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WEEK OF 03/08/17 - 03/14/17

Wednesday 03/08/17

Mercury in Pisces, in cooperation with Pluto in Capricorn, can effectively take your greatest ideas and make them real.  You are going to know this today and that kind of empowerment makes it easy to put in the extra effort and dig deeper to uncover resources and create strategies that get you what you want.  This energy won’t help you find a quick fix to prevailing issues or shortcuts to achieving your goals.  What it will do is encourage and support you as you continue to do the necessary work.  You can expect plenty of vision during this influence and Iolite will help you use it to your advantage. Use Howlite to recognize the value of patience and fortitude for lasting and meaningful success.

Thursday 03/09/17

You have a productive and lively day ahead with transits designed to empower you to do great things.  A Sun/Pluto sextile is driving your desire to succeed to the point where your determination and purpose are off the charts.  You are going to feel your personal power and use it to adapt to change and attract positive opportunities.  The ability to control how you handle whatever comes at you is immeasurable.  Use Green Aventurine to gain insight into these endless benefits to your well-being. Mercury & Jupiter could have you a little overly excited and enthusiastic.  You don’t want to allow this energy to push you into anything you don’t feel ready to take on.  Don’t worry about this creating stress because Uranus will step in to lighten things up.  Peach Quartz lets you focus your energy on finding ways to brighten up everyone’s day with innovative and fun ways to take care of business.   

Friday 03/10/17

One of our greatest gifts is the ability to learn from our environment and the situations that we encounter throughout our life.  We want to use that knowledge and insight gained from experience to create our best present and future.  That power increases with the benefit of a Mercury/Chiron transit today.  We are more willing to change our attitudes and actions and do things differently.  Above all we clearly see that this will be the path to achieving our highest goals.  Your potential to improve and flourish is amplified and Tiger Eye can help you match your energy to your will.  While you are feeling inspired you may also be overly sensitive to any input that feels unsupportive, so carry Black Jasper to transform any defeatist thoughts.   

Saturday 03/11/17

As the day begins you are looking for that special something in your surroundings and your partnerships.  Venus & Neptune are reminding you of the importance of feeling fulfilled by the people, situations, and energies that surround you.  If you can’t find what you are looking for immediately you may become discouraged. Botswana Agate will keep your energy light and remind you that just because it isn’t evident on the surface doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.  Your mood will shift once the Sun & Jupiter come together in a quincunx transit.  Now you want to be unencumbered by present responsibilities and commitments because you sense there is more out there for you.  If something isn’t healthy and not working for you any longer, this is a good time to let it go.  You have plenty of room for the things that matter now and the new discoveries ahead.  Labradorite will remind you that you have the capacity to experience everything.   

Sunday 03/12/17

When Mercury & Saturn are in a square transit, it feels as if you cannot accomplish a thing.  Saturn’s strict adherence to order and rules is challenged by Mercury’s need to consider other ideas & options.  Mostly you will be getting in your own way by being overly critical, incapable of being flexible and second-guessing yourself.  If you can, let things go until you are feeling more in control and carry Chrysoprase to combat any inner stress.  Uranus & the Sun will usher in some refreshing energy when it releases you from the demanding grip of Saturn/Mercury energy.  Now you don’t know how or why, but everything is possible.  You are able to innovate and create whatever path feels right to achieve your goals.  The only thing you know for sure is that you will succeed.  Citrine will help you use your power to set things in motion.

Monday 03/13/17

Today’s Full Moon in Virgo is the perfect opportunity to not only put the finishing touches on goals and projects, but also to reflect upon each of the accomplishments that have gotten you to this point.  Details are crucial to Virgo and the intensity of the Full Moon will amplify your need to get everything in your life in order.  You want to remain flexible and patient through the process, so work with Rhodochrosite.  That kind of attitude will encourage positive future changes to your habits and productivity.  You also feel a stronger sense of the necessity of following rules.  If you find that difficult to accept, use Emerald to help you create your own that keep with your idea of doing the right thing.  It will also increase the confidence to be gained from feeling useful and part of something greater than yourself.

Tuesday 03/14/17

You’ve had the chance to gain ground and confidence under the influence of the Virgo Full Moon and now the Sun & Chiron will help you take things further.  You realize that the accomplishment of your goals and the steps you take to get there have far more meaning than material reward.  This energy moves your focus from the physical world to a sensory experience.  It heightens your self-awareness for a deeper understanding of how you have grown through each new experience.  This is your chance to see the spiritual benefits you have achieved for yourself, so use Garnet to recognize your inner strengths.  How you feel about yourself and your accomplishments becomes far more important than others’ opinions.  Good!  Use that pride with Clear Quartz to continue creating the life you deserve. 


Posted on March 06, 2017
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