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WEEK OF 03/01/17 - 03/07/17


Wednesday 03/01/17

It will be tough for your mind to be operating at peak performance with Mercury in several transits that will scatter your thoughts and focus.  A Mercury/Uranus semi-square makes it hard to communicate your brilliant ideas and creative solutions because it is a struggle to present them cohesively.  Then Jupiter jumps in and you are mentally exhausted by the overwhelming amount of information coming at you.  It will be particularly difficult to discern fact from fiction.  Your best strategy is to focus on the peaceful conjunction between the Sun and Neptune.  They are both in Pisces and they will encourage you to relax, contemplate and reflect instead of fighting the energy to make something happen.  It can wait until you are mentally prepared and supported.  Use Pink Tourmaline for patience and Abalone to remind you to relax and begin this month by allowing things to come at their own pace.


Thursday 03/02/17

Jupiter and Uranus are presenting you with a dare.  Can you be you?  They are in an opposition that will increase your need to break free of anything that is preventing you from being your genuine self.  You can no longer continue to hide your personal qualities and beliefs. You will rebel against situations and people that are making you feel trapped.  Hematite will boost your courage to stop the cycle of holding back and begin a new one where you let everyone know who you are and what you can do. You don’t want it to react in a passive-aggressive manner because that will only add to the negativity in the situation. Lemurian Seed Crystal will help you act directly and sincerely to let your true self shine brightly for all to see.  If you approach things positively, it will inspire others to do the same and be accepting of your boldness.    


Friday 03/03/17

As you’re becoming more comfortable with being your real self, you will be looking at your surroundings with a renewed point of view.  The Sun and Venus help you make your mark on your environment today.  This energy empowers you to create an atmosphere that feels inspiring, charming and personal. Use Chalcedony to add inviting touches that appeal to other people and energies that you want to attract.  A Mercury/Mars semi-square will keep you on your toes as situations revolve in a rapid fashion.  You can easily keep up as long as you don’t allow the pressure to become overwhelming. Take frequent breaks to calm and center yourself and work with Bronzite to avoid feeling irritated.  You want to be the force that brings everyone together instead of adding to the conflict that will drive you apart.


Saturday 03/04/17

You’re going to be more interested in forging a new path today than paying attention to the one in front of you.  Mercury and Neptune are conjunct and your imagination is alive and kicking with visions and inventions.  Your powers of insight and intuition are also stepping up.  You can really understand the benefits of tuning into yourself and following your own guidance during this influence.  Your rational mind might try to argue sense and reason, but you want to keep that quiet for now.  Bloodstone will help.  Trust those instincts and dreams that are demanding your undivided attention.  This is not the time for physical efforts, but you need to take mental action.  Work with Blue Lace Agate to encourage your mind to operate at peak efficiency. What you see in your mind you can make happen in the world.  Make it something amazing!


Sunday 03/05/17

Your day is likely to begin in a state of disarray with Mars & Neptune in a tense transit.  Things don’t fall into place like they usually do and you are not prepared to maneuver through challenges.  It will be easier to give in and do nothing than to attempt to change course.  Don’t waste your energy pretending it won’t matter as things appear to not go your way. Fortunately, the energy changes swiftly when Saturn steps in and the haze and dismay is replaced with clarity and purpose.  Saturn’s energy can be tough, but it does provide discipline and order when we need it the most.  Charoite will help you manage your discomfort and uncertainty from earlier in the day.  You will notice the shift once you know what needs to be done and you’re ready to take responsibility and run with it. Red Jasper will support your decisions and actions.


Monday 03/06/17

Doesn’t it feel good to know what you want and to have a clear picture of how to achieve it?  That’s the atmosphere you can enjoy today with the Sun & Mercury urging you to take actions that will bring positive results.  You will be able to communicate your needs with clarity in order to gain support and resources.  You can easily tackle and overcome any barriers or problems. Strawberry Quartz will help you find creative solutions.  Whatever you do during this influence will leave a tangible impression, so keep Dalmatian Jasper close to concentrate on making it for the better.    


Tuesday 03/07/17

Mars will be moving out of its home sign, Aries, and into Taurus on March 9th.  Mars has been quite happy and comfortable in Aries and you have no doubt felt the benefits of that energy.  Mars in Taurus will tell a very different story.   Taurus energy is gradual, passive and methodical and Mars will feel challenged when operating in this kind of environment.  Mars is going to be antagonized and will react with frustration, so its energy may not seem as helpful as it has been over these last several weeks.  While in Aries, Mars was at its strongest and enabled us to act, achieve and build momentum.  You still have a few days to employ this kind of energy if you need to get things going.  While Mars is in Taurus it will be most effective at helping you to create and maintain a steady pace.  You'll still get where you need to go, but it won't be as fast and furious.  This will also be your chance to review your actions to make sure you are gaining the best possible results.  Taurus accepts nothing less and neither should you.  Pink Spinel will help you enjoy and work with the slower pace.  Use Apatite to recognize your achievements and honestly assess if you are gaining what you really want from all of your efforts. 



Posted on February 27, 2017
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