with your personal values.  This is the perfect energy to try something new and go outside of your comfort zone.  Remember that you are experimenting and not committing, so enjoy a new experience.  The open and congenial atmosphere makes this a great time for social activities. Narmada Shiva Lingam will enhance the feeling of universality and allow you to see how we are all one!  Carry Kyanite with you for happy encounters throughout your day. 

Number of the day: 1

When it is a struggle to get started - or keep going - look to the energy of 1 for self motivation.  Green Tourmaline can give you a powerful kick-start. 


Posted on March 11, 2014
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