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Has the winter taken a toll on you?  Just feeling rundown and blah?  Well today you'll get a reminder to hang in there. Spring just around the corner and Venus is moving into its home sign of Taurus for the next six weeks.    This transit will bring us a sense of patience and fortitude while helping us to see the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives.  So go outside for a walk, buy some flowers and let this luxurious, earthy energy flow through your daily tasks.  Seraphinite will help you connect with the beauty of nature while Strawberry Quartz will amplify the energy.




Neptune, at home in Pisces and Venus enjoying the power of Taurus are in a sextile position.  This could be a truly magical day!  Your imagination will go to all kinds of interesting places and you will be much attuned to a beautiful vibe that just seems to surround everything.  This is a particularly wonderful day for social interactions since kindness will abound.  Don't let this energy pass you by!  Imagine new possibilities with Blue and Green KyaniteHiddenite will open your heart and empower your communications with others.




After all of the gentle and loving energy of the past few days you may find yourself reminded about things in your life - past or present - that you would rather not think about.  That is the Virgo Full Moon wanting us to heal and release anything that is keeping us from fully enjoying the wonderful things around us.  Let it help!  It is so easy to just push these things to the back of your mind and tell yourself it doesn't matter anymore.  Have you ever considered how it might feel to clear it from your mind altogether?  Now is the time to make that happen - you won't be sorry.  Sugilite will aide with the release process while promoting forgiveness - particularly self-forgiveness.  Watermelon Tourmaline will balance your emotions.




We have another extraordinary opportunity for healing.  If yesterday was about healing your inner self, then today is about healing your outer self.  Venus and Chiron in a sextile position will give you a boost of energy to heal any relationships.  It is an especially good time to focus on and build trust with others.  Blue Topaz will help you to express yourself and offer emotional support.




This is a great day to break free of any boundaries - particularly emotional ones - as both the Moon and Saturn will be feeling the harmonious effects of Libra.  The beauty of Libra is that it will not only give you the strength to bring balance to any areas of your life where you feel constricted, but it will do it in a way that leaves everyone involved feeling happy and at peace with any necessary changes. Zincite will help you to transform boundaries so that they are working for you rather than against.  Chrome Diopside will get everyone to buy in to the new program.




There is an interesting vibe with Mercury and Uranus in Aries. You will feel yourself mentally pick up speed while things around you start to slow down (Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow!)  Your thoughts will be quick and sharp and you will be highly perceptive and intuitive.  A good day for studying or learning something new (like a language or cooking - avoid communication and electronic devices!)  Any Aventurine will really kick this energy into high gear.  Orange and Red Aventurine will incite creativity and manifestation into your thought process. And don't forget you've got an hour less as Daylight Savings Time ended in the early morning!




You know the drill - it's easy does it time as Mercury goes retrograde in Aries.  Try to remember all the upheavals and chaos are meant to be for our own good.  Mercury just wants to remind us sometimes it's best to stop, rest and reconsider all options before moving forward.  Nephrite Jade will keep you positive and help you to use the energy to your advantage.  Keep a Selenite on hand with you throughout the next six weeks to promote balance.




While you are cursing the heavens and the Mercury Retrograde, take a moment to think about all of the planets in earth signs including the planet of assertion (Mars), luck (Jupiter) and finances (Pluto and Venus).  So what does that mean for you?  If, like most of us, you've been struggling with financial matters you are about to see some major changes.  These planets are all about change and rebirth which is just what our economy needs.  Expect the earthy energy to provide abundant growth opportunities for your personal finances as well as the economy in general.  Moss Agate is all about new beginnings and channels the healing energy of the earth.  Dioptase encourages the attraction of prosperity by reminding us of all that we have and transforming a"poverty" mentality.

Posted on March 05, 2012
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