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As we leave February behind and get ready to move into March, we will have several days of spiritual will power and clarity.  What a great time for meditation and centering to prepare for the arrival of March.  If we keep it simple and avoid complications we will sail through with grace and a higher sense of purpose.  This would be a good time to have a crystal day, but be sure to keep that Smoky Quartz at hand if you get too blissed out!

If you believe in the unusual then be prepared for a trip to the twilight zone whenever Saturn and Chiron interact – sometimes this brings with it strange  encounters with that mysterious no man’s land between linear time and infinity.  Don’t be completely surprised if deja-vu experiences, premonitions and flashes of intuition coming from deep within the dimensions of consciousness are more the rule than the exception.

The 1st of March has us moving forward on a positive note that continues the consciousness expanding energy of the previous week end.  Blue Sapphire will bring into focus and clarity while putting us in touch with our inner being.

The 2nd of March brings a caution, to be wary of pushing forward too fast and hard in regards to personal agendas.  Ratchet back the bravado and concentrate on organization and security.  Pushing the envelope could be risky financially and personally. Dreams take on special meaning today, keep a journal and record everything.

Friday is another day of ups and downs as productivity is revving up, as well as artistic and creative endeavors.  The divine feminine in each of us takes a low energy profile that may leave many of us moody and out of sorts.  Turn to Jet and Lepidolite to find the balance as our moods shift back and forth.

TGIF and Friday night through Saturday is a weekend free for all, as optimism is at an all-time high and only minor glitches mar what may be a great weekend in the making. Hold back a little on exuberance as minor situations could turn major without proper attention.

Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on March 01, 2011
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