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WEEK OF 03/11/15 - 03/17/15 

Wednesday 03/11/15

Venus and Neptune will have you seeing nothing but the good and the happy today.  You won’t have to overlook or dismiss any flaws because you won’t even realize that they’re there.  Enjoy the energy but don’t make any hard choices or commitments until you can see the whole picture.  We may not like the flaws, but it is essential that we be aware of them.  Adjustments to existing or new endeavors will be necessary with a Mars/Uranus transit but rather than drain your energy, this energy will revitalize it.  Sometimes a creative solution is just what you need to push things along.  Just remember Uranus’ tendency to drive you towards risky and erratic behaviors and make sure you have a safety net firmly in place.   Fancy Jasper will keep things fun, while providing stability.  Carry Pink Aventurine to keep your creative juices flowing.

Number of the day: 4

All of the happy energy today will bring out your enterprising side.  The energy of 4 can help you bring something to completion and you will feel the rush of accomplishment.  Use Red Jasper for motivation. 

Thursday 03/12/15

Everything will feel so intense and vital right now with a Mars/Pluto square affecting our thoughts and emotions.  It will be nearly impossible to find any satisfaction because your expectations will be so high.  It is always possible to reach even the highest of goals, but you won’t have enough reason to understand if the time and resources required will be worth your effort.  You want to temper things to find some peace, so work towards being patient and realistic.  Pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings though, because this is the kind of energy that brings out repressed stuff that could be essential to your ongoing development.  Green Kyanite will help you avoid the urge to get pushy, thinking it will make a difference – it might, but not the kind that you hope!  Lepidolite will bring a calming vibe and help you see the good and positive.

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 is a powerful tool when it comes to timing.  It can help you move forward when fear or doubt are holding you back.  It will also confirm your instinct to hold back if that is what is best for now.  Malachite gives you courage to trust yourself. 

Friday 03/13/15

The gift and curse of Uranus and Pluto will be very evident today as they both join up with Mercury.  Uranus will bring insightful breakthroughs, but they will come and go so fast that you may not be able to hold on to them.   Sharing with others won’t make it any better because you will just come off as incoherent and unfocused.   Then Pluto encourages you to research important questions, but the answers you find will err on the side of negativity.  They may be the truth or just the product of your imagination being driven by Pluto to the dark side.  Stand your ground, keep an open mind and you will find the light.  Clear Quartz will remind you that the pursuit of the light is one of the greatest gifts that these planets can give us.    Petrified Wood will help you to find and maintain your balance while keeping you open to the lessons to be learned. 

Number of the day: 6

Use the energy of 6 to give yourself a break when you feel overwhelmed by the stress and tension. You don't have to keep pushing ahead, so give yourself the gift of an indulgence and see how it makes everything else better.  Pink Tourmaline reminds you that luxuries are often a necessity. 

Saturday 03/14/15

The pressure to get things done is building with Mercury and Mars in a semi-square.  You can expect different reactions from yourself and everyone you deal with as each situation arises.  It could be irritable outbursts or different forms of collapse from the stress.  More likely the energy will motivate us towards achievement at any cost.  It is very easy to engage in and create conflict under this influence just for the sake of having a reason to fight.  Before heading right for a battle, take a moment to let reason step in to remind you that no one is against you and you have the wisdom, talent and time to get what you want without having to fight for it.    Blue Tiger Eye will keep you from being misled by overly aggressive energy, while Imperial Topaz lets you use the best of the energy to see some progress. 

Number of the day: 7

Use the energy of 7 to believe in yourself.  You do know what you want and how to get it, so don’t let outer influences cause you doubt.  Use Iolite to allow your instinct for what is best to rise and take hold. 

Sunday 03/15/15

The combined forces of Mars and Chiron will drive you to take actions designed to result in some form of healing.  It could be a permanent or temporary fix that resolves a long held hurt or a simple misunderstanding.  Either way, you have the potential to be someone’s champion right now and that is an awesome opportunity.  Just remember that Mars can lead us too far into a “battle” mentality, so you want to tone down that urge to deal in wins and losses.  Everyone can be a winner under this influence if you strive for a mutually beneficial outcome.  Fluorite and its powerful healing capabilities will be a valuable tool.  Rose Quartz will bring a genuine peaceful and loving atmosphere to the day that will open everyone’s hearts and minds to the massive potential this energy offers.

Number of the day 8:

8 brings the energy of infinite abundance.  Anything and everything is possible and you can achieve whatever you set out to do with the right attitude, will and tools.  Turquoise will help uncover resources to achieve your victory. 

Monday 03/16/15

Mercury and Saturn are going to make it really hard to make things happen today, especially if you are attempting to stick to your routine or plan.  There is that constant, nagging feeling that you are forgetting something crucial and that will make it nearly impossible to trust your abilities or instincts.  Looking for a bright side to the day?  We have reached the closing act of a period of upheaval that began in 2012 with the seventh Uranus/Pluto square.  This has been an eye-opening experience for everyone and over the span of the last 3 years we have all been driven to change.  If you have tried to desperately hang on tight, then by now you realize it is making things worse and it is time to let go!  You know what you need to change and this completion of the cycle can be the final push you need to take that next positive step.  You cannot control the force of change but you can control how you deal with it.  Amethyst will help you manage this energy and use it for your highest benefit, while keeping you from feeling overwhelmed.  Snowflake Obsidian will reduce the chaos and help you to calmly prepare and welcome the changes that are to come

Number of the day: 9

9 will allow you to release any preconceived notions and begin with an open mind. You don’t want to close yourself off to available resources by not recognizing their potential to help you.  Labradorite will open doors and your imagination. 

Tuesday 03/17/15

The effects of a Mars/Saturn transit is making everything seem like it is taking more effort than it should.  While you are excited to dive in and resolve any issues, it just doesn’t feel as if you are making any progress.  You see the bright path ahead but there appears to be a giant “Stop” sign that is keeping you from being able to skip right along.  Patience is key and it is the only thing that can help you to avoid frustration right now.  Continue to lay low for another few days and use the time to relax and indulge in more pleasurable pursuits.  Take a time out now, because the only thing you will be missing out on is tension.  Use Larimar to know when to relax and just let things go for now.  Blue Calcite will help to make things that need to get done more manageable.

Number of the day 1:

Use the energy of 1 to be yourself when you think that you need to be someone else.  Speak your mind (remember to be kind!), take a stand and don't be afraid to show your true self.  The results may be surprising.  Apatite will give you strength. 


Posted on March 10, 2015
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