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WEEK OF 03/04/15 – 03/10/15 

Wednesday 03/04/15

A Venus/Jupiter trine begins the day with an open and friendly atmosphere.  Everyone is feeling warm and generous and looking for opportunities to socialize in a laid-back manner.  It will be easy to trust others and you will feel comfortable that you can meet their trust and expectations of you.  Venus moves on to a transit with Uranus that takes things up a notch.  Now you are on the hunt for anything new and exciting as you are driven to initiate some change in your life.  This energy will eliminate any fears of risk and open you to even more possibilities.  Then Venus faces Pluto in a square where fun and games are replaced with intensity and determination.  Any fears and doubts that have been lying low will surface and you will have to deal with those emotions.  The trick to this energy is to keep things focused, proactive and congenial.  You do not want to utilize disruptive behaviors and actions because that will not get you what you want.  Citrine will help you hold on to that friendly energy from earlier in the day.  Use Ruby in Kyanite to successfully relieve and resolve your concerns without destroying any relationships.

Number of the day: 6

6 is a powerful number that enables you to trust yourself.  Have faith in yourself and your ability to make the best choices by trusting your instincts and you will always find success.  Apatite will be a constant reminder of your power. 

Thursday 03/05/15

It’s that time of year when it is natural to be focused on what is next in your life and the Sun is providing some helpful energy to help you figure things out.  A Sun/Jupiter quincunx will help you to recognize that you are in a period of adjustment.  You may find yourself longing for freedom to explore new opportunities - even if you aren’t quite sure what those are yet.  If you use this energy to release any past and/or present energies that you know you don’t want any more, you will free up space for new energies when they come along.  A Sun/Uranus semi-sextile will increase your flexibility and willingness to adapt so that you can settle on definitive goals.  You will realize the endless benefits and feel the attraction of the good things that will arise from your plan as the Sun moves into a sextile with Pluto.  Keep your eyes and mind open for the emergence of something new and maybe even something old that deserves a second chance. Sunstone will help you to bid farewell to what is on the way out in a joyous manner.   Scheelite offers insight and helps you to see what you may have missed.

Number of the day: 7

7 connects the physical world with higher resources.  When its energy is present you know that you will have easier access to information from higher planes.  Use Celestite to take advantage of this opportunity for enlightenment. 

Friday 03/06/15

Everyone has been hurt at one time or another and those lingering scars will affect how you relate to others.  Even the simplest of personal connections requires trust in order to be successful and fulfilling.  Often it is the ability to trust that is the most difficult to repair after it has taken a hit.   Venus and Chiron are producing a wonderful opportunity for healing through understanding, compassion and especially forgiveness.  This is a very insightful time when you can relate to everyone – particularly those who might have hurt you in the past.  You will recognize and accept their frailties and that insight will enable you to forgive, let go and move on, feeling enlightened rather than burdened.   Rose Quartz will encourage you to be open to working with this energy and use it to build and sustain meaningful relationships.  By the end of the day you will have the confidence to know that you will get back what you give when it comes to matters of trust.  Sugilite will enhance the aura of healing that permeates the day.

Number of the day: 8

8 gives you determination to work hard towards your physical goals, while it boosts your spiritual energy.  Balance is the key to real success and Watermelon Tourmaline can help you find that balance. 

Saturday 03/07/15

As you progress through your day you will probably run into situations that you would typically avoid at all costs. These are opportunities to realize how strong and resourceful your truly are, courtesy of a Sun/Chiron transit.  You don’t want to run the other way or try to sneak around because that will defeat the purpose and leave you feeling defeated.  Instead be clever, courageous and determined and you will figure out how to manage these situations so that they are no longer something to fear.  This experience can offer immeasurable growth, increase your self-confidence and be another step (maybe even 2 or 3!) towards the attainment of your personal goals.  There is only one possible outcome from facing what you fear and that is winning!  Tourmalated Quartz reminds you that you are always protected no matter where the journey might lead, while Moss Agate takes you further towards new beginnings.

Number of the day: 9

9 is the number of completion, so let its energy allow you to take care of what needs your attention rather than putting it aside for another day.  Mahogany Obsidian will help you to focus on the now. 

Sunday 03/08/15

Brrr!  There is a definite chill in the air with romantic Venus and serious Saturn in a transit that has everyone feeling cool and distant.  You do not want to pursue anything that you are passionate about right now since disappointment is likely.  There is a lot of insecurity floating around that will make it difficult to take confident actions or remain faithful to your plan if things go awry.  This is an excellent transit for low key pursuits that don’t require a lot of social interaction and/or relaxing distractions.  Garnet will warm things up and encourage pleasant feelings.  Sodalite will help you replace anything unhealthy with something more beneficial.

Number of the day: 1

Your individual thoughts and actions will always dominate when the energy of 1 is present.  The energy will follow your lead, so do your best to keep things pleasant and joyful.  Pyrite will set you on the best path. 

Monday 03/09/15

Our mind and heart don’t always agree and, when they are both battling for your attention, they can bring some inner stress.  Mercury and the Moon are bringing us one of those days when you won’t be sure if you should trust your feelings or listen to reason.  It’s going to be particularly challenging if it seems that each is sending you in vastly different directions. Hold off on decisions for now and use the energy to consider potential adjustments that will eliminate doubts and bring balance to the situation.  Everything flows better when you are in complete agreement and you can use the full power of your mind and heart in sync to enact your choices. Turquoise is a wonderful choice when you are building a bridge between two energies. Stilbite will help you find and maintain inner peace.

Number of the day: 2

Opportunities for cooperation and conciliation are abundant when 2 rules the day.  It reminds us that everything is made up of parts and, by bringing those together, you build a greater whole.  Rainbow Aura will enhance your efforts towards unity. 

Tuesday 03/10/15

Did you use yesterday’s transit to sort through doubts and inner conflicts?  Well now is the time to act because Mars and Jupiter are in an enthusiastic trine that will make it easy to go after what you want.  Don’t be concerned if you still have some lingering questions about what exactly it is that you want.  That is no reason to worry or even hold back because the atmosphere is so filled with optimism and adventure that you are sure to find those answers and resolve those issues. Be open to new things, people and situations.  This is especially good energy for devising new plans and strategies to liven up older goals. This is an amazing opportunity to do anything and be assured that every action you take today will better your life.    It may not be immediately evident and it may be so slight that it is easily missed – but things are getting better by the second. Use Tree Agate to feel good about every action you take and Rainbow Obsidian to see the positive energy that you are attracting.

Number of the day: 3

3 brings a natural joy to the day and all you need to do is relax and flow with it.  Rhodochrosite allows the most positive of your physical being, mental being and spiritual being to shine through and infuse the others with your own personal joy. 


Posted on March 03, 2015
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