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WEEK OF 03/05/14 - 03/11/14 

Wednesday 03/05/14

What happens when passionate Venus enters cool Aquarius?  You may discover a new attitude when it comes to love and money.  If there were things in this area that previously made you crazy you will find a calmer, more detached way to approach these situations.  Aquarius strives for nuance and needs to be unique, so you may find yourself attracted to the unconventional.  The same old thing is just not going to cut it anymore so follow your instincts - no matter how weird and unlike you they seem - and you will find yourself in a new and exciting cycle.  Apatite can help you be open to new ideas, while Pink Tourmaline encourages you to act on your feelings in a healthy manner.

  Number of the day: 6

6 encourages you to get out and feel the nurturing effect of nature.  Carry  Moss Agate to keep that feeling with you. 

Thursday 03/06/14

Mars and Saturn may be slowing your progress in their current phase, but have faith because there is a bright spot on the horizon.   Jupiter turns direct today following a 4 month retrograde period.  When the planet of expansion and optimism slows down it can put a real dent in your momentum.  It is difficult to gain any ground towards goals or feel positive about what you are doing and how you are doing it.  Like all retrogrades, it is meant to be a time out for you to use for review and reconsideration.  Does your work fulfill you?  Are your relationships valuable?  Are you happy?  These might be some of the questions that you have asked yourself over the last few months and, if you have the answers, now is the time to plan how you are going to change things.  If you are still finding your way then Jupiter in Cancer will be a very empowering influence.  You will be able to positively contemplate what is truly important to you and then use the lucky energy of Jupiter to get what you want.  Peridot can help you to realize what will make you the happiest, while Picture Jasper sets you on the path to making it happen.

 Number of the day: 7

7 will encourage you to go beyond your five senses and use your higher consciousness to achieve more in this world.  Rose Quartz will help you discover your higher senses. 

Friday 03/07/14

Did you like that good news about Jupiter yesterday?  Keep that in mind as we make our way through the retrograde phases of Mars and Saturn.  Both of these influential planets began their slow-down earlier in March and so it is not the ideal time to start anything new.  Mars is like the gun at the Start Line of a race.  If it doesn't go off – and it won’t while in retrograde – your beginnings feel erratic and unfocused.  Saturn keeps you going on a straight and focused path, so without its guidance you tend to sway into other lanes and getting to the finish is a real challenge.  You can use this time to review your plans so when things start to move again you will be at the head of the line.  If you must do something take it nice and slow and make sure you have the tools to adapt when necessary.  Lithium Quartz will ease frustrations.  Apophyllite provides guidance if you feel lost.

 Number of the day: 8

8 will always help you to make the most of what you already have - the trick is to realize what you have to work with!  Clear Quartz provides enlightenment. 

Saturday 03/08/14

The Gemini Moon brings us yet another sign that now is the time for mind over matter.  Even if you think you have the perfect plan in place, use this energy to take a second look.  A Gemini Moon will show you the absolute truth of your situation.  It can point out what you have missed and what you are deliberately avoiding.  There is an intellectual objectivity that could lead to better processes and results that will help you to achieve your goals - perhaps lead you towards new goals!  While you may be anxious to get moving, a strategic evaluation will take you much further and prove to be extraordinarily beneficial in the long run.  Cavansite will show you something new and Labradorite encourages a positive change in your perspective.

Number of the day: 9

Use the energy of 9 to help you release any agendas and deadlines in favor of different choices.  Coral Calcite gives you the confidence to follow your instinct over a plan. 

Sunday 03/09/14

Venus quintile Saturn will provide the perfect atmosphere to journey towards something new.  Remember that Venus in innovative Aquarius will entice you with things that you may have previously considered "not your thing".  Saturn is in retrograde so any strict rules and guidelines will be relaxed.  Basically you are up for an adventure and will feel the urge to seek out the "new" in one of your current passions.  For instance, if you love music you may want to try a new artist or genre. Interested in a trip?  You could find yourself looking at exotic locations.  Explore and indulge, but use some caution because this atmosphere could turn your new passion into obsession very easily.  Use Red Jasper for grounding that encourages you be creative.  Zebra Jasper gets you excited for new possibilities.

Number of the day: 1

1 reminds you to look within yourself for inspiration.  Unakite will connect you with and allow you to communicate with yourself. 

Monday 03/10/14

We have a lovely trine with the Sun and Moon today that you don't want to become overshadowed by a rush of emotion.  A Pisces Sun and a Cancer Moon will hit us with a ton of Water energy that will make feelings and fantasy your driving force.  That can be a very positive thing as long as you control it.  Don't let emotions be your only guidance and do not get lost in the fantasy.  Make sure you stop long enough for at least one clear, objective thought before you take any action.  This is powerful energy for creative pursuits and for healing practices.  Grounding is essential to be able to take advantage of the energy, so use Bronzite to be practical and optimistic.  Selenite lets you take advantage of this magical energy.

Number of the day: 2

2 will always help you to make the most of what you already have and then add on to it.  The trick is to realize what you have to use as your starting point.  Clear Quartz provides enlightenment. 

Tuesday 03/11/14

Things you thought were done may come back today begging for more attention.  This is the effect of Mercury and Saturn in a square blocking your efforts at completion.  This kind of transit can bring delays, unexpected twists and complications that will simply keep you from finishing what you start.  You can get ahead of this energy and avoid the stress and frustration by making it your goal to not end anything today.  Perhaps there is something that you missed.  Maybe the timing is off and delays will benefit the situation.  Keep a positive thought and go with the energy for the best results.  You don't always get a second chance and that is what this transit is really all about.  Black Agate reminds you to stop and evaluate.  Lapis Lazuli enhances internal guidance.

 Number of the day: 3

The opportunity for renewal is a constant force that is always present.  Use the energy of 3 and  Opal to feel revived and refreshed. 




Posted on March 04, 2014
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