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WEEK OF 03/02/16 - 03/08/16


Wednesday 03/02/16

Honor and dignity take on a greater importance under the influence of Venus and Uranus.  We all recognize the importance of treating ourselves and each other with respect, and by doing so we see unexpected benefits.  This is an especially good time for any kind of meeting, if you need to communicate something important that you’ve been holding back because you’re unsure how it will be received, this is your day to move ahead.   Uranus always makes you feel adventurous, so don’t be surprised to find yourself looking for something unique to devote your time and energy towards.  Remember that Uranus is not restrained by sense and reason and those are the elements you need to make a decisive commitment, while Venus will direct your focus towards finances and relationships in your pursuit for excitement.  Have fun but don’t invest yourself fully right now.  Use Morganite to assist with fruitful communications.  Pink Tourmaline lets you know that you don’t need to make a definite commitment, so you should feel free to play to your heart’s content.

Number of the day: 5

Unburden yourself from the past.  You cannot change it and it will not turn out any differently.  Feel the freedom of release and let Pink Sapphire open your heart to a brighter future.

Thursday 03/03/16

The pursuit of enjoyment continues today as Venus joins up with Jupiter and you only want to think about what makes you happy and gratified.  Jupiter’s influence could encourage you to take everything a step too far - including your recreational activities and expectations of how they’ll make you feel.  You want to find that balance that allows you to have fun and be satisfied without being irresponsible and that won’t be easy right now.  You could be so consumed with yourself and your pleasure that nothing else matters.  Not only will that selfishness be recognizable to others, but you will be aware of it and it will dampen your bright mood.  Bloodstone can help when you push back by using care and reason when you feel Jupiter driving you to extremes.  You deserve to enjoy yourself and you’ll find a way to take care of business when necessary, so carry Pink Calcite to keep you feeling light and ready for fun.   

Number of the day: 6

6 makes us wonder why we can't all just get along.  Let its vibration help you to develop peaceful and understanding relationships with others.   Larimar enhances the unity.


Friday 03/04/16

Venus and Chiron in a semi-sextile bring us the opportunity to recognize damaging cycles and do something about them.  You will need to be open to the truth about your expectations when it comes to your personal and business relationships - especially the ones that don't feel right.  Are you relying too much on others or does it feel as if you are doing all of the work?  This transit can be enlightening in a number of ways, including allowing you to see things as the other parties involved do and helping you to be objective about yourself and your role.  It won't be easy to face these issues, particularly when it comes to being honest about the energy that you’re contributing, but the benefits are immense.  You could effectively stop any damaging repetition of the past when it comes to the people and situations that you love.   Labradorite gives you the courage and tenacity to learn more about yourself and be open to changing any self-sabotaging patterns.  Use Shiva Lingam to take a new and healthier approach to your relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Number of the day: 7

7 encourages contemplation before action.  Take the time to consider what it is you really want and see if it’s in alignment with where you are and where you want to be.  Garnet will get you started.


Saturday 03/05/16

You want to be cautious that you don't undo any positive changes from yesterday with Mercury and Mars in a square that produces tension and a drive to tear apart, rather than re-build and fortify.  Since Mercury is involved, the energy will directly affect communications and make it a challenge to have a happy thought and express yourself in a positive manner.  That stress will radiate into your relationships and all interactions where you’ll be ready to blow up at the slightest provocation.  The influence of Mars will make you combative for the sake of the battle, rather than winning something tangible.  Basically it is going to feel as if you need to hurt and harm in order to make yourself feel better and it will be very easy to do if you don't actively make yourself stop and think before you converse.  Chrysocolla will help you find the patience and forethought that you need right now.  Kunzite will help you to manage those negative thoughts by employing calm and reason.


Number of the day: 8

The only real control that we can ever have over the inevitable changes that we experience is how we let them affect us.  8 will help you to manage yourself and design your own personal agenda for change.  Pietersite lets you gain through understanding.


Sunday 03/06/16

The day begins on a serious tone with a Sun/Saturn square illuminating the barriers that you have ahead, but at the same time giving you encouragement by showing you that you have the tools to overcome them.  Jupiter and Uranus add another dose of reality as you realize the necessity of change when they join up in a quincunx transit.  This energy could be helpful, but it lacks definitive motivation and so you aren't confident about how you can successfully transform your life for the better.  The stress continues to build as Mercury and Pluto have you suspiciously questioning everything and wondering if the things in your life are as good as they seem - or are you missing something important?  Finally, the energy breaks on a positive note and your mood will brighten as the Sun joins Pluto in a sextile transit that erases self-doubt and reestablishes your personal will and power.  Now you know that you have what it takes to make anything happen, but you want to keep it to yourself for the time being.  Black Kyanite will ease the more stressful elements of the day and enable you to gain knowledge from them.  Tanzanite will show you how to take what you have learned and add it to your self-determination to create a plan for success. 

Number of the day: 9

Use everything that has happened - good and bad - as a valuable learning experience.  Consider your past and let it teach you how to have the best possible future.  Aqua Aura offers insight.


Monday 03/07/16

Whatever peace of mind that you found as yesterday came to a close could easily disappear today with a Mercury/Uranus semi-square sending your mind into turmoil.  You are going to have tons of insights and ideas, but it will be difficult to discern what is useful from the frantic pace of your thoughts.  Any attempts to record or express what is going on in your head will only make things worse, as it’ll feel impossible to produce clear and declarative communications.  All of that inner frustration will manifest into outward irritability unless you are mindful about creating and maintaining your own personal harmony.  Zebra Jasper can help you find that tranquility you’ll need to be able to gain from your insights.  No matter what is going on inside it will be essential to maintain a calm demeanor with others, so carry Ametrine for support.   

Number of the day: 1

There are abundant and never-ending opportunities for beginnings.  You don't have to look very hard for them, but you do have to take the initiative when they appear.  Opal lets you take charge.


Tuesday 03/08/16

Eclipse season has arrived with a New Moon in Pisces and a total eclipse of the Sun.  Eclipses initiate change and, while the light of the Sun is blocked, your physical sight will be limited, allowing your inner sight to take over.  The dark can be a scary place, but remember this is meant to take you on new and unexpected paths that will take you to a good place.  It won’t happen overnight, so while this energy could feel intense, you don’t want to make decisions and choices right now.  Jupiter will be opposite the Sun adding a large and expansive element that urges you to think and act with greater ambition.  It is imperative that you slow yourself down because where this energy will take you and what it all means will remain to be seen as the year unfolds.  You don’t want to feel frustrated and impudent because it feels as if it all needs to happen right now!  A Sun/Uranus semi-sextile is going to be very supportive as it encourages you to remain flexible while working within these unfamiliar circumstances and understanding any unexpected reactions to them. Green Aventurine will enable you to effectively use this energy now and in the future for new beginnings.  You won’t want to be limited by doubts as you work with this energy, so use Pietersite to remind you that everything is possible and you can do anything.

Number of the day: 2

2 helps you attract what you need and recognize when you already have it.  All you need to do is just let the rest take care of itself.  Seraphinite will help you to believe.



Posted on February 29, 2016
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