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WEEK OF 03/09/16 - 03/15/16


Wednesday 03/09/16

Venus quintile Saturn may be a minor transit in astrology but it can have a major impact on your life.  This energy can stabilize those carefree and unpredictable areas of your life that make things so interesting and exciting.   When used appropriately it will help you to find ways to take a passion and turn it into something more substantial and lucrative.  Take a moment to consider what is really important to you and the role that it presently has in your life.  If that role seems too insignificant, then now is the time to change that. Blue Aventurine will help you combine your will with the energy to develop a strategy.  Prehnite will attract new and previously overlooked opportunities to enable you to proceed on your new path.

Number of the day: 3

Give yourself permission to be happy. Say it out loud and carry Pink Aventurine to maintain your new conviction.


Thursday 03/10/16

Both the Sun and Chiron are in Pisces and they are in a transit today that will bring your emotions to the surface and encourage you to use them in a very productive way.  This is a good time to consider the lessons that you have learned and how you can use them as a positive influence in your present.  If there is something that is bothering you, use this energy to actively seek the answers that you need for a rewarding resolution.  There is much to be gained from finding a purpose and following it through, including the neutralization of insecurities, an increase in confidence and a renewed sense of well- being.  Rainbow Fluorite will help you to be objective when considering your past for a deeper understanding of the truth.  Interactions with others will be valuable, so use Chalcedony to insure that communications are effective and positive.

Number of the day: 4

No matter how crazy and erratic the situation, there will be that moment when everything just comes together.  The sense and surety of that moment is the message that 4 has for us.  Stilbite lets you feel the steady calm of knowing that everything will be alright.


Friday 03/11/16

It will be a challenge to keep things real because that’s what’s supposed to happen when Mercury and Neptune are both in Pisces and in a conjunct transit.  This energy will wake up your intuition and send your imagination soaring, while it takes the rest of you along for the ride.  You aren't meant to be completely grounded when working with Pisces energy.  This is your time to dream and hope and believe.  You don't want to waste it worrying about practical things like how and when.  Your only job now is to create a clear and direct vision of what you want and know that you are going to get it.  The time to do the physical work to achieve your dreams is coming, but for now use Orange Kyanite for unlimited aspirations and determined faith.  This atmosphere breeds plenty of confusion, so business and personal interactions can be tricky.  Lapis Lazuli will help you to avoid miscommunications and remain attentive when necessary.   

Number of the day: 5

Do not allow yourself to get stopped in your tracks when things go awry.  Be flexible and you will find the way to get around any obstacles. Keep Amber close by for support.


Saturday 03/12/16

Mars and Pluto are producing passionate energy but it will be more confrontational than creative.  Your attempts to accomplish just about everything will be met with challenges and it's going to take a substantial effort to find a positive resolution.  If you rely on the atmosphere for help, you’ll be driven to fight your way through and you’ll quickly realize that the only thing you are creating is more conflict and challenge.  Instead, be mindful and adaptable and use the surrounding energies to develop intelligent strategies that enable you to move ahead.  Use Celestite to avoid reactive outbursts that could send you further away from your goals.   Leopardskin Jasper will help you to maintain your self-control and use this energy productively.

Number of the day: 6

Be comforted by the fact that you are never alone throughout your triumphs and your struggles.  There is always help available and Hematite will give you the courage to seek it out.


Sunday 03/13/16

The drama continues with Venus and Pluto in a semi-square that is directing the focus on your relationships.  Every personal connection - from casual acquaintances to deeper affairs - could be affected by the intensity of this transit.  Any issues of mistrust and/or envy will be especially prevalent right now and if you have been hiding those feelings, it is likely they will come out.  Everyone will be feeling overly emotional and that tension will be unavoidable, but how you manage that pressure is well within your control.  Carry Fancy Jasper to manage your emotions and to recognize what should and should not be expressed under this influence.  There is an opportunity for healing but you need to be prepared to deal with whatever is bothering you in a controlled and healthy manner and Sodalite can help.

Number of the day: 7

7 encourages contemplation before action.  Take the time to consider what it is that you really want and see if it is in alignment with where you are and where you want to be.  Garnet will get you started.


Monday 03/14/16

We have a few square transits that could have you feeling literally boxed in as your simplest attempts at progress will be met with delays and interruptions at every turn.  A Mercury/Saturn square will affect your professional and task-based activities, making it difficult to accomplish anything.  Your attempts to work around any obstacles won't bring satisfying results, nor will any attempts to get help from others. Your communications will be affected as they will carry too much of the tension that you’re feeling and come out as misplaced criticisms.  It can be difficult to trust your instincts within this atmosphere, so use Bloodstone to help you trust your inner voice - particularly when it is telling you to leave something for another day! Relationships will take another hit from a Venus/Mars square that brings differences of attitude and opinion to the forefront.  While it is likely to result in engaging interactions, the underlying conflict will overwhelm any potential for good that could arise - unless you can control the drive for absolute power.  Selenite will enable you to let go of the belief that you’re the only one who is right, so that you can see benefits from this transit.

Number of the day: 8

The only real control that we can ever have over the inevitable changes that we experience is how we let them affect us.  8 will help you to manage yourself and design your own personal agenda for change.  Pietersite lets you gain through understanding.


Tuesday 03/15/16

Mercury gets us started today by joining with Pluto in a helpful sextile.  You are going to be able to go deep and come up with some really good stuff.  Insights will come easily along with a sharper sense of what is going on in your environment.  You may not know what to do with your newfound knowledge right away, but you will see its potential value and know that you’ll have it available when the time is right.  Be mindful about holding on to that patience once Mercury moves into an opposition with Jupiter.  Everything is speeding up now and coming at you much too quickly.  You'll feel an intense urgency that won't permit time to think, making it too easy to miss vital details.  The atmosphere created by this transit is too cloudy for proper judgment and so decisions made won't be good ones unless you can willfully slow it all done and really focus on the issue at hand.  Watch out later in the day when a Venus/Uranus semi-square adds more instability to the atmosphere and adds the probability of poor impulse control.   Use Clear Quartz to hold on to the insights, patience and common sense that you achieved earlier in the day to help you manage the latter half.  Rainbow Moonstone will keep your intuition strong and alert throughout the day, so that you can rely on its guidance.

Number of the day: 9

Use everything that has happened - good and bad - as a valuable learning experience.  Consider your past and let it teach you how to have the best possible future.  Aqua Aura offers insight.



Posted on March 07, 2016
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