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This week’s major developments are Juno connecting Neptune and Venus uniting with Pluto.  Normally the second happening – Venus conjunct Pluto – would be the main event. However, both Juno and Venus equate love and marriage between partners of any kind. Strive for empowerment in your primary relationships and avoid nasty battles centered around personal ego and ill intent. The Juno-Neptune contact can equate to a rip tide of confusion in romantic bonds. The Venus-Pluto connect can transform into a wealth-producing opportunity or it can lead to monetary ruin as well as harmony in key love ties. Therefore, what you do during the interval of these two -perceptive alignments can spell the difference between experiencing great triumph or disaster. Emerald and Watermelon Tourmaline can help you find a peaceful balance in relationships. 

The cosmos insists on rocking the boat when the asteroid Vesta once again makes an appearance by uniting with Pluto.  Stirring up the emotional pot is a Sun-Vesta, Sun - Pluto, Vesta-Pluto, Moon-Mars square and the monthly First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase and Aquarius -Taurus.  Whew!  What a mix!  It seems there is little time for fun and games under the current onslaught of challenging aspects.

Every quarter moon suggests the need to cut through seeming obstacles in your path and to manage your business affairs with greater skill. Dendritic Agate is well known as a business stone, offering plenitude and keeps you centered and perseverance.  It is a slow working stone, gentile in its nature and effective when given the time needed to fully work its magic
Thankfully, the universe moves into a restful state of reality and your primary goal is to go with the flow. It is possible that the heavy-duty alignments that have occurred over the past 72 hours may still be causing psychic tidal waves within the collective consciousness of humanity. Therefore, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, chalk it up to the lingering vibrations of recent connections.  Blue Lace Agate will bring some calm and assistance in assimilating all the energetic changes. 

Once the Moon passes safely into Gemini territory, it is that monthly time again to read and write to your heart’s content. Arts, crafts and hobbies beckon you to try your hand at creativity.  Get out and enjoy a stroll in the park with family and friends.

When Mars and Pluto act together as possible mischief-makers, everyone feels the heat to some extent. Avoid the temptation to play king of the mountain; otherwise a burst of ego can turn your weekend into a battlefield with no winners
A grand triangle in air signs later in the week manifests when the Moon in Gemini trines Mercury in Aquarius as well as Ceres in Aquarius, and then moves on to trine Saturn in Libra. The week ends with the potential of true opportunity.
It doesn’t always happen that a morning filled with potential challenges shifts gears into an evening filled with potential promises and heightened productivity across the board. Take advantage of the golden opportunities being offered to you as the three air signs of the zodiac interweave their influences throughout the night.
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Posted on March 09, 2011
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